Monday, October 24, 2011

Tools Tractors and Toys!

"Haply your eye shall light upon some toy
   You have desire to purchase.”

               William Shakespeare

 This auction is almost 90% men and the title says it all. Everything a little boy, or man could ever dream of is at this sale.
 I watch the blink, blink, blink of my camera. Yes my battery is dying; what was I thinking as we ran out of the house before the sun had even made an appearance? I always have spare batteries, and I knew we were coming to this auction, now I am paying for my forgetfulness. This makes me very selective in my photos, a thing I rarely ever fret about.

 As I was saying we left for this auction very early in the morning before the sun, which to our dismay made no appearance at all. It was cold, and damp. We arrive at this place surrounded by hills, the trees are almost bare and there is a prevailing cold wind. My Hero while complaining about the extra coats, mittens and hats I carry in my Jeep, now knows why. I pull another coat over top of the jacket I am wearing.

 As I walk around this auction I see men of all ages, most wearing ball caps, and work boots. The big dual cab truck is getting a lot of interest. The die cast toys still in the original packaging are sold quickly.
 I watch as a group of men surround the vintage restored tractors. I over hear them reminiscing about how they used to own one of these, or their Father, or Grandfather used to use these. They talk about how this machine was a workhorse and the man who restored them was very skilled. They went on and on. I find myself drawn to the instrument panels, and contours, for some reason, something I am wondering if they notice.

 I watch as other men pick up and look for the brand name and where it was made on the tools. Apparently in tools this makes a big difference. Snap On, and Blue Point are top of the line, high quality, desirable tools.
 This is an estate sale. The parking lot is full, as men come to honour this mans trade, and the memory of a man who was well respected in his field. They come to buy some of his vast amount of tools. A hard day for this family but the auctioneer, and his sense of humour tries to make it a little easier.

 I watch as the few women, like myself follow, behind their husbands listening to stories about what each tool is for, while trying to explain why they need it. I ask My Hero what the use of many of the tools are, he happily explains. This fascinates me for some reason.
 The bidding is going very well the prices are high. This is good news for the family. I watch as husbands bid, and their wives would carry the tools to the car they both arrived in. This continued throughout  the day.
  I am sitting in the Jeep now, eating a turkey sandwich, watching the women walk back, and forth with their husbands treasure and I find myself wondering what, if anything My Hero is standing there holding, waiting for my return.

 I see some things that peak my interest and wander over to get a photo, my camera battery is now completely dead, and I find myself using my cell phone camera, raising many questions from the people passing by.

  I bore of this quickly, and run to see what I will be carrying back to the Jeep for My Hero. I am so happy the rain has held off. This is a hard enough day on the family.



  1. Your reviews of these auctions are always so beautifully worded. You never fail to include the impact and meaning these events have on the families concerned and you always introduce your mention of them in such a gentle and respectful manner. You are such a skilled and empathic writer and even though I'd not normally be in the least bit interested in reading about tractors and tools, and would skip a post with these as the title, I find myseld drawn to anything you publish, since you always succeed in making me feel as though I've had a wonderful outing with you as my guiding companion. My favourite picture today is the third capture in your selection.

  2. I have never been to a farm auction yet. Would love to go and would love to bid,


  3. What a wonderful narrative of this day. I felt like I was there. Wonderful pictures.

  4. I'm intrigued by that wagon thing with the bicycle on top. Does the bicycle power a tool or something?

    Gret photos Buttons. I think I saw an old old throttle like was on the tractor I learned to drive when I was 6.

  5. Mary good eye I never even noticed the "bike " on top that is actually a horse drawn old road grader. I think it is very cool. The wheels angle the blade. Genius. I would have loved to see this going down my road with a beautiful black work horse pulling it. Nice image eh? B

  6. love the photos! what a wonderful day with your hero. i laugh at you mention of taking photos with your phone. most people look at me funny when i am using my regular camera! you have a wonderful way with words. love all of your stories, and i look forward to them...

  7. I knew from the!

    Family auctions are so sad.

  8. I love auctions, but I do try to avoid them because I cannot stop myself from bidding, even on things I do not need. Ha.

  9. Seems this auction was well named. Nothing like a good old drive shed action to purk the saliva in a farmers mouth. Funny part is their own drivesheds are an action in the making!

  10. Love seeing the red and orange! :) (no green tractors here!) My hubby could spend HOURS looking at old tractors like these. Also, the Ferguson FIL had an old Ferguson around the farm here that he sold about a year ago. Nice post!

  11. I thought the third image was of a road grader. It's my favorite of these...My husband runs a modern road grader for the county. It doesn't require him to be in the weather all day, but it hasn't the visual appeal of this one!

  12. i love how you weave these stories of your auction outings. in some way it helps preserve the life of the person who used to live in that estate...

  13. Oh I feel so bad for you to have your camera die for lack of batteries! I bet you've learned your lesson, at least for a while. :)

  14. Beautiful photos and story to go along with them. I learned my lesson a few months back when I ran out of the house without my memory cards. so I check,double-check, and triple check. :)

  15. I am glad you mentioned the family. It is the downside of these auctions. Hope we get to see what you brought home.

  16. A good farmer takes care of his tools and tractor. They can re-work them to new chores--like your wire wheel. They run their hands over them like feeling the flanks of a good horse. Tools outlive the hands sometimes for many generations. Nice post. I'm glad your battery survived for the few photos you got.

  17. Love these pictures of the tractors and all the red!!
    Great pictures!...btw...the turkey stew looks so great!

  18. I always carry extra coats in my car...comes from working at an apple orchard for years through all seasons. Best to be prepared.

    I would have been loving seeing all this old stuff...

  19. This whole post read like poetry...



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