Thursday, September 1, 2011


“Why doth one man’s yawning make another yawn?”
                                          Robert Burton

 As I mentioned yesterday my day was delayed by fog, so this made for a change of plans and a very long day. I started with a cup of decaf coffee (what was I thinking) and proceeded to take advantage of the slower morning by heading to the garden to pick produce. My garden is doing well so there are lots of tomatoes, and cucumbers, and kale. I also picked the pears from our pear tree (I have a lovely story about that tree I will tell another day), they are not quite ripe but I needed to get them before those pesky blackbirds, and raccoon's.

I continue my morning by making a tuna salad for supper, as I know I will not feel like making anything when my day is done. I cut up all the fresh veggies into the salad smiling knowing everything is mine except the tuna, and the pasta.

 I took Miss Mollee for a walk, well not really I let her run around the lawn while I ate my breakfast on the front step, she likes this. I then went to check the raked hay.
 The hay is dry I can start baling, it is around 12:30. I grab a sandwich, and some water and head out, thankful that My Hero had the baler all greased and oiled, and the tractor fuelled up.
 I am now baling at 7.4 km an hour, I know this sounds slow but since I can’t fix anything that might break, I believe in slow and steady. The counter on the baler says 618.
 The second cut is not very thick but it is worth cutting as our first crop was down significantly from the wet spring we had. I drive around in circles for hours getting minimal bales.
 It is 2:30 still baling, I move to the next field eating my peanut butter sandwich while driving. I am getting restless so those songs start popping into my head here I go again. Bye bye miss American pie, this song takes up a lot of time and since I know every word thanks to Mrs. Moore in English class, I sing it over, and over again. Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry.
 Bounce, bounce, round and round. Now I start to yawn.
 It is 3:30 and I would not mind having a coffee with lots of caffeine right now. I yawn, I look in the mirror I yawn again. Weird. Yawn, Yawn.
 I am getting tired so I shift positions, and start thinking about stories in my head. I bet you did not know this is how I come up with this stuff did you? Think, program then edit.
 My eyes are starting to droop, I see my tired looking face in the mirror, I wish I had of brought another sandwich, I think about my salad waiting in the frig. It is 5:00 I keep going. I start to count the remaining rows. 24 left, 24 very long rows. Yawn, yawn. I am thinking of my nice soft bed. I have been driving in circles for almost five long hours without stopping.
  It is 6:30 My Hero takes over to bale along the side of the road, it is steep and it kind of freaks me out.. I step off the tractor my legs are numb, he helps me stand. I love the hug. I am finished.

 I head to the house, the little girl’s room, and then my flannel PJ bottoms. I grab my wonderful salad and relax. I yawn, the counter said 678. This is 60 bales, ten bales and hour, unbelievable. That will keep 4 cows through the winter, it is worth it.

 Later My Hero drops two bales in the barnyard. They seem to approve. I will sleep well tonight, yawn.

I want to wish my Nephew (the young kid who taught his old Aunt how to bale)  a Happy Birthday.



  1. I felt as though I was right there, yawning alongside you...guess what I'm doing right now? YAWNING! Just the mention of someone yawning is enough to get me going?

    Love your writing :)

  2. Thank goodness for modern equipment! Can you imagine putting this up in square bales or even horse and rake??

  3. I just love your stories! I feel your pain of the yawns and droopy eyes. I get that way when plowing. And if its at night i try to keep myself awake by thinking of all the animals watching creeps me out enough to keep me awake! Happy Thursday.

  4. Yawns are an interesting topic. Just thinking about them makes me yawn.

    It seems odd to yawn when we are busy. But I have developed the disconcerting habit of yawning between exercises at my workout facility. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, rest and yawn, yawn, yawn. I don't get it.

  5. Another day....another bale of hay.........

  6. wow, that does seem minimal, but i know every bit will help!

  7. Sadly, we didn't have any hay to bale this year due to the drought, but I love reading about your baling day! Good Job!

  8. I have always liked that "American Pie" song.:) Sounds like you had a long day and got a lot accomplished...I can almost smell the hay. Glad to hear that your garden is doing well..looking forward to hearing your pear tree story.

  9. Very nice looking hay. Your cattle look happy. Good thing you thought ahead and had that salad ready so you could enjoy it after a long day.

    Bye, bye miss american pie....NUTS! Now that song's stuck in my head. Yawn.

  10. A day in the life... The unromantic side of ranching? Now I'M yawning... But I too loved the hug, thanks for sharing it!

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. I have only just got up from a good nights sleep and you want me to 'yawn'?
    Sounds like a boring tedious job, well done. Maa

  12. smart thinkin'...i too sometime cook while i have the energy for later in the day!!

    i'm yawning now by the way ;)


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