Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Old Man Winter!

The tree of deepest root is found
Least willing still to quit the ground:

                  John Wolcot

Well lucky for us Old Man Winter is taking his time getting here. I am not complaining we are having beautiful fall weather. I am enjoying every moment I can when not working. This weekend was all about work, even though there was a couple of very interesting auction sales in the paper, we decided we should get our work done. Darn!
 My Hero and I split some more wood. We are working on next years supply. The dead Elm is still in need of curing/drying. Some of the White Ash we acquired from someone widening a road was split and put into the basement to burn green; it is mixed with dry wood. White Ash is a perfect wood, it throws a nice heat, and it burns clean and does not have to be dried. It has less moisture in it. My Hero informs me there is a poem about that; I will have to look that up. We were very lucky to get a huge amount of this coveted wood.
 The drive shed is now full and we are stacking wood outside which will be covered. It will be ready for next winter. It is so nice not to have to worry about running out in the middle of a cold winter. There have been a few of those years.

 I watch My Hero cut the logs into easier to handle pieces with the chainsaw.  I admire his skill with this noisy machine. I stand here and wait for my job to begin again. My Hero lifts the now smaller length logs on to the splitter and I go into action. The Ash splits very easy with the hydraulic wood splitter. My job is if you remember to move the control lever, not a hard job but it is much appreciated by My Hero. The Elm is very knotty, and stringy; the splitter makes quick work of it. I remember when we used to use an axe, very hard indeed. The Elm has a very distinct smell to it. It is like a sour smell, it definitely needs a lot of drying time.
 The wood is placed into the bucket and brought to the house. There are three more dead Elms, and Maple trees My Hero has dropped in the bush. We will hopefully finish them up in the next few weekends.

 I truly love the look of these trees, fallen or standing. In the bush where once these magnificent trees used to stand are saplings growing in their place. The circle of life continues.
  We know with all the trees that die, be it from Dutch Elms disease, old age, or ice storm damage we will never have to cut down any live trees in our bush in our lifetime. We are very blessed. It is almost a fulltime job just keeping up with it all.

 Old Man Winter I am not complaining but if you could just put a little snow on the barn roof so My Hero will stay off the ladder, that would be great.



  1. When I was a teenager/young adult, we burned wood in our house for heat...I remember helping to split, stack, split, stack, etc. Lots of work, but sitting by the warm fire in winter was worth it! I envy you the smell of woodsmoke this winter!

  2. You and your hero make a perfect team. Glad to know you are prepared when winter does finally show up.

  3. Cutting wood for the next year is the only way to go...looks like you two have been hard at it.

    "Thou art an elm, my husband, I a vine;

    Whose weakness, married to thy stronger state,

    Makes me with thy strength to communicate.”

    - William Shakespeare

  4. Smart to work ahead for next year..you'll have a ton of cured wood waiting :)

  5. You and your husband obviously work well together. You must both have been exhausted when you were finished. Sounds like hard work. I hope your husband stay off the ladder too.

  6. I would like to borrow your hero for a few days.

    Thanking you in advance....

  7. We only have an axe but don't have to do any serious chopping as we get our wood already cut up and our winters are luckily usually mild. Unlike your hero I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to heavy machinery

  8. I'm sitting here in South Carolina reading about you all cutting wood to keep warm when winter truly arrives and I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt. It's 81*F here! Where is winter?

  9. Mr.Winter sure puts us to work!
    I like your wish:)

  10. Sounds like you all will be in good shape for the cold weather. It's so nice to have this warm weather to catch up and get things done before it's too late. I love the look of stacked wood.

  11. I just love wood heat. Can't wait to get back to burning just wood again some day. I enjoyed this post.

  12. We have still not gotten a wood stove as planned..probably wise as we have no seasoned wood...Now that the DH is back to work...possibly..a wood stove will move up on the list or wants.

  13. It has been a lovely autumn this year. It's great to see you working ahead for next year, meaning that you have plenty for this winter.

  14. I love how you and your man work together as a team... even at auctions :D

    When you mentioned elm, my whole body flinched - we split using a maul (mines 6 lb, Mikes is 8) and it is the WORST wood to split...Now that I am laid up, your hydraulic mauler' sure looks tempting!


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