Monday, November 21, 2011

Little White Spot!

To observations which ourselves we make,
We grow more partial for th’ observer’s sake.

             Alexander Pope

 It is a very frosty morning. I sit at the big window I love so much, watching the sun come up. This is a morning ritual I truly enjoy, almost as much as being back in the bush waiting for it to come up.
 A little white spot grabs my attention I immediately grab the binoculars to have a closer look. Yes this is exactly what I thought it was. I gulp my coffee down and head down to get my rubber boots, and coveralls on.
 I jump on the tractor start it up then go next door, and pick up a couple of bales of hay. I drop the two bales off in front of my waiting girls; I break the bales apart, and try to avoid backing over these very excited cows that just want their breakfast. They do listen when I honk the horn. I park the tractor, and then I head back to see what that little white spot was. I am pretty sure I know but I must be sure.
 I trudge through the mud; we have had heavy rains lately so the lower ground is very muddy. I pass the pond that is now full and overflowing. This is great, having water in the pond for the winter for the girls is exactly what I have been hoping for.
 I am following the tracks of a cow that has headed back into the bush. I look under the fragrant Juniper bushes, a low ground cover tree that is a great hiding place. I search in the middle of Prickly Ash bushes. I look high, well not to high, and I look low. I am starting to doubt that I had seen a little white spot. I finally see a sign of what I have been searching for, little hoof prints. This confirms my thinking. I am now aware that my days will be much longer, and busier.
 Here is the little white spot. Isn’t she the cutest thing?

 She (heifer) is relaxing on juniper bushes and just as I suspected in the middle of the Prickly Ash bushes, this is an instinct to protect from the Coyotes that will not go into the prickle bushes (me either). She had watched me walk by her four times without making a sound or any movement; she just lies there and stares, hoping I will go away soon.
  She will wait there patiently for hours never leaving that spot, nor making a sound. Her Mother will return when it is time for lunch. Her Mother will find the spot she left her calf just by tracking her smell on the ground. This always amazes me. I wish I had a nose like that.
  I do not disturb her because if she does let out a cry her Mother will come charging down the field, and through the bush to protect her baby.

 I return to the field to get the tractor and notice another addition to our herd has appeared while searching for this little white spot. This one is a boy (bull). Yep! Now it is official, calving season.

Today they are the best of friends!



  1. Oh my, how exciting is that. I can just about feel your pleasure coming through in this post.
    They are so cute. Isn't it wonderful how they protect themselves from danger.
    Great post!!! :))

  2. They are so adorable! What a nice surprise. I'm so glad you shared these photos.

  3. Your cows are beautiful! What breed are they? I have a friend who has some sort of cow that has long hair (I'd love to spin it) and they stay outside most of the time. They prefer it over a barn. Even in the winter. Some English variety but I forget what they are called.

    Cindy Bee

  4. Calves are so cute! I always loved watching them play and the funny sounds they will make when jumping around.

  5. so stinking cute...we dont start calving until january...they are so cuddly and cute. what beautiful coloring...

  6. They are beautiful, healthy looking calves! I know you've told me before, but what breed are they? I think it's amazing how God has given those animals the instincts that they need to protect themselves!

  7. Oh, how lovely - it begins again.. :) how that time flew.

  8. Aww, that little white faced calf tucked in the brush... just too cute!

  9. Congratulations, your new babies are adorable.:)

  10. oh my goodness, they're adorable! i don't know how you stand it! i'd be watching them cavort around! but this late in the season to have calves up there? in texas, it is normal to see them in nov, dec, jan, but... ??

  11. I'm with TexWisGirl on that one. Calving season starts in March here. I love calves. They are so adorable.

  12. They are soo cute... didn't even check out where you live...but I'm thinking south.... Thanks for checking out my blog! Have a wonderful will I....the sun is hot !!

  13. Okay your Canadian!!1 LOL.... how come you have no snow??

  14. I'm so happy for you, B. The babies are adorable. Miss you, girl. :)

  15. Wow that seems early. My parents calve in April. Here in the hills people calve in Feb. Good luck with the little ones. Although you won't get much sleep they sure are cute.

  16. Beautiful babies. You were looking for something to do now the field work was done weren't you? ;0D

    Smart to have a horn on a tractor. None of ours did. Unless you count hollering.

  17. oh Your babies ARE ADORABLE!!!! no wonder their mommas protect them so well!!!! I LOVE YOUR HEREFORDS!!!

    but christmas babies? I bet your calves outshine everyone elses come spring - "whoa, their using "miracle grow" over there!" :D

  18. Looks like you have a busy time ahead! Animals sure are cute when they are young.

  19. How absolutely wonderful! Those are the sweetest white faces ever!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  20. Oh, no! How did I miss out on this? They are so huggable in their woolly pyjamas and with those appealing faces!


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