Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Running Behind?

 Thus I have ended this month with the greatest joy that ever I did any in my life,
because I have spent the greatest part of it with abundance of joy,
and honour, and pleasant journeys, and brave entertainments,
and without cost of money.

                                 Samuel Pepys

Am I the only one that seems to be running and getting nowhere?
Is it only me; is it getting busier, and busier around this time of year? Everyone is rushing around like chickens without their heads. I went to town today to run some errands and I watched people dart in, and out of heavy traffic trying to get one car ahead. Why?  I watched people sitting waiting for one of the very few parking spaces, OK me included I had to get some groceries. The parking lots of every business I passed were full. It is only November and I swear it looks like the week before Christmas around here. Did I miss something?

 I must admit I have not done any Christmas shopping, I told most people in the family we would not be buying presents, and wanted none in return. That being said I have very little shopping to do. I am trying to find creative ways to get this season back to where it is not all about presents. I really just want to enjoy the company of friends, and family more than having more things coming into my house, that have to be dusted.
  I do still enjoy homemade baked goods if anyone is listeningJ (just kidding)
 One great example of this creativity is; after informing my Niece A, and her very special friend Treadstone that we wanted no presents, and were not giving any this year for a variety of reasons, economy being one; Treadstone came up with a unique idea.  He decided he would come down from the Big City and he would work on the farm for a whole day. I loved this idea. A, and I would spend the day together visiting family. I, in return said I would take them both out for lunch next time I came to the Big City.  Spending time with the ones you love is way more important then more things. Treadstone will be helping My Hero in the bush, they will cut, and split wood, I like this, as I do not have to help. I will feed them a very nice meal, well with any luck, and timing at all.

Ok that brings me back to my story; where was I? Oh yes, rushing and getting nowhere. I have so much to do. It is very busy here on the farm, there are calves coming fast, six already. Cows to feed daily. There is wood to get in, a very hungry woodstove to keep feeding. Spending time with my Mother is extremely important to me. There is a house to clean before A, and Treadstone get here this weekend. I truly hope they are not allergic to dust. I have some shopping to do, and some cooking to do, and laundry to do, and on, and on. Oh yes, and blogging, a girl needs to get things out of her head and spend time with her blog friends.

 I get so excited, this busy time of year, I am going to try not to worry about the dust; I am just going to enjoy this time with family. The rest will truly work itself out. Right?

  Do you know of any creative ideas about sharing for Christmas that do not involve a lot of money? I would love to hear them.

 See you soon A, and Treadstone looking forward to it.



  1. I love Treadstone's idea. What a great guy. Two gifts in one, really, helping your hero and giving you the day off!

    In the past, we've mixed it up a bit. One year, we had a white elephant Christmas. Not a haha one but a well thought out one. No junk was exchanged but we found things we no longer needed or used and gifted it to someone else. Another year, we wrote out and gave our favorite Christmas memomry. Another year, we gifted our favorite book after we inscribed the reason why it was a favorite on the inside cover.

  2. Christmas...too commercialized for years now. People go into a different mode, and I don't know why..some you would think they were on their last breath.
    I haven't done a thing regarding Christmas as yet.
    Because we are a small family we give a small gift - that is enough as far as we are concerned, and we remember what Christmas is all about.

    Can't think of any creative ideas for you :) other than make a digital Christmas Card that can be printed out if required.
    You could do that, if I can you can :)

  3. For the last four years our family gets together on the day of Christmas Eve and makes 400 lunches to take to the homeless living on the street in Phoenix. During the year we gather nice warm clothing and blankets to pass out. We do not exchange gifts for each other. This year will be extra special (and hard) because my dad will not be with us. He was always in charge of cutting the carrots and packaging them. We decided we just couldn't do carrots this year...we are doing apples...sigh. When people say they are so tired of the commercialism of Christmas I look at them and say "Just stop. Do something good". I don't think dust ever killed anyone yet!

  4. i love this idea. but every year i say this to everyone and still they buy. i have also burnt the candle at both ends. and our home is showing it! take care...

  5. great pictures,love seeing the cows!
    I have not started any shopping...we will be giving gifts from the farm this year,our homegrown honey and homemade steamed cranberry pudding with the cranberries picked right here.
    I always have around 50 people on boxing day for supper,that's kinda my gift as well.

  6. You people are truly awesome. I am so happy I wrote this. I always knew how great you all are and now I know why. B

  7. Treadstone sounds like a keeper!! What a wonderful idea! I'm still trying to figure out how to make Christmas less materialistic too. The rat race gets really old.

  8. My mother has a fridge magnet that says "Dust is the protective covering of fine furniture".
    I love the photos of the calves running around. Thinking of cows, means things that are placid (seeming) and slow moving, so I forget that calves are babies, and need to run and be silly.
    I like the idea of spending time with family and loved ones. I think that is the biggest part of Christmas, and all the frantic buying is the smallest part. Although the retailers have to be able to feed their families too...

  9. Loving this post!

    I, too, try my hardest to get back to the Spirit of the Season and am a big fan of the No Gifts. I would rather *give* throughout the year.

    What a lovely, lovely way for me to start my day by reading this.

