Tuesday, October 4, 2011


                      The unextinguish’d laughter shakes the skies.

                                        Alexander Pope

 This is something I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by all my life. Both my Grandfather’s were very funny. My Irish Grandmother could always make you laugh. She had a subtle way of doing it. You all of a sudden  were laughing so hard you could not stand the pain in your side, the tears were pouring down your face, and you had your legs crossed. This is the best kind of laughter.
 My Dad was hilarious, he found humour in the simplest things, my Mom was always laughing and smiling no matter what life threw at them, and life threw a lot.
 My brothers, and sisters have a great sense of humour, we laugh at most anything, especially in the bad times, it seems to make it just that much easier. I am so happy we all inherited that gene.
 Some of us are going through very tough times in our life right now, and it is hard to get past the pain, to find this laughter. We have to reach deep inside and pull it out; it is in us all we just have to find it. I try to hold tight to mine.
  A woman came up to me after my Father died and said it was the happiest wake she had ever been too. Thank you, that is a compliment to my family. That is exactly the way he would have wanted it. Laughter is what he loved.
 Lately life has been kicking the butts of many of my friends, and family. Friends I see daily, friends I see occasionally, and friends I have never met, and may never meet. I have people that need hugs, some I can give, and some I cannot, I wish I could.
 Today, I am thinking of two women that make me laugh every time I read their Blogs.I have not been able to get them out of my mind. I have established a long distance, special bond with these women. They are two of the funniest woman I know, but have never met. I am honoured to call them my friends.
  I choose to keep laughing, laughter is the best medicine. I will think of these women everyday, and my thoughts and prayers go out to them.
 Someone once told me “If you can’t hold onto the laughter in the bad times, you have nothing.” I am sure this is true. I wish I could remember who that was.
 Keep laughing ladies, and maybe someday I will be giving you that hug. Kick cancers butt girls!



  1. This is beatutiful and so very true.

  2. I hope you will always be able to laugh, Buttons. It's a gift.

  3. Humor has been one of my best coping mechanisms over the years. :)

  4. It's funny how you do something and you think of your blogger friends, isn't it. Like you have known them forever. I've thought of Feral Woman a lot in the last couple of weeks. She has a lot of blogger support. I hope she gets a lot more from your post.

    Cindy Bee

  5. Laughter is truly the best medicane - I just wish it really could cure!
    We are both blessed to have happy family's!

  6. a big amen to this and to those two lovely ladies we consider friends. :)

  7. I KNOW laughter truly is the best medicine (even when dealing with surgery stitches). Second is love and friendship (okay that may be two more but they belong together). Thanks for the reminder to laugh and to support our friends and family.

    Virtual hugs to feralwoman and leontien.

  8. God bless the wonderful souls.
    May you continue laughing, its a very hard trait in todays life...
    Have a fabulous week ahead, will check your blog again:)

  9. Laughter truly is the best medicine, but I think sometimes it is very hard to rememeber that.
    I already know one of these ladies and will pop over to visit the other.
    Lovely post.

  10. Laughter is truly the best medicine. And I think our world today needs more of it!:)
    I love your picture:D

  11. I thought id stop by your blog and say hello. And i hope your enjoying the beautiful fall weather that has begun. Richard from Amish Stories.

  12. Bless you - and them - real good : )

  13. It's been said before, but I'll say it again... laughter truly is the best medicine! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I am ready for that hug now....

    And i LOVED your post, yes laughter is very very VERY important! thank you so much for your "little" story and wise information and being so nice!


  15. I envy you your laughing family. I come from a very serious family and I don't laugh nearly enough.

  16. wonderful, silly kitty pic!

    i agree with every word, buttons. life is nothing without laughter. :o)


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