Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stress and Stew!

Fortunately (psycho) analysis is not the only way
to resolve inner conflicts.
Life itself still remains a very effective therapist.”

             Karen Horney M.D.

It is a sunny, warm Monday morning. I have finished my chores, and I am making a stew. I do not care if it is too hot for stew I need to make this turkey stew.
 Whenever I am a little stressed for whatever reason, real, or imagined the act of chopping vegetables one at a time very slowly helps me to relax.
 I love the act of slicing, the rhythm of the knife, and the sound of it hitting the cutting board making me concentrate on only the task at hand.
 I slice my home grown leeks thinly, I drop them into the turkey broth I had saved from cooking a turkey on Friday. I chop the garlic, the potatoes, the carrots, and peppers. I chop the broccoli, the cauliflower, and the big pieces of turkey.
 I chop huge amounts of vegetables; it is not about the contents of the soup but the stifling of the contents of my overflowing mind. This is like therapy.
 I choose my spices carefully as to enjoy the aromas drifting into my stressful mind, soothing as it flows. I choose ginger, and curry this should work.
 I stir and watch the steam billow into the air. I am reminded of why I am making this stew on this very warm day.
 The engine light on my Jeep flashing, and then staying on, halfway home in the dark from an incredible auction day. The questions, and worry about what it is about, and how much it will cost to fix?
 My sweet Bossy cow not doing well, she is old and we always knew this day would come.
 My Hero worrying me yesterday, by doing a job that needed to be done but one I have never handled very well. (More on that tomorrow), I can still feel the emotions, and how hard it was trying to suppress my fear, as to not upset him.
 I could go on, and on but right now I just want to concentrate on my stew. Stir, stir.



  1. I know exactly what you mean, cutting vegegables is very therapeutic. Maybe it's because you have to concentrate on not cutting your fingers off or something but it does work.
    Hope you feel less stressed and your day gets better. :)

  2. Another poetic piece and you have me drooling at the sight of your hearty soup (stew?). I hope your tensions and worries are well soothed now and that you will soon know the answer to the type and cost of the repairs to your Jeep. I'm very sorry to hear your dear Sweet Cow is nearing the end of her days...I wish you strength to see her through this final passage. Breathe away the strains of today and allow your mind to rest well tonight.
    Hugs xoxo

  3. That's how I feel when I create...knitting, crocheting, sewing.....very relaxing. And for the record, those engine lights have been on in both of my vehicles for a couple of years. I've heard, and now believe it, that the actual light shorts out. Not saying that is your problem on your jeep, but it could be. AND, we have an Autozone here, which is a place that sells auto parts. THey will hook up this little handheld machine to your vehicle to let you know what part needs replaced. For free. We replaced the part once, but then the check engine light came on again and we let it go. I just got used to driving with them on! I know it sounds crazy, but my husband maintains our cars regularly. He says there is nothing wrong with them. I believe him.

    Cindy Bee

  4. its funny how we all cope differently with stress.....


  5. Cooking is great theraphy and so is eating homemade soup...I can smell it!

  6. Like Gail said..I can practically smell that stew...I will take a piece of cornbread too, please...xoxoxo

  7. Doing normal and sometimes mundane things have a tranquilizing effect... thankfully... keep chopping!

  8. I know that feeling...What a hard place to be.
    I always worry with my older critters.
    My dear old ram Prince who passed last winter was my very first farm animal,I loved him to bits.
    I would get hubby to open the barn door for me in the morning to make sure he was ok before I went in.
    One of those morning's I went out after him and Prince was not well and I knew it was time...he layed his head on my lap while I stroked his face and he peacefully passed in my arms..he waited for me to be with him.
    So hard,so very hard.
    Giving you the strength you need to get through.

  9. One day at a time, moment by moment...your stew sounds and looks delicious. Sorry about your cow not doing well.

  10. Your stew looks wonderful. I hope eating it was as calming and soothing as it was making it. I hope today is a better day.

  11. oh dear. i hate to hear the fret in your 'voice'. and i am sorry to hear about your old cow... i hate this part of animal/pet/livestock stewardship...

  12. Chicken (and turkey) soup (and stew) can cure about anything. Hope your worries turn out to be nothing. And ...can I come for dinner? I'll bring fresh baking powder biscuits!

  13. hugs.
    chop on.
    I run.
    neat we all can find ways that suit us to handle the stress.
    chop chop dear friend!

  14. Sending you a ~~BIG HUG~~ My friend...
    ~~Peace & Love & Healing & Blessings~~

  15. This sounds serious. I hope things work out for the best.

  16. Making vegetable soup does it for me.

    I came to thank you for visiting my blog the other day...I was at my daughter's house and for some reason we cannot visit blogger blogs on her computer...it freezes up when we do. anyway, just now ran across the comment from you and wanted to click and return the visit.

  17. Mmmmmmm sweetie, that soup looks like a whole therapy session in itself.

    Thanks for sharin' your recipe.

    God bless and have yourself a terrific Tuesday!!! :o)

  18. I can so relate about trying not to show stress and worry. Scott says he "feels my worry beams". There are just some task they have to do that makes a woman worry - no ifs and's or buts about it. Soup is comfort and I don't blame you one bit for wanting to be totally enveloped in it's comfort as you prepared it.

  19. When things get too hard, I focus on the small things also. What else can you do? Just be careful with that knife.

  20. I can smell the goodness from here.........

  21. That sounds like a wonderful, hearty stew! I hope the therapy worked well for you today! :)

  22. When I'm stressed, or angry, I usually clean the house. I truly hope your "troubles" resolve themselves favorably, B.

  23. I made stew tonight also. I was so excited to use my canned moose meat. Hope your day gets better.

  24. hugs to my (((buttons))) - and i love your kind of therapy best!!!!

  25. It's wonderful that you've found away to deal with your stress. Too many people don't and that leads to all kinds of trouble.

    Plus, making stew is such a practical thing to do!

  26. Sounds like a meditation to me....pure and simple and good.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  27. That looks like a yummy stew. I clean when I am stressed or angry which is not often sad to say or is that good.
    I love you stories and am going through your blog to enjoy your ramblings, for some reason I love farm life even though I have never been to a farm. I have read farm stories here in Australia and thoroughly love them. I must find a farm to visit and stay and enjoy.
    Thank you for an insight into another life, I am a true blue city girl, after being an island girl first

  28. I love my kitchen. When I feel a bit down or am not having a great day, or feel helpless or powerless to do something that I think needs doing... ..... it's my refuge. I know what I am doing in there. I feel powerful in there. I am king in there. .... not just queen. I do as I please in my own kitchen. And I like it.


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