Thursday, December 8, 2011


Thy honesty and love doth mince this matter.

          William Shakespeare

This is one of twelve new calves we have had born here down on the farm. As you can see I am a little busy right now.

I have been debating writing this post for a while now I was not sure how to approach it. So I think as my Grandma used to teach me Honesty is the best policy, so here goes.
A few of my blogger friends know about my dilemma with my internet service provider. I have a very reliable, yet very expensive plan. There are limited options if you live in rural Canada I am realizing. I am now finding myself “In a bit of a pickle”, another Grandma saying.

I so love my blogger family, I love visiting your blogs, and reading your comments then going back to leave one on your wonderful blogs. I love your incredible photos and seeing what you have to share. This has turned out to be my problem. It is all the uploading, and downloading of these photos, and videos. I have not been watching the videos hoping that would make a difference but it has not.

I used to have a 1GB data usage plan, I found this enough for a long time till my Blog sort of, took off, and I found myself with lots of blogs to visit. I changed to a Flex plan that seemed to work for a while, it is very expensive and I find myself going over this 2GB plan also incurring penalties. This has made for huge internet bills.

I now find myself having to make some hard decisions regarding my usage. This is turning out to be a LUXURY I can no longer afford.

Don’t get me wrong I love reading all your blogs and I truly do appreciate you visiting and reading mine. I will continue to post everyday as I need to get my stories out for my family. I will also continue to visit blogs but please do not think if I do not get to visit your blog it is because I do not care. I really do care.

I am going to check out another service provider I have been hearing about and I may also attempt to see if there is any way of making any money on this so called LUXURY I do so enjoy. I do hope you all hang in there with me while I figure this out, if not I will understand.

Honestly, I do hope this will not result in the death of my blog. I will continue to write even if no one is reading. It is something I feel I need to do. Thank you all.

If anyone has any ideas I certainly would appreciate hearing from you. Send me an email or leave a comment. Thank you for listening. B

 (Hopefully) Later


  1. I am so sorry it's been such a struggle for you and I really wish I knew of something better but I don't. Hopefully, someone else will. Good luck, B! I'll keep reading. :)

  2. B, The options are limited and expensive in rural Canada.

    Email me with what you're working with so far. I'm not sure if I have any answers but maybe we can put our heads together.

  3. So sorry to hear that you're having this problem. Don't worry about losing readers... or at least this reader. I'm new to following you, but I don't base following or not on whether the person comments on my blogs. I read for the other person's content. I'll be back.

    Have a great day and I hope you get the problem worked out.


  4. I hope you get something that works for you. I love reading your blog. So i will continue to do so. If I think of something i will let you know!

  5. I'm sorry you are struggling with this and hope you can come up with something that works for you.
    I will still keep reading though as I really like your blog. Take care!!!

  6. It's SO frustrating, isn't it! I hope you find something more economical!! Thanks for being honest...and I will keep reading as well! :)
    And by the way...we have a new heifer calf that looks EXACTLY like the one in your picture!

  7. I can understand that you would use up your 'allowance' quite rapidly. Up loading and downloading pictures tend to eat it up. I'm on a plan with 7GB and I use every bit of it in the month.
    That's why I've slowed my blogging to a couple of times a week and commenting once or twice a week on other blogs.
    Can't you 'haggle' a better deal with your provider?

  8. I will keep reading your blog.
    There are a few ways to limit your download/upload, there are settings in your browser for that, I know Explorer has settings you can change..
    Good luck in sorting out your provider..your friend M xoxox

  9. Tough choices, but I understand. Just keep us informed so we can follow you wherever you decided to go. Love that pretty white baby.

  10. i will continue to read yours, no matter what! i do hate that you're struggling, though!

    do you read others' blogs through Google Reader or do you pull them up individually from favorites or from folks' profiles? i'm wondering if you could still view most of your favorites by subscribing to them in Google Reader - it allows you to see the post and view the photos, but you don't have to load the entire blog. not sure if that would save some internet usage. the only time you have to load the blog is if you want to leave a comment. and it would be okay if you didn't. we completely understand!!! but at least you could keep viewing the posts???

  11. and thats why I cant blog daily, or visit everyones blogs daily...I want to, but I cant - dont you know it, friend!

    Im on Hughesnet and its not easy; for our forestry work we are constantly downloading aerial photos and recorded deeds from government offices - since we are certified plan writers for woodlot management in the State of WI, I must be very mindful of how much we use, because this is our livilihood and what pays the bills...even then, when the satellite goes wonk, and out of our control its so hard because then we really feel super remote out here!!!

    I hope it eases your heart to know that others go through the same issue... but we totally understand :(!

  12. Oh Tex thank you I never knew anything about Google reader I am so excited I just went there and read all my blog favourites. I will now be able to read your blogs. This is truly what I was worried about I would miss so much.
    To my readers I am going to be able to read your blogs thanks to Texwisgirl,I may not leave a comment but hopefully this will work till I change my server.
    I am so lucky to have such caring people in my life. Virtual and not. B

  13. oh and thats the first time i ever wanted to reach out and tweak a little calf's nose - because I KNOW how wet they really are...But that little one is ADORABLE.

  14. Just keep posting and the rest will work itself out one way or another.:)

  15. I live in the boonies but work in the city, so I check the few blogs I follow on my coffee break at work. Our internet is ridiculously expensive as well, we have the choice of dial-up, internet stick/aka air card (which is what we have), satellite, and there's one other choice, but only if we have a clear sight-line to the tower on a nearby mountain.

    Good luck, and I hope you can find something that works for you! I'll still be here, patiently awaiting your posts :)


  16. I love your blog posts and will happily continue visiting as regularly as my time allows. I hope you are able to find a satisfactory solution to your problem. I can imagine how frustrating it must be with increased costs making things difficult for you to enjoy a pasttime that gives you pleasure and little option of alternative service providers. I have a photo heavy blog and may need to consider seriously curtailing it if it's causing visitors a problem. It had not occurred to me prior to this post of yours. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Big hug xoxo

  17. Buttons, I think you're stuck with us. No matter. I'm thankful my Internet is constant and is the same no matter how much I use it or download. If you subscribe by email, as my friend does, you can read blogs that way. Wonder if that would help at all? It will all work out somehow. All is well. (Also you might feel funny about it but some folks put a "Donate" button on the sidebar.) Just a thought to open yourself to receive...Are you a receiver or just a giver? Just saying.

  18. I suffer with satellite internet in rural Australia so I know where you are coming from. Glad you have been advised about Google reader as it's a great download saver. I'm currently researching a new ISP provider as the satellite system has updated over here (so new prices and faster downloads/uploads) and I may be able to have 8Gb's instead of 4.5Gb's for around the same price. Lol, I could watch crafty/DIY videos more than once or twice a week with 8Gb's, and visit more at the blogs I follow - like yours :)
    A little Christmas present for myself.

  19. I totally understand your situation, it affects our household as well. I know people read my blog but don't actually subscribe to it, so that's quite okay.
    I hope you are able to find an alternative. We've been looking around too but it doesn't appear there are any alternatives (to satellite) given the big honkin' HILL between us and the transmitters used by any competition.

  20. i love the curly "head" of hair on your little newbie. :o)

  21. Do what you've gotta do. We will still check it.

    Beautiful baby.

  22. Would it be cheaper to bundle your internet with your phone? We do with Telus .... it is $30 a month for what they call high speed extreme .. I don't know what you are paying now... but, maybe bundling things could make a difference in the cost... they keep trying to get us to add our tv too.... for their cable... but, we won't be doing that...we have satellite and like it.

    I always read and don't always comment.....


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