Monday, November 14, 2011

The Diner!

Serenely full, epicure would say,
Fate cannot harm me, I have dined to-day.

                Revd. Sydney Smith.

 It is 8:00 a.m. Remembrance Day, I am sitting in a little Diner just on the outside of this little town that I had an appointment in. It is a little “Mom and Pop” diner. I had already finished my appointment and was starving since I had to run out of the house so early.
  I could have went to a fast food coffee place but I was thinking I like the idea of eating off china, not eating something wrapped in paper, I was also thinking a mug, not a paper cup and a metal fork, not a plastic one that sometimes may only have two prongs when you are getting close to finished. I had a little time, and wanted to do something out of my ordinary.
 This very friendly waitress came over and asked what I would like, I said the farmer’s breakfast please. I thought it was appropriate since I am a very hungry farmer. She poured me a cup of coffee, and after a very short wait she brought this huge plate of eggs, bacon, home fries, and toast. She refilled my cup and went on her way with my thank you, and a smile. As I was sitting there enjoying my farmer’s breakfast I notice other farmers, construction workers, business suit people and many seniors. They all had one thing in common, most were wearing a Poppy, and this made me so proud. My Grandpa served in WW1and WW2.
 The conversation began, they were waiting for the parade of Veterans to start, there was much anticipation; I have only seen this once, and knew I would not be able to wait for two hours to see this parade. My cows were waiting at home patiently, and I could not leave my chores undone that long, maybe next year.
  The conversation was revolving around the young people of the country, and how they are starting to embrace what this day really means, and how we are so lucky to live where we do. I nod my head in agreement, and the gentlemen beside me smiles. People are very nice here. I do love small towns.
 I pull out my paper and start writing my thoughts down, the friendly waitress probably thinks I am a food critic, she has nothing to worry about the food was delicious.
 I finish my meal, after leaving a very generous tip I had only paid $8.00 for a memory that will last. I am so happy that I never went through the drive thru and ate with plastic, and paper.
 What have you been missing?



  1. This was wonderful. I am from a small town and I miss it! I'm glad you made the choice you did too. :)

  2. Another piece of writing at your best! I do so LOVE the way your thoughts flow and the artfulness with which you add depth to your writing. I truly am transfixed by every word and feel a measure of disappointment when I get to the end.

  3. What a wonderful treat for you.

    I hope this entire country comes to its senses soon.

  4. I was there in that diner with you. Young people in this country are also embracing what remembrance day is about. My 17 year old son wears his poppy with great pride.

  5. It's always so wonderful when our choices lead us to wonderful things! I am glad you forewent the plastic:)

  6. i love it when you share your 'gifts' with us. and this was a gift.

  7. I'm with you. Love those townie joints!

  8. I enjoy living in a village where just about everyone knows your name. Of course, you DO have to behave yourself or everyone will know about that too. :))

  9. You know how to find the best places, and the best experiences! :)

  10. What a good idea that was - to go somewhere nice to eat. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing your good experience with us. :)

  11. So good...real dishes, real food, real people, real appreciation.

  12. Face to face interactions with real people is becoming a lost art. Sounds like a grand experience. :)

  13. I despise fast food. My husband and I always stop for breakfast at two specific diners when we make the long trek back to Minnesota to see family. One is in Blue Earth, Minnesota and the same people are there. We overhear all of the towns events, politics, and gossip. We listen as they josh the waitress for being late, because everyone knows she had a hot date last night. You have to love diners. I am glad you have that satisfying experience. That is the gift of life. Those perfect little moments. Thanks for the positive post.

  14. Oh you did have a big farmers breakfast which obviously you thoroughly enjoyed along with the talk of the Remembrance Day.
    I don't normally eat breakfast out (apart from when we travel and stay in Motels) because I only have 2 slices of toast that I love, I like my toast crunchy with little butter and a tiny bit of Marmite..I hate Vegemite and that's weird for an Australian. I also have a cup of tea with my breakfast as I don't drink coffee.
    We are all different.. best wishes my dear friend, M

  15. I love your photos..and i love your words. You are a poet with both :)


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