Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Auction Tales! # 2

“I cannot tell how the truth may be;
I say the tale as ’twas said to me.”

                    Sir Walter Scott

I sit atop a hill overlooking the huge auction crowd, the auctioneers voice ringing in my ears. I sit in the shadow cast by this magnificent barn. Everyone that is not bidding is huddled in the shade of this barn, hoping to catch the little bit of breeze that is blowing; the sun has been beating down all day. It is very hot, and uncomfortably humid. I sit here and write these stories because honestly it is just too much effort to walk around.
 It is about 2:00 and I have seen everything I wanted to see, photographed everything I wanted to shoot, and spoken to the most interesting people. I must write these things down before I forget them. I heard the funniest, the most honest, and the most interesting stories from this auction crowd. I must share these with you.

 I met the woman who was the present owner and had sold this house; she was also taking photos to remember this day. They will be moving far away from this place, a new adventure. She describes in detail the work that has went into this old farm. They have lived here nine years and the place was rundown, and not quite the way they wanted it. Her husband and herself had worked long, and hard to make it what it is today. They rented the land out and started cutting timber out of the woodlot; they sawed the boards on the sawmill and built the shop/ garage. She remembers staining everyone. I could see the love and skill that had went into these redone buildings. They had also played hard; they had enjoyed their environment, taking advantage of the rural fields, and the river. Four wheelers, boats and fishing gear were being sold as we talked.
 Just like most of us, we age and get tired, circumstances in life come up that we cannot control and decisions have to be made. They will be starting a new chapter of their lives; I hear there will be lots more fishing involved. Enjoy; you deserve the rest, you have done a fantastic job here.

 I met the funniest men while taking photos of the old school house. I told them I would not take their photos, they said they did not mind but they were just so happy their wives had let them out for the day. They both laughed so hard I found myself laughing along. I will never know the whole story; I bet it was a good one based on their laughter.
 As I was poking my head through a door of an old shed a man came up to me and asked what I see, I explained to him my love of old buildings and was just wondering if the beams were hand hewn. He was so impressed that I even knew what that meant. (Yes girls do know these things too), he proceeded to tell me about a barn sitting high atop a hill in a place called Colborne Ont. It has been sitting on this hill for over one hundred years. He continues by telling me he was inside it and marvelled at the construction design. Apparently, this huge hip roof barn is being supported  by only two main trusses. The pressure of this weight  must be incredible. He said “Whom ever designed it was a perfect genius.”
 I got wrapped up in his enthusiasm and I too now have to go see that barn someday. I have the directions.
 I also met an interesting woman that told me that when she was exploring her genealogy  she found out she was a direct descendant of an Indian Princess. How cool is that? In comparison when I did my genealogy I had found out there was a horse thief living in the penitentiary. Cool also, I guess, depending on who you are talking to.

 I heard many stories at this auction. Auction people are fascinating and very willing to share their stories. I heard stories that made me laugh, stories that made me tired thinking of all the work, and struggles but one particular story  hit close to home for me.
  I met a young woman who was living with the after affects of an accumulated  brain injury, meaning  a concussion while not seeming too bad at the time but because of having other concussions, it was much worse. The damage from all those hits to the head had caught up with her. I start thinking of M, we talked for a long time. I want to thank her for giving me her time, and relaying her experience. Your courageous story helped me more than you will ever know.

 Well the auction is coming to an end; I line up to pay for the things the fellows had bought as they load the tools into the truck, they did not have to worry about how to get the sawmill home; that was to be someone else’s problem; there will be other sales, maybe next time.
 We head towards home or so we thought, we were hot, tired, and I am a little hungry. It was 4:30, another wrong turn takes us to a town called Cambellford, home to The World’s Finest Chocolate factory.

 Life has many unexpected wonderful turns. What a great day. Munch! Munch!



  1. You get so much more from an auction than most folk don't you B.
    I enjoyed reading about those interesting people you met.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun day! I love the stories you described. I love going to auctions too! You never know what people will talk about and the things you will learn. The chocolate factory was a perfect way to end a perfect day!

  3. love the stories, what a great day that was!

    i can sympathize with those people starting a new chapter in their lives for sure! family? bootlegged moonshine is involved!

  4. you need to get some business cards printed up so you can share them with the auction folks you meet and they can find and follow your blog... :)

  5. best wrong turn ever!! i agree with texwisgirl, you blog is soooo interesting and it would be fun to connect with these people longer term!!

  6. I love it when complete strangers tell me some random intimate story like these!

  7. Thank you for sharing the tales that touched your heart. People are amazing aren't they. If we just take the time to let them speak... they have something to say. And what they say then becomes a bit of our own history. Especially when we take the time to write it down.

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. what a lovely story. i especially like the ending chocolate is always a good ending.

  9. some amazing stories are available to be told to those who take the time and show interest.

  10. A day at an auction AND chocolate at the end sounds like a great day.

  11. You must be very friendly looking to get people to tell you so much!

    I like Campbellford. It's such a pretty town on the Trent-Severn Waterway.

  12. You certainly love your Auctions.
    Wonderful stories you have been told, we learn a lot by listening.


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