Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Call!

The cook was a good cook,
       as cooks go;
and as cooks go she went.

         Hector Hugh Munro

 Expectations were high; I had laid out all my baking needs on the counter with the intent of making chocolate chip cookies for My Hero, some of the neighbours, and our holiday company. I decide to go and check on My Hero in the barnyard and take him a drink before I begin.  Well he was nowhere to be found, so looking back I could blame this all on him. I start walking down the laneway heading to the bush. We had a dusting of snow last night so I was admiring the fresh snow on the metal in the scrap pile. I have no idea why but I always have a hard time just walking by this pile without stopping for a bit. Beautiful shadows, rusty metal, clean white snow; well that may be the reason today.

I hear the tractor sounds coming from the bush so I knew My Hero was OK. That is when it happened. Instead of heading for the house and those waiting ingredients for those cookies; I got the call. The call of the bush; or if you prefer the call of the wild. I never know when this will happen it is very random but I do know, I cannot ignore it. I head deeper into the bush exploring this new fallen snow, and the beauty it creates trying to hide everything. I wander down by the creek; I wander up the ridge, then down the ridge. I wander through the mud, and the water. This is when I came across cow tracks and my instincts kick in.

I follow the tracks through the bush when I came across another set of tracks following these tracks. It appears My Hero had been following the same tracks, just before. It is calving time and maybe this cow is finding a place to have her calf. I continue to follow both tracks even though I know My Hero clearly would have it under control. I still wanted to see for myself, and if there was a new calf, I really wanted to see it. I continued to follow the tracks through the bush, around the trees, over the hills, round and round.
I followed the tracks right back to where My Hero had dropped the nice green hay bales this morning. The girls were there munching away with not a care in the world. Apparently this rogue cow had got the same call of the bush I had. I had a little chat with the girls and headed to the house.

Yes that is Sandy from Disappointment and Coffee.
 Read here.

When I finally made it to the house it appears I had been back in the bush for almost two hours; that always seems to happen to me. I now sit here with pen to paper eating those chocolate chips out of the measuring cup. Maybe, tomorrow.

By the way if any of my neighbours are reading this, do not get your hopes up. I can see disappointment in your future. My Hero is getting used to that.

Still hoping for snow!!!

Our Anniversary is on Thursday, our girls are coming home,(I am so excited) and the holidays are coming fast so I will be taking a break till after Christmas. I may have to bake My Hero some of those  chocolate chip cookies.
 I hope everyone enjoys the holidays with the ones they love. I know I will. See you all very soon. 
 My three wishes for you my friends are, happiness, health, and love.  Just remember hugs are free, I love free gifts.......... Hugs to all of you. B



  1. Beautiful images! Such a sweet account of your day.

    Merry Christmas to you! Have a wonderful time. *HUGS*

  2. Good choices to make a wonderful day:)
    You have a lot to look forward to!
    Hugs (i like your snow:))

  3. Ah sounds like a good day for you :) I'm sure you will get around to making your cookies at some point.
    Happy Anniversary when it comes and have a lovely Christmas.
    Have a hug on me. :))

  4. Enjoy the season with your family! Great post.

  5. A happy Christmas to you and your family.

  6. Merry Chrismas B! My two sons are coming home too and, of course, I am so excited. I have been putting off baking...so I won't be tempted to eat it and there will still be goodies when everyone arrives! Enjoy your loved ones....

  7. You are even sweeter than those morsels! xo

    Happy Anniversary!
    Blessed Yule.

  8. Bigs hugs to you Buttons. Blessings Maa xoxo

  9. Buttons I wish you ~~ Peace & Love & Healing & Joy & Blessings~~

  10. So the cycle begins again.
    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband...Merry Christmas have fun..your friend M xoxox

  11. Have a Happy Anniversary...a very very very Merry Christmas...and eat some of those chocolate chip cookies for me! :)

  12. There;s still plenty of time to bake cookies! It's important to answer the call of the wild!

  13. But you need to get out in the fresh air, and absorb those fleeting rays of vitamin D while the sun is out. Besides, the cookies are just as good before they are cooked!! Lovely photos, and happy anniversary!

  14. laughed at you eating the c.chips out of the measuring cup. :)

    enjoy your holidays, sweet buttons! enjoy your anniversary with your sweet man. enjoy your girls! enjoy your life!

  15. We don't have snow either, however it is cold and sunny today. Does not mean that farm life is any easier though. I just seem to be hopping all the time. Have a lovely anniversary.

  16. Great post, I cheated and bought the cookie dough in the bucket.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary

  17. What a wonderful Christmas wish! Merry Christmas Buttons.

  18. What a fun trip. You write so beautifully. I was on the edge of my seat. By the way, that cow is huge! Hope you enjoy your time with your family. Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas.

  19. Lovely photos as always. And happy anniversary :-) And merry Christmas!

  20. Still hoping for snow....soon!


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