Monday, September 12, 2011

Treasures and Joy!

“Sugar in the gourd and honey in the horn,
I never was so happy since
The hour I was born.


 Treasure comes in all forms, not just silver and gold. Nothing will remind you of that faster than spending time with the little ones in your life. You know the ones that are only six inches shorter than yourself.
 To start off we went bale hopping. This involves walking on all the bales you have stored all in a row or should I say many rows. Six hundred bales of fun. Follow one row to the end then hop to the other row and follow it to the end. Kind of like the game of snakes and ladders, but you never have to slide down unless you want to, or unless someone special brings you ice cream. Thank you.

 Next you ride your bikes down the long laneway towards the forest looking for those cows. You always take time out to stop and share the things that are beautiful and would make a great photo. This sun is shining through the dense bush like a diamond.

As we continue down the laneway we are startled by about twenty wild turkeys, running very  across the path. They are running two at a time very, very fast. We are laughing and so excited we almost fall off our bikes.

Next we here a chatter, “What is it?” Well Mr. Chipmunk has come to check us out, he may be hiding from the turkeys. He is posing for us “Oh how cute.” Oops to close off he runs.
 A beautiful red tailed hawk soars over our heads we just sit and stare. Incredible.

Finally; our true destination. Rocks, rocks, and more rocks. A fossil hunters paradise. There are lots of fossils to see if you are looking. Imaginations run wild; there is a snake, a fish, some shells and a flower. I have always found children enjoy this as much as I.
After an hour of climbing up the rock pile, than down again. Running quickly to see what was discovered we have many fossils to carry. It is starting to get dark.

 We head to the house. Our pockets full, and someone (Me) gets to carry the “Really special, we can’t leave it behind” heavier fossils.

 After a long day we all sleep and dream of treasure rocks.
In the morning I ask over breakfast, what should we do today? “Let’s head back to the fossil pit, maybe we will find a dinosaur bone.”  OK.



  1. This is a delightful post. Such a pile of treasures you have collected! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Is this fossil pit on your property or just near it? I am so envious... what treasures, the fossils and the day!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. What a wonderful romp! Your property sounds enchanting.

  4. Debbie it is limestone rock My Hero had dumped here from a road building project not far from here. Free fun. I just have to stop him from using it. Every kid that comes here, and myself spend literally hours here.:) We also have a fossil pit on the farm but My Hero to the horror of all of us covered it with brush. Hopefully that will be moved soon. It is a great place with smaller easier to carry fossils. :) B

  5. What a magical time you all had! May I join in the fun next time, please? I'd love the haybale walk, the forested glade, looking for little forest dwellers, and the cherry on top would be fossil hunting! I've never seen a real chipmunk. I always thought they were little fantasy creatures! The one you spotted is adorable! Wonder what was chasing those turkeys?

  6. Oh, can I come too...I especially love finding fossils.:)

  7. Ouus and awwws from the little ones as they discover their very first fossil all by themselves, is a memory no one can take away. What a fantastic day you had, bale jumping, searching, just being with the wee one. A treasure of a day.

  8. you sound like such a fun time!!

  9. Great fun, fossil hunting! Be sure to post if you find a dinosaur!

  10. Oh it sounds delightful! Your post made me think of the "We're going on a bear hunt" story / song except I guess for you it would be something like "We're going on a fossil hunt..." ;-)

  11. Oh that just sound so much fun! Truly truly enjoyed your this post! and yes nothing beats some good bale hopping


  12. What fun. Sounds like my elk hunt. All of the cool things I stop to take photos of and then I keep looking at all of the rocks on the way. I've found some cool fossils. I haven't carried them out. Since it is a big hiking trail I picture kids finding them and the excitement you described. After reading your post, I'm glad I left them. Hope your girls made it back ok.

  13. Incredible to find those fossils - oh, I could not resist bringing them home either!
    Just loved your encounters on the way to the fossil pit too :D)

  14. what a cool find. I love rocks and fossils. we have gone up to republic washington and dug up fossils.


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