Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Power Lines!

       I do not mind that gold is often tinsel,
       And if you please, I'd rather not be told.
      It's thinking it is gold that makes it precious
     And thinking it is precious makes it gold.

                                               Eleanor Slater

 My Hero and I went to another auction yesterday and I will share that with you later in the week. Now I would like to get your opinion on a story/ theory that is clamouring around in my head.
 I look at this beautiful property and it has to be one of the prettiest sights I have ever had the pleasure of seeing while at an auction. There was only one problem it had a massive amount of power lines and towers running right through the middle of all this beauty. I tried to ignore them and focus on the surrounding hills, the beautiful hay fields, and the colours of the leaves on the trees but my eyes kept returning to these power lines.

 I stood and stared at them and this thought came into my head while talking to a couple admiring some boxes.
 I see all these power lines running to the cities supplying power to businesses, and homes of people like this couple. They followed the power lines to the city in their youth to seek their fortunes. They live, and work, and dream of the day they could follow the power lines back to the country to retire. That time would eventually come and they were back “HOME” and happy.
 On the other hand a young couple were living in the city where they had grown up, they hated the noise, no privacy, and wanted to live in the country so their children could grow. They sell their home, and follow the power lines to the country to seek this peace and solitude. They have stars in their eyes. They farm for years and realize it is very lonely in the winters, and hard work, and not what they thought it would be. They need the noise, and the conveniences the city offers. They follow the power lines back to the city to retire so they will not be lonely, and can take life easier. “HOME”and happy.
 Isn’t life funny? Everyone always seems to think the grass is greener on the other side.
 What do you think? I wonder if there comes a time when we have to make the decision to follow the power lines? Is it really all about where we are raised?



  1. Good question and one I do not have an answer for. I guess the saying, Bloom where you are planted, would help avoid all that moving around.

  2. I think most people like to spend the "golden years" wherever most of their friends and family are.

  3. I'm not sure what makes people want to move around...me, I'm a homebody. I like what I'm used to...but for me it's living in the country with the conveniences of the city within a stone's throw. So maybe I have the best of both worlds?!

  4. Interesting and thought provoking post... my heart would lead me back to the country... lol!

  5. I love the country and was raised there, but I followed the power lines to the city because I had to have a job. I will probably never return to the country unless I hit the jackpot and am able to retire.

    I think it is more about the people. If you love solitude you love the country. I can easily go for days and not interact with anyone and be happy. In fact, people get on my nerves! I'd love to hole up on about 100 acres in the middle of nowhere. But that takes money.

  6. I grew up in the city, moved out to the country and work in the city. On some day's, I hate the 30 minute commute both ways, but then, when I sit under my BIG fir tree's, with out the buzzing sound of power lines, I am thankful for the choices I have made.

  7. i think that definitely has something to do with it - early conditioning, per se. i spent the first 13 yrs on a small dairy in Wis. then moved to 'town' which was a tiny little thing. then to Dallas and got swallowed by the city for 10 yrs. had to fight my way back out to the rural life once again.

  8. I agree with TexWisGirl. It seems our roots go back to those first years even when we transplant ourselves.

    I also understand an unborn baby "tastes" everything it's mother eats through the amniotic fluid and is born with a inclination to like those foods. We are born with some aptitudes and skills, and more become who we are in the very first years--no matter what. Makes being a parent a VERY big job.

  9. yep, the grass always seems greener on the other side.... But after a couple of bites you long for "what used to be"...

    I LOVE to be back here sweetie!!! I hate power lines almost as much as i hate windmills... but i know they are a necessary "evil"....

    Big kiss

  10. I live in a smallish town - which is getting bigger all the time. We moved here when I was 8 (long long time ago) and it was just a wee seaside town. I'm not see keen on it now and would love to live in the country in the peace and quiet. I don't suppose that will happen now though!!!

  11. What a great observation and contemplation. I've never viewed power lines like this before. Now I will think about them myself.

  12. I was born in town, my grandparents bought the place I live on and I moved here at four. I moved away when I got married, and living in an apartment in the city would if killed me if I couldn't have heard a rooster somewhere off in the neighborhoods. We started having children and it took me twenty years to get back to the country. I am here now but now city is so close to me.
    I see the power lines in the distance too, I don't think I would ever follow the power lines back because what I was always looking for was a place I could see the sun rise each morning and the sun set in the evening and see the sky above my head every afternoon and the mountains in the distance all day.
    I will stay here God willing until they take me away in a box. Because here no matter how much I have to work nor how hard, it is always better every single day to
    live on the land. To feel the natural rhythm of nature and the change of the season, and here I can hear God.

  13. HMMMmmm.... Well the first 18 years of my life was spent on a dairy farm in Upstate New York where I was quite isolated and only left the farm to attend school and during the summer only on the 3rd of each month when my Grandma's SSI check came and we would go "to town" to buy staples... flour, sugar and such. After high school I moved South and ended up in a "city". I miss the "memories" of my life in NY and have gone back to visit but can never see myself living there again as it's all changed so much without me and it doesn't "feel" like home anymore. But I could see myself living in a cottage in the woods quite happily making new memories. Our "ideals" definitely change as our life goes from stage to stage.

  14. Well I love all your opinions and observations on this topic. I, like most of you love the country I am sure I would have a hard time leaving it.
    What would I blog about?
    I grew up not far from here but in a village I go back there as my Mom is still there and long for my woods, if I am there to long. I do not enjoy the cement under my feet as much as the mud, the grass and the leaves. I have no idea what will happen when I am older but I would fancy being like old Bossy.
    Thanks everyone for letting me know how you feel. I really appreciate that. Interesting. B

  15. My powerlines went from prairie to woods. I still love solitude and peace. Someday the powerlines may lead me out of the hills and back to the prairie. I will NEVER ever go to the city... bleck

  16. I'm from the country and I like it that way...we do live in a subdivision in the township, not inside city limits. However every time we think of moving I think about the Dr offices, Grocery, gas stations etc all within a mile...but I don't see all this from my front or back door..so even though it's close by , our yard is large enough that it feels country...Best of both worlds I guess.

  17. You have put forward some interesting observations. I'm sure that many just change with time and what satisfied us when young may not suffice when older. Upbringing also affects your attitude and life choices.

  18. They say in Ireland,'you can take the man out of the bog but you can't take the bog out of the man'.

  19. When we moved from South Africa to New Zealand I found the grass really was greener on the other side, but that's because it always seems to rain here... ;-). I think a lot has to do with the way we were brought up, but sometimes life experiences can change your ideas and goals. For instance before Bianca became sick I was very career driven, very focused on getting a degree, but then when she became sick I was sort of forced to change my thinking, my goals and ideas.

    Same with our decision to move here. When Bianca was born, I was so worried she would be affected by all the violence and crime and so moving here was purely to give our kids a safer life. It didn't matter what we were used to or what we wanted.


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