Monday, November 28, 2011

November Changes!

 Observe always that everything is the result of change,
and get used to thinking there is nothing Nature
loves so well as to change existing forms
and to make new ones like them.

               Marcus Aurelius

 Seven o’clock, Sunday morning, My Hero wakes me up and says, “You’ll want to see this.” I mumble, grab my camera, and take a picture. I have been tired lately and did not want to get out of bed. He again stirs me asking the question  “What button do I push?” I hop out of bed. He was so right; I had been lying in bed missing one of Nature’s magnificent moments.
 I snap a bunch of pictures through the kitchen window when I hear the door open, and shut. I then notice My Hero hopping the fence and walking towards the new calves and stopping to pet Bossy 2 the friendly stocker, she lets him rub her neck. I watch him talking to the cows with this incredible sunrise behind him. I am truly blessed.

 This has been a very trying month indeed. I am a little happy to see it go. I have dealt with very highs, and very lows. A saying I used to hear a lot growing up always in the back of my head “What doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger.” There are many versions of this saying and I have heard them all, all of my life from just about everyone. This has shown to be true, this month included.
  I always try to remember that no matter how bad I was feeling at the time, there was always going to come a change. The sun was always going to come up.
 I watch the new born calves running around the field where three stockers had died just weeks ago. I must remember that was the old, and now this was the new.

 Life, and Nature will always throw changes at you some good, and some bad. The trick is to enjoy the beauty of the sometimes-fleeting moment of the good, and remember even the bad will be gone eventually and your life will move on. Just know everything always changes.

 My Hero with his big smile, and his incredible outlook on life will always remind me of this.  I am truly blessed.
 OK December bring it on, I am ready.



  1. Novemeber seems to have held much angst and/or sadness for so many. I hope December holds much joy and calm for all.

    Your last picture is absolutely stunning! Great perspective!

  2. You are truly blessed. Me too! And what a man it sounds like you have! Yay to that one! Your quote reminds me of the Grand Canyon....the changes brought by the forces of water from constant little drips to major floods. Sounds like life, huh? I'm seeing December such an upper for you with all things working together for your good. You'll see them right through that camera lens everyday...and through the lens of your heart. Sandra

  3. My mom just said that the other day "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger"..then she said "but who wants to be strong anymore"?...sad. I am ready for December myself..xoxoxo

  4. I'm sorry your November was such a downer. I hope December is much better...those adorable new hummies are enough to make anyone smile! :) I admire your positive attitude amongst hard times!

  5. You got a deal...I just told my mom this yesterday "we will make it through Dec. and then things will be a bit better"...all in all we / she are doing good ...things are just so different.xoxo

  6. Really neat picture of the barn and I loved that quote from Marcus Aurelius.

  7. you are such a strong woman - a strong couple, actually. God bless you!

  8. I've heard that saying as well, it's hard to think like that when you are going through it though isn't it.
    Your baby calves are so cute and I love your first picture of the sunrise.
    Sending hugs your way and I hope December is a better month for you.

  9. Your guy really has a big heart. I guess you need one to survive the farming life--heaven knows most folk don't do it to get rich. I'm having fun imagining what you had to do to get that fantastic angle on the weathered building in your last photo.

    And to you...glad you survived November. And THANKS for recommending snowshoes.

  10. OH BURRRrrrrr... I got chilly looking at that last photo.

  11. Oh!!!! I LOVE the fact he woke you up....knows you so well and what it is that will lift your sleepy spirits:)
    That was a wonderful and beautiful capture!
    Aren't you so glad time does move on?

  12. What lovely photos! I hope December will be a much nicer, more settled month for you!

  13. With all that beauty around you, it's just got to get better : )

  14. Tribulation is treasure. I teach a school filled with students who have had more than their share of tragedies. I would put my kids over any other, because they understand life. I know sometimes things can be hard, but it is what makes you a better writer and a great person. Hope your December is better.

  15. I've ridden a few storms myself over the years. I can appreciate what it's like to battle sometimes. I suppose the bad times make the good times even sweeter.

  16. i love that our husbands love our passion for photography, even when they grumble sometimes. im just loving those calves. and i love this post. it's so true and i have to remind myself the same.

  17. The only constant is change.
    I love that view of the barn? with all the icicles!! Very unusual angle for the shot!!

  18. your Hero needs to start being your very own male model ;) posing with the babies! But I must admit, nothing strikes fear in my heart and gets me out of bed then Mr. foresterman asking what button to push on my camera LOL

    I wish you the gift of Hope, friend.

    And I love the barn door peak shot - absolutely a picture framer' for sure!!!!


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