Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Journey! Pink Candyfloss! 20

Much more happiness is to be found
In the world than gloomy eyes discover.

        Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

 My Hero and I, in the dark, carry the mattress across the mud, and snow covered front yard. We open the door to our dream. We plunk the mattress down on the plywood floor. We are standing in front of this gigantic window in the middle of a room of plastic covered pink candyfloss.  We made it, we finally made it. Staring out the window watching the twinkling stars, and the bright quarter moon, it is so bright. M runs back and forth, back and forth, like an animal finally released from her very small cage.
 The new electric baseboard heaters pumping out heat, not the back breaking, cutting, splitting, and carrying kind but the turn a button, and enjoy kind. I take off my coat, and boots and soak it all in. I have bare arms and I am so warm. Oh this is nice, I am smiling, we are all smiling.

 It was April and there was lots of mud, and snow, it was still very cold out. I had been patiently waiting for the electricity to be turned on; M and I had been carrying little things from the farmhouse to the new house every day for weeks anticipating this day.
This past week the Hydro had come and inspected the electricians’ work, and this was finally to be the day they turned on the electricity. It was a Friday, My Hero was at work. I was not going to stay one more night in that cold old farmhouse.

M, and I had rushed through the chores in the barn early that morning, everyone was fed, and watered, and we had walked down to the pump house and checked the waterhole. We were happy as this was the day. We were going to sleep in this new warm house no matter what.
We made a game of it, M was to pick her very favorite stuffed animals, oh yes Mary Ann was first to make the move. Mary Ann was a homemade rag doll that was about two foot long with pretty sewn blue eyes, and braided brown hair. She had a nice brown dress, and cream coloured bloomers.  She was always with M. M tells me Mary Ann is very excited to be moving into the new house.  We were singing silly songs, and giggling as we moved blankets, pillows and a couple of kitchen chairs I can hardly remember the last time I had been singing, this was certainly a great day.

The outside of the house was covered with a shiny foam board called Cellotex, the doors, and windows were in, and we had stuffed the gaps between the frame with this pink insulation. The inside of the whole house was insulated between every room with pink insulation covered in thick plastic. That is probably why M thought it was pink candyfloss.
The floor was just plywood, it was water stained from months of rain that had fallen before we had put the roof on. There was no plumbing; there were no cupboards, or closets, the light bulbs hung from pigtail wires that dangled from the electrical sockets above out heads. 
  It was beautiful, the rest would come; I was just so happy to be somewhere finally warm, and bright.

 We all slept through the night huddled like we had in the old house out of habit, not to keep warm. Sleeping on this mattress surrounded by candyfloss. A deep, warm sleep. I opened my eyes in the morning, it was so warm, and the sun was shining down on me. I forgot where I was for just a moment, and wondered what was going on. M was again running back and forth, back and forth. I smiled remembering there was no stove to throw the wood in, I lie back down just for a moment, and I listen to M’s little feet on the plywood floor. I enjoy the warmth of the sunshine streaming through the window.   This was like heaven.

 Today our family will be coming over to move the refrigerator; the electric stove not the wood one, and all the other things from the old house. We will place the kitchen table, and chairs in front of this big window in the beautiful warm sun. I will never have to sit and look through that small frozen window in the old farmhouse, and dream of this day again. The old farmhouse had finally let us go. The new baby was to be lucky and never experience what M had. Life was good. We are singing again.



  1. I lived without proper heating for one winter. Luckily it was one we had snow all winter. If it had been the wet rain we usually have I don't think I could have made it!

    You are a strong one Buttons!

  2. I can't imagine just how thrilled you must have been!!

  3. Living this type of life helps you to appreciate the importance of proper food and shelter. :)

  4. I wonder how much M remembers about this move. How old was she then? I can feel your excitement in your words.

  5. i can only imagine the euphoria of that day... having been through so much to get there...

  6. What luxury to have fluffy warm pink walls and heat without the chore of hauling in wood. Family, warm toes and a big window---things so often taken for granted.

  7. I love stories like this. You are so good at your descriptions and never miss a beat. It's all true, that's why.

  8. Love your story! But I also love that old farmhouse window. That would be something I would keep forever that old window you looked through. :)

  9. Lovely :)
    I would love to have the opportunity to look out that frozen window never ever having done so. Don't know about the mud and slush, wouldn't be up my alley :)
    Lovely of you to share part of your life's experiences.
    Take care my dear friend....M xoxox

  10. That was a wonderful read. Thank you. Surely you will light the log fire again?

  11. I am smiling while reading this, over and over... I know that joy, and that peace...what a moment for you to let it sink in that you could write about years and years later!

    so much better then us having to leave the little green cabin to our uncompleted house in the middle of the night because the roof caved in ...but thats a post for my blog, not yours lol

    Thank you for taking us into your memories, and doing it so eloquently :)

  12. I am smiling now, as you were. What a reward and blessing you had that day!

  13. I'm excited and it's not even my story! How wonderful it must have been to feel the warmth when you woke up that morning and I bet every morning for a good long time after that. As much as I love wood stoves I could see how you would hate one after dealing with your old stove for so long..oh happy day! :)


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