Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Use it up, wear it out;
Make it do, or do without.


 I’m sitting here huddled in the truck on this very cold Saturday morning. I just came from walking around exploring an auction with Brother D, and My Hero. They are still out there, as this was a Farmer/ Mechanic auction, it was not as interesting to me. I did find some creative shots.
 While taking some of these shots an older gentlemen came up to me and said, “Why are you taking pictures of that junk?” I told him I love junk, and you just have to look at it in a different way. I show him what I was doing on my little camera and he replied “Wow that is nice, I never seen that.” "Thank you". As he wandered away I was hoping he would never look at these things the same way. I love when that happens.

 I am lucky, I never see junk, I usually see something that has been used, loved, and retired to a shelf to be appreciated somewhere down the line. This does not always happen, unfortunately but I will continue to take photos of it none the less. I think the breaks, dents, decay, and rust only add to its charm.
 I usually go to these auctions with My Hero even if I do not see any apparent things of interest in the paper. I am never disappointed in what I find.
 I’m sitting here in the truck out of the biting cold wind waiting for My Hero, and Brother D to return so we can head down the road to explore another auction. I do hope there is more (junk?). I think you are going to love this one. See you tomorrow.

 So what do you think? Do you see junk?



  1. I love your photos of what I call treasures. They hold so many tales and to me they are magical.

  2. Nope...I don't see junk. I see memories.

    Cindy Bee

  3. I look at those things and sometimes wonder what they ever did with they managed without the conveniences we have now...I'm sure they'd have lots of stories to tell!

  4. I love what you said as I never see junk either just something that can eventually be repurposed.:)

  5. the only thing i know for sure, is your pictures could be art!!

    lined on the walls of a refurbished old farm home, the pictures you take are wonderful!!

    i especially liked the reflection in the second one!! xo

  6. i love your soul. i wish more people saw the world through eyes like yours. :)

  7. I see history in these pieces. Love the captures, B.

    And tomorrow is our Thanksgiving. I think most of us Yanks do the post about it the day before, in case the day gets away from us tomorrow. :)

  8. I love your photos! Just imagine the stories the "junk" could tell...

  9. I'm like you I see something with a history. I want to take it all home and use it for something. I always enjoy your posts.

  10. No junk. I see art...but there is only so much of this type art you can bring home with you. Loving it and leaving it where it lives works best.

  11. I like the reflection in the second photo a LOT!


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