Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Than An Auction!

Several incidents in my life have convinced me of spiritual interposition-

of the promptings of some beneficent force outside ourselves,

which tries to help us where it can.

            Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Road shot. You can tell by the pole.

 Early last Saturday morning My Hero decides we should go to another auction as he has seen something in the flyer that caught his eye. Well I did not see anything but to spend the day with My Hero, and just maybe get some great photos was good enough for me. I then read where this auction was to be held, Up North, I was very excited. Up North this time of year is a visual feast for the eyes, the changing leaves are absolutely gorgeous. I packed up our rain gear, and some water, and snacks and off we headed.
 I tried to get My Hero to stop, or at least slow down while we passed century old barns, trees whose colourful beauty would make your weep, and lakes so very blue and inviting. This man was on a mission and I would just have to wait till we landed as they say. I did not push the stopping thing as he has done this many, many times before and sometimes our drives go on for many extra hours.
 We pull up to the auction with all the cars parked along the narrow side road, I was looking to the East and seen corn fields, and trees, I turned to the West and could not believe it we were at an auction on a river (Yeah).

 I wandered around the front lawn for a while looking in the boxes, I did not see anything that really caught my eye. I took some photos, and then walked to the back of the house.
  There it was; the most impressive little river that drains into a lake, I had ever seen. The water, the trees, the changing leaves, the cattails and now my heart was pounding, a fisherman. Ok that may sound a little strange to you but I have been thinking about my Dad all week and remembering fishing with him on a lake in his boat. I guess I was feeling a little lost and sad. This was just what I needed.
 I yelled out to the fisherman, and I assume his son, who was not far from the shore; What are you fishing for?
 “Muskie.” Do you mind if I take some photos? “Sure; I hope we catch something to show you.” We both smile.

 I watched as this boat drifted on the rough waters in a current that sometimes turned the boat in circles. They cast their lines in the water, and then reeled it back in, over and over. I found this so relaxing, and peaceful just to stand there and watch. Happy memories dance through my head.
 He hollers back breaking my trance “Nothing today, you must be bored?” No I am OK. If the truth were told, I was overcome with the most wonderful feeling of peace, and contentment, a calm I had not been able to find all week. I had been dreading this week, there were to  many sad memories.
 I watched for about half an hour, the boat drifting farther, and farther down the river heading to the big lake. We wave goodbye.

 I know my Dad had something to do with the timing of this scene, he always knew what I needed.
 I head back to see what My Hero had bought; I am smiling.



  1. great shots, where up north were you?


  2. Such special memories of your Dad. I love that you had this time with him again, as he conducted it, I am sure. :)

    Your pictures are lovely!

  3. Isn't it true that when we give ourselves to pleasing someone else that we are often most pleased... you were given a sweet gift!

  4. What a lovely day you had then.
    Lovely scenery and photos.
    You know G, you dad is watching over you :) M

  5. Just what you needed, at the moment you needed it. Lovely :)

  6. I love how something will trigger a memory -- lovely shots today, B. :)

  7. that last shot is soul-stirring. so glad you got what you needed. :)

  8. I'm so happy for you that you were able to find some peace. Usually it's the fishers who find tranquility in what they are doing but in your case it was the photographer taking photos of the fishers. :)

  9. HUGS! SO glad you had a wonderfully reflective moment to top off the day with your Hero.

  10. ~~Sending you a BIG Hug~~~ Love Never Dies, and your Father showed you that...
    ~~Peace & Love & Healing & Blessings~~ "D"

  11. we don't always get what we want, but we get what we need!! loved that last one. xo

  12. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos! An interesting blog!

  13. Hmmm Musky fish doesn't sound very appetizing, but maybe it's just me. : ) Neat that you found such peace there.

  14. how sweet! i get that weird feeling sometimes too. soo glad you had a hand of a very special angel guide you and make you smile. take care!

  15. That last shot is stunning! And to see it in person must have been just wonderful!

  16. I like that barn, and the haphazard way the books and the clock are piled! I wish I could have been there to watch the water flowing...

  17. I am sniffling and smiling too.

    what great memories of water we have, due to our dads, huh?

    ((hugs to buttons))) for giving me beautiful pictures to stir memories...


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