Thursday, September 22, 2011

Street Sounds!

"Back of the sound broods the silence,
  back of the gift stands the giving;
Back of the hand that receives thrill
  the sensitive nerves of receiving."

                    Richard Realf

Just a friendly man I met  with a cool truck.
 I am sitting on a park bench on pavement, not on a park bench on grass. Why is it called a park bench? I see no park.  I am in the city on a busy street, waiting for M. I am enjoying the sounds of the city. These sounds are so different than what I am used to on the farm. Sometimes different is refreshing.
 The pitter patter of a child running, her tiny feet hitting the pavement hard as she calls out to her Mom “Wait for me Mommy.” Oh yes the sweet voice of innocence.
 The hums of I assume an air conditioner some where behind me. The chirping of the Grey Sparrow sitting on the garbage can beside me.
 A seagull squawks overhead. I hear the occasional honking of a horn, and the sirens in the constant heavy traffic noise.
 The sound of the wind rustling through the leaves of the tree planted in the middle of a cement sidewalk. I am wondering if it would like to be somewhere in my forest.
 Car doors slamming as its passengers are dropped off at the nearby restaurant, I am assuming the noisy air conditioner is there. 
 The sounds of the buses pulling in, and out of the nearby bus stop, the sound of the surprisingly quiet idling bus. The noisy teenage boys rolling past on their skateboards, laughing.
 The friendly six people passing by, they say  “Good Morning” I reply, “It certainly is”. A friendly young woman stops to chat, and is curious as to what I am writing. Her caring voice a soothing sound.
 The shuffling feet of an older man who seems to be carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. I say “Good Morning” and smile. He smiles back then drops his head and shuffles on.
 A low flying military airplane shatters this street noise with its roar. Here come the skate boarders again. Rumble, Rumble.
 I find a different sense of peace here, different than my forest. Change is good.



  1. I really like this post! Sometimes change is really good!

  2. Sometimes I like to go into the city just because but always glad to get home...

  3. Hey---at least you get folks to respond when you greet them. Around here, I'm lucky to get a grunt in reply when I say "Hello"...

  4. You painted a beautiful picture with your words. Excellent post -- felt like I was there, sitting next to you on the bench.

  5. I agree that change is good, especially if it makes us appreciate what we have at home. :)

    It interests me that you take someting to write with and on when you go to the city. I'm more inclined to take my camera and take photos of everything there. We all have a different ways of relating to our world, I guess. :)

  6. Very good! You can write about anything can't you?

  7. it's always nice to get away for a change of scenery. though, i think dorothy is right...there is no place like home :)

  8. They say the grass is greener on the other side, but it's good to get back over the fence where I belong once my yearning is over.

  9. I enjoyed that sound picture very much! Thanks for the reminder that we need to get out our head full of our own thoughts and appreciate the music of life around us.

  10. Your writing is so poetic. I really love the way you view things. There's such depth and serenity in your words!
    Another wonderful post! Thank you!


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