Thursday, November 17, 2011

Go North!

 And insomuch as feeling the East’s gift,
Is quick and transient,- comes, an lo, is gone-
While Northern thought is slow and durable.

              Robert Browning

  I had to make a trip up North a week ago and never had the chance to write about it. This always gets me very excited no matter what is going on down on the farm. I have always felt like the North is somehow where I belonged, well except the time I was totally lost in the bush for hours alone on an orienteering trip in high school. That trip, made me fear the bush for a very long time. I now think I know how to use a compass.

 My Grandmother, when I was a child would fill my head of tales from the bush. I would listen as she explained how frightened she was in a log cabin in the middle of the bush with only a coal oil lamp to guide her. She would tell me tales about living in a logging camp up North and the isolation she would feel. The only sound was the howling of the wolves, a sound that comforted her yet frightened her at the same time. I remember vividly her describing a bush fire she seen as a child from the hilltop log cabin they lived, how she was so frightened and carried that fear of fire with her all her life.

 I think my Grandmother loved the solitude of the bush but was very frightened of it at the same time.
 My Dad always felt more at home in the Northern wilderness; a city boy living with this same woman I am sure filling his head with these tales. If it had not been for the fact he had a family he had to support and always placed them first in his life, he would have been living in the middle of some bush in a little cabin and been quite content.

 I myself love the solitude of the bush, I am not sure if I could live totally isolated in the winter. I have a fear of fire in a bush like my Grandmother so I am sure this would always be in the back of my mind.
 I now travel the back roads exploring, this makes me happy, just me and my camera. I see stone or should I say boulder fences, I see magnificent barns and always wonder about the people that built them and what their lives were really like. I watch as wild turkeys run across the road as I sit in the middle of this beautiful road. No matter which way I turn I see beauty be it in the trees or the rocks jutting out of the ground, I am happy to be here. I sometimes picture my Dad and my Grandmother sitting beside me taking it all in and smiling.
 Thank you for giving me this gift of loving the beauty of the North.

On a funny note I just noticed this is my 401 post, I sure do talk a lot. Thanks for listening. B



  1. Lovely sharing of memories today, as always.

    Keep on talkin'! I'd be lost without you.

  2. Don't be afraid walking in the bush---we'll protect you.

  3. "I think my Grandmother loved the solitude of the bush but was very frightened of it at the same time."
    ....that would be me:)
    Love memories.

  4. Please don't stop talking! :) I'd love to see the bush...your pictures are beautiful! But I have to be around people too much...don't think I could survive in the solitude!

  5. I'm not afraid to walk in the woods, but I am wary of running into 'somebody' up to no good there!

  6. so great that you take us along with you. love it. don't stop talking or snapping or sharing. :)

  7. I have to say that I would love to live a little (or lot) more remotely and hope to one day do so. My wife and I had a serious discussion about moving to the Alaskan bush at one time...and then along came the grandson who changed those plans. But still, one can dream. Love the picture of that lonely dirt road.

  8. Why do you call it the bush? We call it the woods here.

  9. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. You write to well about them.
    I love coming to read you blog - so keep writing :))

  10. As always your photos are remarkable. The boulder fences are something so different from here where most of the stone is left over lava from volcanoes. Even in the gray of the last of autumn you've found the beauty of the land. I really like the angle you captured of the rustic old barn.

  11. Thanks so much for lettin' me tag along on memory lane. Your pics are wonderful!!!

    God bless and enjoy this wonderful day sweetie!!! :o)

  12. Awsome Buttons!! :)

  13. Love your post about going down memory lane..Life Is Good!

  14. Lost in the bush, glad you found your way out otherwise I might not have got to met you :) take care my far away friend.M xoxox

  15. Stunning photos. Makes we want to go there and see it for myself!......Denise

  16. Thanks for sharing! You speak from the heart and I appreciate that. It's lovely to be one with nature. It simplifies what at times is a complicated life.

  17. There is something very magical about the North...and I am not from there. :) It sure is beautiful!

  18. Your blog would not be what it is without the thoughts you share. Another perfectly lovely post fom you and it was very special peeking back in time. I'd never have thought of fire in the bush. My biggest fear would be of stepping on a snake. I love solitude, but do need my home comforts :) I fully get what you say when you refer to being totally surrounded by beauty. It's that capacity to see magnificence in the ordinary that makes you such a special person. It's that ability that brings about true contentment and a genuine appreciation for all of life.

  19. the bush is my home. I found this out by staying in the city - i kept the window open all the time in the hospital room, and I couldnt wait to go home so i could get better...even though i live 2 1/2 hours away from a hospital, I could never live in a city, i would slowly die inside... the bush is my home.

    and keep talkin' :} - I love when you share stories of your ancestors and your surroundings - so much to learn from you!


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