Thursday, September 29, 2011

Making and Reliving Memories!

 We must always have old memories and young hopes.
                          Aresene  Houssaye
  No; this is not the Lady By The Lake this is My Mom by the Lake, though still a Lady. I have been missing spending time with my Mom so I decided I would take her for a drive. Mom loves to go for car rides she does not even care what the destination may be. She loves this time to visit with whoever the driver is and it gets her out of the house.
 I took her to the place by the water, the place where I relax and think my "Happy Place", this is where the Lady By The Lake rejuvenates, and the Mallard Ducks are happy, and friendly. I knew Mom would enjoy this place.
   When we were children my Mom owned Mallard Ducks they had little tufts on the top of their heads and we always thought of them as fancy hats, like the beautiful woman were wearing on our TV in the old movies.
 They were tame and had their wings clipped as to not fly away. Every spring wild Mallard Ducks would land in our back yard and stay till the fall. This would make for a lot of ducks in our yard but we loved watching this regular event.
 When my Mom would walk up to the store the tame ducks and just a few wild ones would waddle behind her in a row. They would follow her down the main street of the little village as if she were their Mom too. They did not seem to be aware of the traffic on the road, they were just happy following Mom. My Mom would talk to them and they always responded to her “Come here girl”.
 One night a neighbours dog had gotten into the duck pen and killed all the ducks or wounded them so badly my Dad had to put them down. I, to this day still remember my Mom sobbing, along with all of us for weeks.
 I watch my Mom walk among these ducks today with a big smile on her face. “Come here girl.” This is what she needs. She needs to remember the good times and forget about the bad ones. She walks amongst them as if she had been transported back so many years ago.
 We walk down to the water she loves the water; I know where I inherited that one. She happily points out the Loons, and the Cormorants. We talk about the old days, and how much fun it was. Never was mentioned the bad duck incident. She only talks of the good times. It is like the happy memories are right in her grasp and the bad ones are hidden.
 This is going to be one of my happy memories that I will be able to pull out when I need them. Thanks Mom.
P.s. It was a fabulous day and when I returned home I found a parcel on my step. (Trusting UPS man). I brought it in the house and opened it; it was a brand new replacement orange Canon camera. What a great day. B


  1. What a beautiful day you gave your Mom. Such tender photographs tell your story too B.

    A beaut surprise to receive your long-awaited camera too.

  2. I'm so glad you have a new camera! YAY!

    Your mom is so lucky that you were thoughtful enough to take her to the lake. The ducks were a bonus. How wonderful that she remembers the good times and not the bad!

  3. That is lovely you took your mum & yourself to the water plus the ducks, good to have good memories.

    Great!! A new Camera, look forward to some more of your lovely photos..your friend M

  4. I'm so glad you were able to take your sweet Mama to the water again to make some wonderful memories.

    What a sweet story about your bond as mother and daughter.

    God bless ya from the sunny hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!! :o)

  5. Yes, a great day! Good for you to make time to help your sweet mother bring back good memories and make more. Good for both of you. And hooray for the new camera!

  6. What a lovely day you had! How special that you spent it with your mum in this way!

  7. This was such a beautiful post! And, you're so right about having this to tuck away as a special memory of your Mom when you need it someday. You write beautifully, but I know I'vbe told you this before :)

    I am thrilled to hear you got a new replacement for your camera! TOLD YOU SO!!!

  8. What a wonderful memory. I love the pictures - and CONGRATS on getting the spiffy new orange camera.

  9. That is a lovely photo of your Mum sitting by the lake.

  10. This could so easily be my Mom.... how she loved birds... and especially ducks .... and she so loved her last few years when she lived near the ocean....

    Now, I'm just going to drink my coffee in the sunlight through the kitchen window and have me a damn good cry.. I miss my Mom so much .........

  11. This sounds like a perfect day for both you and your mom! I am sure you made her very, very happy.
    What a treat to find your camera waiting for you when you got home!


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