    Much love-
    ~Mimi (and Darla)

  10. What really matters, will get done. Reminding myself as well!
    I went to the city last week to get stuff for Thanksgiving. It was the middle of the day on Monday and it was a total zoo in the store.
    Tomorrow, I am to head down below again and will do all the Christmas things I need to do in one day. Wonder how crazy it will be then???

  11. somehow, i believe treadstone is going to enjoy his day in the brush, working hard, just as much as you will enjoy your time with them. :)

  12. Rush rush rush, spend spend spend. I'm well out of that madness. I do enjoy Christmas though.

  13. You are right everywhere is busier and noisier just now. I like peace and calm not all this hustle and bustle
    What a great idea that Treadstone had - I think you will have a great time.

  14. our family stopped exchanging gifts years ago!!

    i buy for my 2 sons only. i do often make christmas ornaments or food gifts for friends and nurse friends!!

  15. I have only bought two Christmas gifts this year, and the rest I am/will be making, such as earrings for Mom, neckwarmers for the guys, and soup-mix-in-a-jar for everyone as well.

    Love the cow pictures - hope all the moms and babes are safe and healthy! Enjoy your visit with your family, as that is what is truly important. Every time I think about the state my house is in, I just tell myself "I am too busy enjoying life to keep my house perfect and spotless. So long as it is healthy and safe, who cares if there are papers on the table and ski pants on the floor?"

  16. We have Sinterklaas. it is on the 5th of December and that is when kids are suposed to get a present (or presents) from a saint called Sinterklaas. So with our family Christmas is Christmas. Family get together celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus. Good food and quality time. I kinda like "our" way better then the "American" way...

    Loved the pictures!
    big hugs

  17. We have tried to do more fun and game type things rather than spend the evening just opening one gift after another. Hard habit/tradition to let go of.

  18. love the idea of a gift of time! and your buying them lunch sometime will be a gift of time in return, with the potential to be much more memorable than a gift of lotion or clothing. love it!

  19. The highlight of our Christmas is the sledding party after Christmas dinner. Nothing says Christmas like sending your little nieces flying down a steep hill with their mom (my sister) yelling we are going to kill her children. Ha! We remember sled runs better than who got what for Christmas.

  20. P.S.
    You are never too old for sledding. My husband and I have a runner sled that we take for the occasional spin.

  21. The gift of labor? Truly a more generous gift than something under the tree! My favorite exchange happens on Christmas eve when we gather with my dad and mom, brother and his family and sister and her family. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but everyone gives thoughtful handmade gifts. All of the cousins exchange with one another too. Always handmade, always special. My 12 year old nephew began writing a sci-fi book 4 years ago and each year he adds a new chapter. Wonderful!

    Blessings, Debbie

  22. Treadstome sounds like a GREAT guy! Giving time instead of stuff is a way for families to grow closer together.

  23. Enjoy your visitors! Yes, we do need to get the thoughts out of our heads don't we. Love that thought. It's so true. Sandra

  24. You aren't the only one running around and getting no where. It's the reason I'm behind in everything, including blogging. You and I would have been good company for each other last week. You know we are building a new house (ourselves). My MIL fell and broke her hip a couple of weeks ago. I have three pages of handwritten 'things to do' by her. After spending four hours last Monday running like crazy (mostly for her) and NOTHING getting done, I told my Shug she gets ONE thing a day from me on that list. One thing. And Christmas, our family started exchanging names years ago and it works really well. We buy one gift instead of 15! We still get together to exchange our gifts. I love Treadstones idea, as long as it gets carried out.

    Cindy Bee

  25. Youre right, everyone here is typing up some really good thoughts!

    I love your post though - the gift of time spent together is more precious then gold, silver and all the jewels in the world. Treadstone nailed it, and I hope that becomes a wonderful tradition for future Christmas's for your family!

    We probably do something weird here for traditions sake; we give the gift of what we need.

    In other words, we are getting a "new" used tractor for Christmas this year to each other :)even if we dont buy one before christmas - it will always be called our christmas tractor lol. And our youngest is getting a pair of new cowboy boots for her wedding day(she picked them out already heehee!) and the oldest is getting a gift certificate to her favorite grocery store for those special ingredients she cant afford right now on her college student budget - she loves to cook. We have done this for a very long time now, and it makes us appreciate even what some might call the most mundane things...everything is a gift!

    But for you, Buttons, i pray that you get the rest you need, and all the time in the world to enjoy those baby calves...and family too lol~!

  26. I agree with you. on Christmas.

    Christmas Spirit has got to be over whelming.Comercialized.

    I have everything and I do not need more. I live in the country so really where do I go to use all my fancy clothes, bling,blings.

    I will talk to my family to suggest we dont go head over heels this Christmas.

    Myself you all have good ideas as I read.

    We are in bad times. Some of my family has already been downsized in their jobs to less hours.

    My hubby and I being elderley. Have wanted to do with those suggestions here people write.

    Our Grandchildren have been so spoiled with things.

    My adults have also. over many years.

    I added myself on your google friend list.

    I enjoyed your pictures here. I plan to come back to make comments and look at your pictures. I snagged you from someones elses blog. My sister and hubby owned a farm. Both since have gone to the Lord.. Now the son and wife have taken over farm. They have a dairy Farm.


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