Friday, September 23, 2011

Unrealized! (Photo Friday)

“On the thirty-second day of the thirteenth month
    of the eighth day of the week,
On the twenty-fifth hour and the sixty-first minute,
    we’ll find all things that we seek.”

                        Sam Walter Foss

Love You Mom

  I learned a lesson this week. I have been spending my life searching for all I think I needed. I finally realized I already had it. I had been so busy searching I did not realize it had always been there. I hope you can find what you seek.
I placed a few messages in here that different people in my life will understand.

Changing times ahead

Happy Birthday A !
Lean on Me

Hang in there!
Life always has some prickles.
You are not alone.

Sometimes the ship sailing through life is hard to see but you will get through the fog.

 Have a nice weekend. Don’t waste too much of your time searching, you probably already have what you really seek and just have not realized it. Dig deep. Keep smiling.



  1. What an amazing lesson you have put across mate! I'm so glad you have realized it , hope I can do the same:) Things which we actually seek for eventually gives us happiness , and happiness shouldn't be a dependable thing . Why depend ? happiness is just right in us , just gotto smile more:):)
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  2. So lovely and so true. A good lesson for us all.

  3. Marvelous post, B.

    I believe those that live in rural areas realize how much they really have and what is important -- on a daily basis. At least, I do. :)

  4. Oh, how I agree. I am always asked about my "bucket list". It's funny because I can never think of anything I want to do before I croak---I've already been so blessed and done so much! I'm just grateful.

  5. true words B....and I agree with Clint..I have never had a "bucket list" either. about ten years ago I was camping with my husband...we were sitting around the campfire and I asked myself "If this was my last night on earth would I want to be doing anything else"...the answer was no..this is just right". from then on I was at peace with life.

  6. sadly a lesson that is difficult to learn. :)

  7. Wise words and kind words B.

  8. great message b....i have everything i need and a lot more!!

    i always have and i always will!!

  9. What an inspired and beautiful post! The messages and photographs are marvellous and I couldn't agree with you more. We do spend much of our lives looking/waiting for things we think we need. Yet, we ultimately reach a point of clarity, when it suddenly dawns on us that what we already have, is all we really need or ever really wanted. At that point, we know true contentment. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Thanks for a very important reminder. We can't stop and smell the roses until we wake up and smell the coffee.

  11. A great sentiment, thank you for reminding us all to just slow down and appreciate what we have. And that is a fantastic picture of a chicken! I'll be grinning all day, think of that picture.


  12. What a lovely post! And you are so right, we probably already found what we are looking for and don't even always realise it.

  13. Just a couple of days ago as I was mowing the grass I realised yet again how wealthy I am. Not with money, in that sense I am poor, but just with what I have around me. The little things that make me happy.

  14. That's a great post - I love all your little messages.

  15. I have the greatest and sweetest husband on earth. We live in a cozy log cabin that we built on 20 acres of diverse forest. I have a loving dog that looks at me like I'm the greatest person on earth. I have a great family and in-law family. I have wonderful friends that enrich my life. I utilize the natural things around me in a way that is fulfilling. I have a job where I help people who have lost their way find it again. Except for the future of my brother which will be determined in October, my life is perfect. I stopped looking and started seeing a long time ago and I am thankful.

  16. Yes, I know what you mean :)
    What is a bucket list?

  17. Oh this is great! Love that I read it this morning - rather than tonight. Very inspiring.

  18. What a wonderful message...yes, every thing we need is right before us.


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