Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Horses and Trust at the Rodeo!

"Where in the world can a person find
      nobility without pride,
 friendship, without envy
      or beauty without vanity?
Here where grace is laced with muscle
      and strength by gentleness confined.

                                    Ronald Duncan

 I was so impressed by the beauty of these magnificent creatures, and the bond they shared with their owners. I loved watching them all work so well together. There was a trust I have never seen before, one like no other. I do not own a horse so it was all-new to me. My young girl experiences with horses have made for a little fear I must admit.

 I watched as a nine year old girl did the barrel race, Amazing. The speed and agility of the horse was a sight to see. I held my breath as she looked like she would fly from here seat rounding the barrel. She trusted her beautiful horse and he trusted her.

 There was pole racing, and one girl during intermission made her horse dance. I was in awe. I must admit watching the TV show Heartland has made me more aware of the bond between horses, and their owners.  It may be just a show but the trust and love for your horse is very real.

 I watched as young girls, and young boys rode a bucking bronco, it was very interesting even though short lived for many. We were assured the only reason these horses buck is because they are not broke and they have sheep fur tickling their bellies. I also watched as these kids rode a young docile bull. I did not stick around to see the adults ride the bulls. Since we have bulls and I never want to wrestle with them I went off to see other things of interest. I am sure it was exciting though.

 I truly enjoyed my first Rodeo and the young men, and women that had such a passion for this sport. I have gained a respect for the hard work, and dedication that goes into competing in the rodeo circuit. It does not look like an easy way to make a buck, landing hard on the ground with your mouth full of dirt.
 I really enjoyed it and would probably go back if I had the chance. Maybe someday I will not be as  nervous around these magnificent creatures.



  1. Nothing quite like a rodeo. I was raised around things like this, but I am still in awe.

  2. A rodeo is an amazing testement to what passion and hard work can do.

  3. beautiful horses with ambitious, hardworking riders!!

    nice to see the young riders!!

  4. i wish i had had the opportunity as a young girl to develop that bond with horses. i've always loved them, but started riding late in life - and yes, the fear was sadly there by then...

  5. love the photos! i used to have no fear when it came to riding. now im older and more cautious. so i envious of those with now fear.

  6. It was so much fun to read about your first experience at a rodeo.

  7. I've never been to a rodeo. Looks like you had a great time!

  8. When the kids were young we lived in Texas for a year. One of our most favorite things to do was go to the rodeo. We all had cowboy hats and boots and bandannas. Years later the boys still talk about.

  9. I live in the cowboy capital of central Oregon. At least that's what the literature for our town says... and I would have to say that's accurate. The annual Crooked River Round Up brings in the pro rodeo circuit each June and it's fabulous! Glad you enjoyed your first taste of rodeo!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. I've rodeoed and it is ok, but nothing is better than working cattle on a good cow horse. I cannot tell you how much I miss being one with my horse as we try to change a cow's mind on which direction she wants to go.

  11. Looks like hard work but great fun. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  12. Looks like hard work but great fun. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  13. Must be great confidence-builders with these young people. If you can ride a "wild" horse, you can do just about anything! :)

  14. A fun day. Great photos - oh those young riders, so talented.
    I was in awe when we first watched our granddaughters ride at a young age (not in a rodeo I should add!)


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