Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Am Lost!

From wind to wind, earth has one tale to tell;
All other sounds are dulled, and drowned, and lost.
In this “I cry farewell”

 Celia Laighton Thaxter

I write this today with a heavy heart. I had to say good-bye to something that was more important to me than I knew. It has been my constant companion for just over eight months. I have never been without it. It is like saying good-bye to an old friend. I feel so silly but I am lost. I guess a girl that becomes attached to her shoes (read here) could certainly become attached to her camera. Yes I still wear the shoes most days on the farm.
  It seems my memory card problem, was not the problem,  turns out it was the camera. My little beautiful orange, I can’t be without it, camera. It was still under warranty so I had to put my dear camera in a box and bubble wrap and shipped it far away. This was much harder than I thought it would be.
 It did not help at all that while on the trip to the post office, I passed 10 turkeys who were trapped by a page wire fence about 5 feet away from me. They were looking at me but not afraid, I guess they knew I could not take the photo. Darn Darn Darn. It would have been an awesome shot.
 I passed by things all day but I find I am not noticing the beauty in the same way. Was the camera really my true eye to the beauty?  Am I going to go through these next 15 to 20 days completely oblivious to the beauty that surrounds me? Oh, I hope not.
 I am tearing my house apart trying to find the old camera I packed away. That is another story about old age, and where did I put it. I am afraid to not notice the beauty, I need to see it.
 Ok so now you know, I am a little different to be that attached to a camera. I will have to bore you on my blog with old photos, of which I have many. I know you come for the photos not just the commentary so I hope I can keep you interested. The photos, probably being more interesting.
 I really need to find this camera; oh the lost feeling I am having. I am sad, life seems different. Isn't that strange?

OK now about the above photo, her name is Bossy but since I was whining about my camera so long I seem to have run out of time. I will have to tell that story tomorrow. Sorry.  L



  1. Oh you poor girl! I'm so sorry about your camera. I'll still be coming to read any commentary you might offer. We'll have to make the time pass together until your love is back where it should be!

  2. You look for beauty in a different way when you have camera.

    I hope you find your back up.

  3. I understand! I simply cannot live without our camera too!

  4. It's an automatic thing, isn't it, to reach for the camera.
    I feel for you - you're not different for feeling that loss, we all understand. It's like an extension to your arm sometimes!
    We don't just visit for the photos though Buttons - you create pictures with your words also. If I couldn't read, and I was only able to hear your stories, I'd happily keep coming back.
    So, while your photos are wonderful and form a delightful part of your blog, there are many other factors that keep bringing us back.
    It'll be fun seeing some of those old pics you've got tucked away!

  5. I have only been taking pictures since I started my blog, less than a year ago and, yes, I definitely understand how you must be feeling. It becomes a natural extension of oneself to reach for the trusty camera when noticing something begging/needing to be captured for ones blog (or posterity). I hope you will find your old camera meantime and that the problem with the new one will result in your receiving a brand new replacement camera!

    No, it's not just the photographs we come for...your writing is very definitely worthy of a visit all on its own. I love your commentary and descriptions, your wonderful little slants on life. I come to visit because I really do enjoy the whole package! Stay strong now, will you? Go and make a pot of tea and put a smile on your face. You do notice and see all the abundant beauty around you. You just need your camera to frame it all :)

  6. Oh you poor things not having a digital camera..so sorry to read that but thank goodness is still under warranty, that in itself is a good thing....I hope the days pass quickly til it returns to you and that you find your old camera soon for I am sure it will turn up somewhere :)
    Your friend M

  7. We'll be happy to see your pictures through your words until the camera is returned. No worries. :)

  8. I see the hand of God in the demise of your camera. He obviously wants you to exercise your talent for writing---without benefit of photos for a short while.

    Oh, and please tell Bossy I said MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  9. i completely understand. i'd feel naked without a camera at my disposal. do you have a cell with a camera for those emergency turkey shots?

  10. TexWisGirl Believe it or not my daughter said to me last night why didn't you use your phone. She gave it to me and I always forget it has a camera. oops. B

  11. Thanks everyone for your support oh yes that old camera does not work either. Yikes what to do? I may have to borrow one from M. B

  12. Oh! The loss of a camera....DO find your other one in the meantime.

  13. Do you have a camera on your cell phone? That'll work in a pinch. I know I have my camera or phone with me all the time. But I have to tell you, when I saw the pic and saw the fisrt line of your post, I thought you were saying good-bye to the cow and I thought....that's just why I raise bees!!!!!

    Cindy Bee

  14. my camera is an extension of my hand....i am NEVER without it, i can't be without it!!

    your pictures are awesome, your stories even better!! in fact, your stories are pictures!!

  15. It's strange we don't really realise how much we love something till we don't have it anymore. Hope you get your camera back real quik.

  16. i feel your pain...my camera is very much a part of me too. i feel like i will miss sharing with my people if i dont take a photo of something from my day. i hope you find that other camera soon!

  17. NNNNNOOOOOooooo! Not the camera!

  18. OH BUMMER. at least it was under warranty that is a good thing, how many times do things break just after the coverage.

    what kind of camera did you have again?

    hope it returns soon!!!

  19. one feels naked without their camera...huh? :)

  20. You will just have to be more descriptive in your writing. I'll be back for the Bossy story!

  21. I so get it! Hope you get a replacement soon. I've found a new appreciation for my (troubling) Droid as I realize it can always be with me for at least a memory... Can't wait to learn about Bossy!

  22. Whine all you want. I understand being irritated when something you like and trust takes a dive. I loved my 2005 Jeep and had planned on driving it until the engine died. Well, the engine didn't die, but it developed a death rattle that proved too expensive to find the source. I was forced to get a new vehicle. I miss my jeep. The newer one (2008) is a jeep, but not MY jeep. I so understand.


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