Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Goose Tale!

He who laughs last,
     The wiseacres vow;
But I am impatient,
     I want to laugh now.

         Carolyn Wells

A farmer was approached by a couple in need.

 After hearing their plight, of nowhere to swim, he was sure he could help them.

He brought over his magic machine, with the big bucket.

And he dug, and he dug.

The water came rushing in. There was no stopping it.

The couple ran to tell their friends. Everyone was so excited.

They cannot wait till spring to try it out.

This is not just a Goose Tale.



  1. Adorable! Wish someone would come and dig me a swimming hole. ;)

  2. Those are some lucky geese! :)

  3. Cute story and nice neighbor. We were looking at a used magic machine with a big bucket yesterday and it was very expensive!

    Cindy Bee

  4. Love the way the story and the photos fit together so seamlessly!! They are lucky geese!! The wild geese are still swimming on the river here, ice and all...

  5. Your photos work very well with the story! I want to hear more. :)

  6. Can't wait to see the christening/ pool party next spring! :)

  7. What *is* that bottom goose?
    I normally dislike (read: scared to death of) all feathered things but that is FABULOUS! :)

  8. I kept geese once. They were completely mental. I was still rather fond of 'em though.

  9. Mimi it is not a Goose but a Duck.I forget the name but I am sure some one will let us know. I have very knowledgeable followers.I just think he is beautiful or she? B

  10. I just wanted to say these are my neighbours Geese and Ducks they have a vast variety of birds I love going to visit and seeing what is new. I myself only have ones of the wild variety . B

  11. I followed you here via Leenie's side bar (Side Trips) and now I'm as happy as a goosey couple no longer in need! I simply love your blog and I can't wait to cLiCkY-cLiCkY your "Follow" button!


  12. i can't wait for spring for them either!!!

  13. Oh that is so cute! They look so cuddly though (even though they probably aren't!)

  14. We had a pair of geese that took up at the big pond when I lived on the farm. They had their own little house and we fed them in the dead of winter. Then one spring someone shot one of them. I can't imagine how someone could be so hateful. The lone goose left.

  15. Woohoo!!! They're gonna have a fantastic time splashin' around in their goose pond this spring!

    I'm impatient too but my pool has ice on it! Burrrrr!

    God bless and have a fantastic day!

    Loved the tale!

  16. Haha! Those big geese have a real friend in that guy who has the magic machine with the big bucket. Is that just ground water filling the pond? Very nice not to need to dig a ditch to fill it. Honkin'good!

  17. Awwhhh...courting on the water in the spring. Their going to love it!

  18. Ah...I see you like to "visit" them... i was relieved to find out that you do not raise geese...otherwise we would have to come and do an intervention...geese people are very special...they dont happen to hiss when they get upset do they? LOL My middle sister is a goose lady...

    Seriously, every goose I ever met i have been in fear for my eyes, and any other body part they decided that I didnt need!

  19. Cute as a "button" story. Can't wait to see the excitement of their first swim.

  20. Oh what fun! Hope they got to try it out.

  21. Such a gifted story teller you are! Thank you for starting my day on a bright note!


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