Friday, September 9, 2011

Construction Beauty! (Photo Friday)

Who shall doubt "The secret hid
      Under Cheops pyramid”
Was that the contractor did
      Cheops out of several millions?

                Rudyard Kipling

I know you have all seen them and may have even thought you were being inconvenienced by them. Have you ever really looked at one? The amount of planning, and work that goes into these projects is staggering. I am not even going to mention the money.

Everywhere I turn this time of year there is some kind of construction going on. I, being married to a construction worker have always noticed these big jobs.

I have also been very fascinated by the machinery, the ditches, the chains, and the big bolts. I have no idea why.

This job is a massive undertaking. It appears to me that they are replacing the dam. This has been a dry year so that was probably good timing. Usually this is filled with raging water.

I could not help but pull off the crowded street and park in the Park near by. I would see what I could see.

I think you would agree this is more than a construction site. There is more to meet the eye. The quote is right, “The secret hid.”

How many of us have just driven by and cursed the flag person, because we were held up by this construction and in a hurry? Take another look then thank them for slowing you down.



  1. Interesting. But I am always amazed at how long even the simplest project takes.

  2. i always wave a 'thank you' to the flag person. :)

  3. wow- thanks for reminding us to slow down and really look!

  4. You have my attention now! What waterway is the dam holding? Is it a recreational lake or does it have locks on the waterway for ships and boats??

    I would love to see this progressing!

  5. How engineers design and complete things like The Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Coulee Dam, any sky scraper are flabbergasting to me.

    Good to remind us to respect and take care when driving through construction zones. We whine about the inconvenience, but I'd hate to think where we'd be without good roads.

  6. b....the hubs and i ran a construction company, earth work and underground utilities. we had all the "big machines"...dozers, loaders, backhoes & a crew of workers. we are semi-retired now, we kept the loader for snow removal. it came in handy this past winter, we needed it for our driveway at home.

    i know i blogged about it, right after christmas. we were probably not blogger buddies at that time.

    i enjoyed this entry!!

    and to clint....when you work with the earth you never know what your gonna often causes hugh delays and lot's of cost over-runs!!

  7. you would sure enjoy living in oklahoma...there is literally construction everywhere!!!!

    great shots and a new perspective on construction.

  8. I got personally acquainted with flaggers this summer - all summer - every day - twice a day. (sigh)

  9. Everyone's got a job to do -- and standing outside for 8 hours a day in crappy weather, holding an orange flag, deserves some consideration.

    I, too, always wave. :)

  10. Good thing they are replacing that dam yes, but what if it starts raining and it doesn't stop? can they still finish that dam?

    I just enjoy your pictures, doesn't matter what they are about...


  11. Yes I am home again :)

    Perhaps they are strengthening the dam whilst it's low in water.
    I don't mind getting held up by road works down here, we have lights that are set on timers, occasionally we have what you refer to as flag people.

    It's good to read that there is construction going on up your way.....your friend, M

  12. I just told someone yesterday how I have the utmost respect for construction workers now. How do they get it all done? (especially men - who don't communicate!) But building this house has taught me sooo much about construction. They are hard working, highly-skilled people.

    Cindy Bee

  13. B ~ I researched the dam a bit on google and I think it is the McLeod Dam and is getting improvements on its floodwall. There might have been (I could only see headlines and not articles) an electric power plant installed a few years ago and therefore they have to have "locks" to regulate the level of water to produce "head" to power the turbines and make electricity. If that is so I can see why the floodwalls need attention. Water is very powerful and we harness that power to produce electricity but up there you also have to protect from the raging spring thaws.

    My father took me to see the Ohio River frozen when I was young. He said I would never see that again in my lifetime. It was an incredible sight to behold! I'm sure its commonplace up there.

  14. It is daunting to see all the earth moving equipment, etc. I always wonder how they work in extreme heat.

  15. great post...great lesson!! it's astonishing to me how poorly some folks treat the very ones who are out to help us!


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