Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Doors and Doorways!

If at times my eyes were lenses
through which the brain explores
constellations of feeling
my ears yielding like swinging doors
admit princes to corridors
into the mind, do not envy me.
I have a beast on my back.

          Keith Douglas

What is a doorway? Where will it take us? Am I the only one who is a little obsessed with doors and doorways?

 As I was searching through my Toronto photos I realized just how many of them had to do with doors, and doorways. I have always admired an outstanding door. It is the first thing I notice then my eyes turn to the sky to admire the architecture of that building.

 Toronto has many, many doors. I really wish I could show you more. I wanted to give you an idea of what I seen.

 I saw doors that drew me in, I saw doors that made me nervous, and I seen doors that left me with many questions.

 I did notice that people like myself seemed to be searching for certain doors .

 What do you think? See any doors or doorways that make you want to go explore?

 Do you see any doorways that make you stand in awe?

 Have you ever seen a doorway you will not forget?



  1. They're alluring in many ways, especially yours. I love the shot with the CN tower in the reflection.

  2. I love this series! You captured some really unique doors.

  3. Fantastic doorways. I would love to explore behind each one.

  4. loved the 319 doorway/stairs. :)

  5. I just stopped by to thank you for your visit to Mucky Boots, and I'm glad I did! Your photos and thoughts and questions are lovely.

    I lived in Toronto for about a dozen years, before we moved out here to Vancouver Island. The Jarvis Street church is familiar to me - I lived a few blocks away, and used to walk past it on my way to the St. Lawrence market! Most days I am happy not to be living in Toronto anymore, but your post made me feel a little nostalgic!

  6. Love this post...thanks for sharing your "view".
    ~~Peace & Love & Healing & Blessings~~ "D"

  7. What a great post! Love the photos!

  8. I love doorways...have not posted any in a very long time. Nice shots. Toronto is such a great city.

  9. i was hoping to see your reflection in the last one!!

    they all intrigue me!!

  10. Love your doors...the last shot says it all. Visiting from It's all about purple. I found a button bush but not a creek.
    Check it out on my blog

  11. A very nice series, B. So many unusual and amazing doors. Great captures!

  12. Very neat series. I hope to someday see a subway door for real.

  13. Great doorways...I take photos of Churches, the doorways that lead to them are beautiful....

  14. All are interesting.. but the 319 doorway and stairwell... the black and white lines... simply excellent!

  15. I enjoyed your collection of doors. They are all so different from each other yet part of one big city.

  16. I will spend tomorrow taking much more notice of doors and doorways. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  17. What a marvellous selection of entirely different doorways and entrances! You do possess a great eye! You are most inspiring!

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