Saturday, November 5, 2011

Two Faces!

           In a tumultuous privacy of storm.
                        Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Today I get to dress up all pretty and even wear a dress. My Niece is getting married. I love weddings. It is always a day to think happy thoughts, dress pretty, spend time with family and forget what is going on in your life.
 I will put on that pretty dress, the one out of my closet that I can still get the zipper up, I am sure you know what I mean. I get to wear pretty shoes, and comb my hair. No coveralls, or work boots allowed.
 I will spend time with my girls, I will get out on the dance floor and look silly dancing with all the little ones, and I will be smiling and having a good time.
 The next morning I will get up and pull my coveralls on, I will look in the mirror and see the lines, and wonder if I succeeded the night before in hiding with my big smile; the worry, and the sadness. The memories of the celebration and fun of the night before will start to fade.
 I will go outside and deal with the sometimes-harsh realities of farming, and raising cattle. It has been a bad week. Wish me luck.

Two faces.


For Leenie :) B  


  1. Buttons...I'm glad you had a chance to go to your niece's wedding. It's nice to get away from it all sometimes, isn't it? But I'm sorry you had a bad week...and hope that the coming one will be much better! Hugs from PA!

  2. Good Luck! You are a strong woman.

  3. Oh dear, luv.......
    Sending you Blessings from my many miles away..........



    ps. Dance,! :)

  4. Sometimes life is just plain hard, but tonight I hope you dance and laugh and enjoy. Tomorrow morning, I hope you wake up and still remember the joy and find some beauty in your day.

  5. It certainly has been = ONE OF THOSE WEEKS! Enjoy the fun a happy times today and perhaps it will be the perfect start to a better week tomorrow.

  6. I DO hope you have a fun time with family and forget your worries. All the best, Buttons. I'm sure you will look pretty in your dress and fancy shoes.

  7. Oh bless your heart, Buttons. Dance the night away, hon. Enjoy every moment. Reality comes soon enough.

  8. oh, sweetie. i'm sorry. enjoy the day of celebration and put your worries aside for a while...

  9. Good morning. Hope the shine of the celebration lasts at least through the weekend. How about a photo of that dress--with you in it?

  10. It is good those fun times come. I am going through my clothes from my old life. So little would ever be worn here. Sad, because I like pretty things.

  11. Luck and HUGS!

    Enjoy today and as hard as it gets I know you will enjoy tmw. - why no matter how hard it is or gets we love farming so much?

  12. Hehe...I really like it. Must have been a nice change from overalls and green-ish trimmed boots.

  13. Oh I'm sorry you have had a bad week. But put it behind you and dance your feet off tonight. Have a fantastic time and recharge your batteries.
    Hopefully next week will be a better one for you :))

  14. Somewhat of a "bad" week here too. Enjoy your outing. :)

  15. love these words! not too faced...just not thinking about farming for a few hours! :D

  16. Buttons, you need to turn that horseshoe the other way up, all the luck is running out of it that way. It might help.

  17. I've had a very stressful week as well, but to steal a line from the Lee Ann Womack song 'I Hope You Dance,' '...when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
    I hope you dance.'

  18. Nice to escape sometimes from the normal. Hope your sadness will soon disappear.

  19. I know what you mean about having a bad week! Sometimes, you are the windshield, and sometimes you are the bug...
    Hang in! So good you had a chance to get out and play!!!
    You asked about my camera - it is a Nikon point and shoot, but I forget what number. I would love to be able to afford one with a controllable focus...

  20. I hope this coming week is a good one for you.
    Oh a Wedding, seeing as it's past - did you have fun?
    I am sure you did :)

  21. I hope you enjoyed the wedding enough to have not only had to hide your worries, but that you actually managed to forget them for that time. Although we all imagine we know what is meant when we're told farming is hard, no one apart from the farmers really know. How could the rest of us, when we live our comfortable, sheltered lives, lives made possible by the sweat and toil of the farmers who brave all elements and confront harsh realities daily so we can live our urban lives of ease. It seems as though you have a lot going on at the moment.


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