Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coffee and Memories!

After coffee things ain’t so bad.

          Henry Herbert Knibbs

My girls had been missing things about their trip to the Netherlands, and coffee happened to be one of them, well that was K, M is a tea person. They were down for another weekend, which always makes me extremely happy. They were telling me stories of sitting in Amsterdam, and looking over the canal relaxing and enjoying long conversations with family. K announces that she has not been able to find a coffee in Canada to match. I listen to tales of conversations about this said canal, and now we decide to go and try recreating this wonderful scene.
 Well, this little town not far away had a new café, so we thought we would go check it out. It was in this lovely historic building, and I myself have always wanted to go inside.
 I must say by this point I would go anywhere with my girls and the thought of a good cup of coffee, and something sweet, had my taste buds going crazy with anticipation.
 We arrive in town, and park; we walk down the street, and after a bit of looking in stores, we enter this little café. I was blown away by the old beams, the high ceiling, and oh yes, the fragrance of a surprising selection of coffee. My eyes were fixated on the display of sweet tantalizing desserts.
 We ordered what we wanted, which I must say was a very hard decision. We sat at a table at the huge original wooden window in this Victorian house, and I jumped right into eating and drinking.
 The girls were recalling memories of the canal, the boats on the canal, the windmills and the people. I was getting absorbed into the conversation and relaxing when I look at M’s plate and wonder why I had the apple crisp instead of her chocolate brownie. So while eating my apple crisp, yet surprisingly drooling over her brownie I managed to visualize the road outside the window, was really a canal, I picture the boats floating down the water, and the street noise of a place I will probably never see.
 I know they had a great time and have many special memories but all I know is I am making a great memory right now, with my girls.

 I want that brownie, but my coffee and the apple crisp was so delicious I almost forgot to take a picture. K had just picked up this book across the street at the thrift store, perfect. I look forward to going again when they come back for Christmas; I think I will have the brownie.     Thanks, girls J.



  1. Sounds like a great time, albeit possibly a deliciously fattening time. I wish there were such places around here. Coffee shops are abundant, but not this kind of coffee shop.

    I know any coffee shop is fine when you are having fun with people you love.

  2. It is lovely to spend time with your girls and it sounds like you really enjoyed it.
    I love it when my daughters want to go out with me - makes it special. :))

  3. What a wonderful time with your girls. What the three of you shared will be remembered always.

  4. You can travel anywhere you wish with an imagination as active as yours. I am so glad you had this special time with your daughters! And the scene you described was the perfect accompaniment to your coffee and cake.

  5. It sounds like wonderful memory making time with your daughters! The coffee is just a bonus...and I'd definitely choose the brownie!! :)

  6. I have memories in my mind like this... they are the best.

    The spread looks delicious. Now you are making me hungry! :)

  7. The imagination is a wonderful place to visit at times like these.

  8. You can't ask for anything better. So glad you are getting fun time with your girls.

  9. I totally get it. Time with my two sons together is rare but oh, what a treasure. It is the greatest gift they could ever give me! Sandra

  10. Time is our most priceless commodity and it's great that you've spent your well. Makin' memories. Ya just can't get any better than that!

    I have a sweet SIL that together we 'split' our diet splurges and get the best of both worlds! Heeehehe!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous Thanksgiving filled with many wonderful memories sweetie!

    BTW: Giveaway...my place...ya'll come!!! :o)

  11. The time spent with your girls are worth a million, no a trillion brownies...Im so glad you were able to have FUN and that they wanted to share so many stories of their travels with you!

    (and guess whose girls are coming from college to visit their mom and dad this week for Thanksgiving? *big happy grin, like Buttons grin* !!!!)

  12. Sounds like a great time. I love coffee shops and old buildings. And I think the apple crisp looks pretty yummy. You can always make a brownie. (Ghirardelli mixes are pretty good!)

    Cindy Bee

  13. I would have had the apple crisp... mostly because I prefer fruit in dessert instead of chocolate. Although, having said that.... my own desserts always leave me wondering why I have any at all when out and about. Not much measures up to home made... maybe I am being a bit "unhumble"...but, I do love my own cooking and baking... the memories on the other hand.... would be priceless....


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