Thursday, September 8, 2011

Exploring The Hell Holes!

“The lark is up to greet the sun,
      The bee is on the wing;
The ant its labor has begun,
      The woods with music ring.

                     Jane Taylor

  I was lucky enough to spend the day with two adventurous boys and their Grandma. Music Man is a talented young musician with a great future in front of him. His brother Red Hat Boy also a musician but after spending the day with him I am convinced with his incredible imagination he is going to have a future in writing. He will be able to keep his readers spellbound.

 We travelled to a place called The Hell Holes. The flyer quotes “A natural and mystical wonder which relates back to the glacial period for its unique geological formation.” Rocks and caves that is all I needed to hear, this was going to be fun. Seeing this wonder through the eyes of these boys was going to great.
 Even with names like Devil’s Horse Stable Cave, and Hell Hole Cave stirring our imaginations early on I was not afraid. After the one km. hike we come to the Stable Cave then made our way to the Hell Hole Cave, this was to be the highlight of our trip.

 Climbing down the slippery, slimy 7.5-meter ladder, my hand touching the moss covered walls; myself and my backpack barely fitting through the narrow opening I head to the light coming from the flashlights the boys are holding already down in the hole. OK now I am a little nervous. I could hear Grandma and the boys giggling, no fear ahead. I continue my descent. When I finally reach the bottom Music Man, and Red Hat Boy shone their light at my feet, and I follow the path. This place is huge; it is also pitch black in here. The enormous limestone rocks, inches over our crouching bodies, are as big as a house.
 Red Hat Boy points out a fossil that is surely a dinosaur claw, I think he is right. Music Man insisting on a photo, for his up and coming album cover. I oblige informing him that when it goes Platinum I will be asking for  a commission.

  After what seemed a long time in the damp, dark, yet exciting hole we head back up the slippery ladder. Grandma’s glasses are all fogged up, as she emerges last from the hole. The boys and I laughing at her commentary as she climbs the ladder.

 We explored the Natural Stone Bridge, the Flower Pot Rocks, Pillar Rock and all the other incredible rock formations. The boys insisting on climbing every one, and exploring every hole.
 The Valley floor, a place once seen will never be forgotten, I could never describe its beauty in mere words. This is where we decide to sit and eat the lunch that Grandma had made.

 While in this magical place, sitting on a huge rock surrounded by this natural beauty we speak to a couple passing by; they are travelling from Germany, they are followed closely by a couple from Switzerland.
 Sitting gazing at the high limestone walls of the river gorge enjoying this wonderful lunch we can hear beautiful music bouncing off those walls and then echoing through the valley. “Where is it coming from?” The lady from Switzerland is yodeling; I will sum this up with Music Man’s word, “Awesome

 We continued on our way exploring every nook, and cranny of this wonderful place. There were a lot of photos taken and some really great album cover shots.
 I want to thank Music Man, Red Hat Boy and their Grandmother for the invitation to enjoy this awesome adventure with them. It is something I am sure I will not soon forget. I had a blast.

If you ever get a chance to go and visit this magical place do go, you will not be disappointed. You can find the information by Googling “The Hell Holes” Ontario Canada. Oh and before I forget, there is a "Point of Interest" near the end that will amaze you; I will not spoil the surprise.



  1. Such an incredible place. Those rock formations are amazing!

  2. The boys had a great time with you!

  3. Such a neat place. Glad you had fun! Love that sign in the first pic. :)

  4. It made it so much fun having you along with us. A great day, I want to go back.

    Grandma (NDF)

  5. Sounds like you had fun! It certainly is a very magical place. Sara and I took Brennan and Heather there a number of years ago and had a blast. Great to re-live it again!

  6. that is really neat - and sharing the adventure with 2 spirited boys makes it even more special. :)

  7. Look an interesting peaceful place.
    Take care my friend..M

  8. wow b, that's some adventure, my kinda adventure. you don't miss things see everything, the little things & the big things!!

    this looks like a lot of fun!!

  9. what a cool place looks like something I need to do if we ever get up that way

  10. Looks like a beautiful area! But I've got clostrophobia just thinking about climbing down that ladder into a dark cave! :)

  11. What an exciting hike, B. You are more brave than I -- I get claustrophobic in places like that -- enjoyed your photos very much. :)

  12. What a fun day you must have had. The caves look amazing and your traveling companions sound AWESOME. Wish it was closer. I would go.

  13. Another place to add to my list of places to see. Wonder if I can find two boys and a grandma to go with me. :)

  14. Sounds like a grand time. Thanks for taking me along. I could almost feel the cold wet rocks.

  15. that's really cool! and kind of spooky too!

  16. You are a brave gal. I could feel claustrophobia settling around me.

  17. One of the funnest experiences I have ever done. I wanna go back too.



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