Thursday, September 15, 2011

Waste Not, Want Not!

Waste not, want not, is a maxim I would
Let your watchword be dispatch,
    and practise what you preach;
Do not let your chances like sunbeams
     pass you by,
For you never miss the water till
     the well goes dry.

           Rowland Howard

 OK this post almost can be told with just photos but I will give you a little run down.
The apples on all our wild apple trees are abundant. Some of the old timers would say this means a long winter. I will have to see about that. If I don’t use them the deer and the turkeys will get them all and there is plenty for all of us.

 I seen all these apples on the tree and my Grandmother used to say “Waste not, want not” she was so right. A person that lived through the great depression can certainly teach us a thing or two for these troubled economic times.

M and I went out first thing this morning and picked a basket of apples. There are plenty but some need a frost before they will be sweet. We picked as many ripe ones we could find. The transparent apples are sweet. I always try the apple before I pick them, “the taste test is the best sign.” We went to a variety of trees; a mixed bunch will give you that desired sweet, tangy flavour.

I washed all the apples and then I cut them in quarters or eighths. I put them in the biggest pot I had. I put water on them to cover about a quarter of them. I would add water as I went I needed them well cooked. I simmered on medium and stirred constantly.

 I put them through the sieve while hot, right into another pot. I then mixed very little sugar, and some cinnamon into it. I poured about two cups into freezer bags. I made sure all the air was out. I made sure they lay flat then I sealed bags and put in the freezer. I put the date on them. I make sure they are flat as they freeze faster and take up much less room.

 We will make more after a frost; I make the applesauce tart as I use it for baking also. You can always add berry (fine) sugar to it later. I like it tangy though. We made seven bags, and took NDF over a big bowl, and had a big bowl for ourselves. When you want to use it, just let it thaw in frig. If you have never had wild applesauce you do not know what you are missing.



  1. yum....we don't have trees but there is an orchard about 10 miles away we go pick...haven't made applesauce in a while. I've never made frozen...might give it a try.

  2. yummy! my MIL also slices them for pies during the winter months..have a great week!

  3. I'm fermenting these days so make some vinegar! I bet the apples have all kinds of wild yeast on them.

  4. We had few apples this year, you are blessed. Looks great.

  5. Have been doing the same thing. Apples being picked daily and canned or frozen, apple cake and pies. Cringing about it all now but will surely feel different about it all come mid-winter when i am wanting fresh apples!

  6. I can just imagine the wonderful smells coming from your kitchen! A true sign of fall!

  7. Looks like some fine apple sauce. I had not heard about abundant apples meaning a long winter. All of the trees in our area are absolutely loaded with apples so it will be interesting to see if this comes true.

  8. Isn't it amazing how many apples it takes to make just a little apple sauce? Just an observation...

    I have one apple tree with apples and I'm holding out for awhile before I pick them. I think they are red delicious -- not sure. :)

  9. oh, yum. tastebuds are salivating here...

  10. Homemade applesauce is the only way to go! I like mine tart too. It's good to know the turkeys and deer will clean up the left-overs. Around here the apple over-flow would just rot into a mess unless we gather and toss.

    I have mixed feelings about a heavy winter. We need the water in the mountains but not the ice on the road.

  11. I have some wild apples out on my side porch waiting for me! But we also give some apples to a friend who has a cider press. YUMMY!

  12. no bad chemicals on these either.
    I did down my winter supply of apple sauce.
    Now just taking seeds out- cooking and putting skins and all in a food processor. Yummy and healthy

  13. I am going to have to do this too! At the moment I am making a batch of sauce from our garden...must have 50 freezer bags by now. You can't beat homemade.

  14. I have been hungry for home made applesauce and apple butter.. and now your photo's made the craving worse...LOL

  15. delish!! i LOVE baked apples also!!

  16. I sure hope your apple saying is true. We don't have any apples tame or wild. No winter! Ha. The applesauce looks great!

  17. Love the idea of the bags and the freezer!

  18. Yum. We have an old apple tree on our property that produces every other year. I didn't know that about waiting until the frost. Do you spray your tree with anything for worms or bugs. We never do and they are not pretty on the outside but yummy on the inside. You must make Apple Walnut Delight. It's the best.

    Cindy Bee


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