Friday, September 16, 2011

Just Pretty Glass! (Photo Friday)

“Verse is a chalise, place within it only
     a stainless thought;
From out whose deeps the smouldering
     radiance sparkles
Like bubbles in a golden vintage

                      Jose Asuncion Silva

   Sometimes after a very busy week, you just have to relax and look at pretty, sparkly things. I am not really a diamond, or ruby kind of girl. I love the look of old glass it makes me happy. Enjoy.

 Have a great weekend.

Please visit Leontien at she needs our prayers, our strength and our encouragement as she starts fighting her battle. This hardworking, lovely, young woman is funny, and you will love her humour. She now needs our help. Please leave a comment she will appreciate it, and it will help her to keep smiling. B


  1. Glass and old linen are my weakness...will go read about fourleafclover...

  2. Photos taken at a sale I presume, I like the second last one.

  3. What a collection! Did you buy? Nice of you to link to Leontien.

  4. reminds me of time spent at my favorite aunts house...aunt dot!!

    i follow leontien, how sweet of you to mention her here. i am encouraging her to the max...she sure has a lot of love here in blogville!!

  5. i like the diamonds and rubies comment. and you are sweet to send support to our dear leontien...

  6. Beautiful items. I've seen things like that with big prices in antique shops. Best wishes to Leontien. I will visit her too.

  7. Your coloured glass looks absolutely lovely and very unusual.
    I am an admirer and follower of Leontien, she is a very funny and brave lady. I wish her well.

  8. The glassware IS beautiful as is the verse that opens this lovely post. I did pay a visit to Leontien. Thanks for letting me know.

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. Love colored glass...there is so much beauty in it. I wish they still made it like they used to...
    So sweet of you to remember Leontien....I am thinking of her a lot.

  10. Beautiful glass, I, too, enjoy it.

    I fall badly behind in my visits to some other bloggers - Leontien has been one of them, thank you B for your kind words for her, I shall go and visit.

  11. Hi Sweet Lady!
    We just got home from Chicago, and i did not have internet! I saw all the new comments and i didn't get it! So tonight i went over and i read this and i'm like o my gosh!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!! that is so sweet of you!!!

    I just don't know what to say anymore (happens a lot lately ;-))... so i'll just send you HUGE AMAZING BIG HUGS from home

  12. Well.. you have some ruby and gold glass.... it's beautiful....

  13. Beautiful pictures of glass. The pink & green glass especially.


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