Tuesday, September 13, 2011


“I wish I were a little rock,
     A-sittin on a hill,
A-doing nothing all day long,
     But just a-sitting still;
I wouldn’t eat, I wouldn’t sleep,
     I wouldn’t even wash—
I’d sit and sit a thousand years,
     And rest myself,   b-Gosh.

         Fredrick Palmer Latimer

 Here I sit, laundry to do, floors to clean, and well just everything. I stare at this screen. My Girls are on that little plane high atop the Atlantic Ocean.
 I turn my cell phone on there is a message from M, “We just wanted to say Hi, We love you and are soon boarding. See you soon.” It was sent at 6:30 the day I decided to sleep in. The weekend must have really knocked me out. Those fossils were heavy.
 I have two big fields of second cut hay down ready to be raked, and baled. There was heavy dew this morning so I should have time to get things done around the house. I should be making some kind of supper, I know I will not want to do much after baling 4 to 6 hours. I sit and stare at this screen. I am tired.
 Our house phone was not working all weekend so My Girls could not get through, we settled by texting back and forth from Holland; I still find that hard to believe. Technology is wonderful. I really wish I had been able to hear their sweet voices.
 I now shut off this computer; they have been in the air for nine minutes. I must get back to business. There will be plenty of time to catch up after the cooking, cleaning and baling hay. Just thinking of my day makes me very tired. I just want to go back to bed.
 Miss Mollee, My Hero and I will pick M up later tonight after, she gets closer to home, and it will be very exciting. I just hope I will be able to stay awake to hear all the stories.
 I really wish I were at the airport sitting, and waiting. Waiting for those hugs, and smiling faces.
 Sometimes farming is hard.



  1. You are so right...farming is hard! I hope your day of baling goes well, and you still have lots of energy to hear the stories!! I'm guessing that you'll be so excited to see them that you will forget how tired you are! :)

  2. have a good visit.
    Our second cut is still standing, waiting on a few days straight without rain...hope your weather swings this way,maybe after we get TS Maria out of the way..

  3. Mostly- I know how you feel when the ones you love are out of reach- mine are all over the place - the strings do stretch as you get older but they never get cut

  4. just thinking of your day makes "me" very tired!! your days are long and hard!!

    much respect here!!

  5. good luck with the hay, best wishes for a safe landing and happy welcome home

  6. Safe travels for you girls! Don't you just hate it how slow the time goes when you are waiting for somebody to arrive by plane!

  7. I hope your girls have a safe arrival. Farming is so much more work than a lot of people understand.

  8. I guess by now your girls will be home and you'll be wide awake and busy enjoying your reunion.
    Just poppiing in to say hello and catch up on the goings on in your part of the world. Hugs Maa


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