Friday, December 16, 2011

Fog Shadows!

It was a bird first spoke to me at Oxford
Through the white fog a single, tentative word.
                 Sister Mary Madeleva

 Imagine my surprise on this foggy morning coming across something absolutely wonderful. Something I have never seen before, I had to share it with you, but first I must tell you how it came about.

Let me begin by explaining when I woke up and was sitting at the kitchen table it was dark, not surprising it was 4 am. I sat staring out the window wondering what the weather was like outside. I got up and turned on the outside light. I thought there was frost on my windshield but then noticed it was a thick misty fog.

I went and sat down fiddled with my computer for a while then I put pen to paper as I usually do every morning when I cannot sleep. I knew there was a reason I woke up I knew I was to be waiting for something. I had no idea what but, I would still wait. I see My Hero off to work and decide that I shall go and see if I can’t get another hour of sleep as I could not see anything in the dark. Well that did not work; visions of what I had been procrastinating, were dancing through my head. I had decorated my Mom’s house for Christmas yesterday and her tree was up and very beautiful if I do say so myself. Now I had to get my house ready for the big holiday season. My tree, and my decorations have yet to be even looked at; I vow to do it today after I feed my cows.

The sun comes up; I head to the tractor, oh the distractions of this beautiful misty fog. I wander aimlessly among the cows and the shadows. Oh the beauty of this morning is intoxicating.  At this point I am sure the cows staring at me are wondering where their breakfast was. I pull myself away and go get hay to feed them. When I finally bring the hay they are overjoyed and I watch the little ones run to the bales while the mothers stand and stare as if to say “What took you so long?”

I head down the laneway to the bush to make sure everything is alright back there and hopefully see something. The fog is so beautiful; it makes for mysterious shadows in the bush. I turn the corner and I see a bunch of shadows I have no idea what they are but I know I must get my camera out quick. I fumble with my pocket while trying to steer the tractor to a good angle for a shot, all the time trying to open the door. I push down on the clutch; I open the door very slowly hoping not to make too much noise. This is the image I got, even with enhancements it is hard to make it out.

I now get out of the tractor, not satisfied with the shots I had taken and start to walk towards these mysterious shadows. All of a sudden I find them, and me running up the ridge, all the time taking photos and hoping I do not fall down like “Jack and Jill went up the hill”, this is the shot I got before they flew away; yes I said flew.

Yes this was so worth it. There was when I lost count at 50, wild turkeys running, and flying through my bush. I only have the one photo that turned out but I am OK with that. I know now what I had been waiting for this foggy morning.
OK now it is 12:10 pm and I have yet to even touch the tree or a decoration. A girl really has to set her priorities, I think I have mine straight. Don’t you?



  1. You've definitely got your priorities straight! :) It must have been a thrill to see them...and love the shot through the fog!

  2. Beautiful, mystical pictures!

  3. Yep...I see it! One turkey chasing a whole bunch of others on a foggy morning. Buttons beautiful but... sorry, I can also see a funny side to this. Maa

  4. Oh I got chill bumps again on this one. How privileged you are! And I know your Mom loves her tree....I do the same thing at my mom's. This year, "No tree", she insists. So we just fill the place with lights instead. XOXO, Sandra

  5. Nice shots thru the fog! And what a surprise to see all those turkeys.

  6. You most certainly do!

    This was a most wondrous and magical way to start my day!

    Hugs to a KIndred Spirit!


  7. how neat! i'd have been so excited, too! :)

  8. So reminds of winters long ago and far away.

  9. Decorations can wait, you have to get great photos - which you did. Time well spent I think. What an exciting shot you got.

  10. Every day that I read your blog, I smile, because you always say something so true, it touches every one of us readers. Keep up the good work!

  11. I have experienced the enchantment of 100% humidity mornings here in Nebraska so I think I can relate to what you described. It is like living on another planet isn't it?

  12. Lovely to look through the fog to animals instead of a clothes
    Have fun doing your Chrismtas Tree when you get around to it.
    Love M xoxox

  13. no trees for me this year, i usually have 4, all spread about the house.

    i watched the sunrise this morning, time well spent ;)

  14. What a cool adventure! Much more important to capture that magic moment. So many things we think are needful turn out to be just stuff that can wait. You are a lady after my own heart.

  15. Cows do stare... a lot... lol! But the turkeys.. wow!

  16. I love the fog, unless I'm driving in it. Fog makes the world a completely different place. The photos are great. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Buttons,
    Can you please explain how you print your posts? My blog disappeared yesterday. It took forever, but I got it back. I was horrified at the thought of losing everything. You had mentioned that you printed yours and I was wondering how. Thanks for any advice.

  18. I just love your photos and stories!

  19. Happy for you, B! Always great when you are able to still be surprised and delighted at our age... and the only expense is your time. :)

  20. Some times there are moments where we just have to lay the camera down to let the special magic take over...and thats when we get that gift that makes our world better!

    I love your "one" turkey shot, but the one where they are lined like military guards is neat too!

    And I bet your mom is tickled in having help' with the tree - it will be a wonderful Christmas :)


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