Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Snowbirds,the Weather, and I!

Oh world, I cannot hold thee close enough!
Thy winds, thy wide gray skies!
Thy mists, that roll and rise!
Thy woods this autumn day, that ache and sag
And all but cry with color.

        Edna St. Vincent Millay

I spent most of my weekend walking the land, exploring the things that should be covered in snow by now. It was the most beautiful Fall like day, and I do love to explore. We have been very lucky, well some people including my friend Derrick would probably disagree with the lucky word, we have not seen any snow this month, or last. I am not sure what is going on but I am sure we are going to pay for this. It is +10c here this Tuesday afternoon and pouring rain. I guess the warmth is a good thing as this would make for a lot of snow.

The one advantage of printing out all my blog posts, and putting them in binders is I know exactly what I was doing, and talking about every season of the year. It is like a diary. Last year on December 7th I was asking“Where’s the Snow?” It appears I am asking the same thing this year. I do know it was much colder last winter, at this time, and by the end of that week I was taking incredible ice photos.

Oh I am starting to like these mild winters, it is good for my old, or should I just say older bones? I always wondered why so many seniors from Canada would drive down to Florida, Arizona, or other warm U.S. locations for the winters. They are called The Snowbirds, and I always thought since I love the snow and we live in Canada why would they want to miss this? As I sit here listening to the creaking of said bones I am thinking I now understand why.

Every bone and joint that I have ever overused, and every muscle I have injured, and neglected to take care of, always thinking I was Ok, has now turned on me, in the cold weather. I do still go out into the cold every day in the winter. I hike, and I snowshoe, or sometimes, I just wonder randomly through the bush taking my time. I really need to be outside. I bundle myself up, and pretend I am that young girl again that can do anything to my body, and it will be all right. It will be fine in the morning. I find the use of heat bags, and hot water bottles an everyday occurrence now. Luckily (I think) with my stubbornness, I will continue to do this, and ignore those little aches and pains, or even the big ones. I  now understand how hard this must be for some people. I must admit I am not quite a senior yet, I may post a very different blog in a few years; you never know.

I have now rambled on so much I forget where I was going with this. Oh yes now I remember; I was just thinking the way it is going in the weather department around here I may be watching all the people from Florida, and Arizona coming up here for the warmth of our winter. What will they call themselves? The name Snowbirds will not quite fit, maybe The Cool birds.
There is one thing I would not mind with this scenario, I would love to go outside and just pick a juicy orange off my very own tree. Now, that would be cool.

 Well I am off to the bush, yes, in the rain, OK I may be a little eccentric. I better lay out those heat bags, and the hot water bottle, just in case. I cannot wait to use my snowshoes.
With beauty like this in your back yard; could you stay inside?



  1. Whenever you get ready to be a part time snowbird I have the perfect little quest house for you to stay in! Just tell me when to pick you up at the airport xoxo

  2. Such a lovely walk! I admire you for pushing through the pain, B. It will reward you later on, I think. Now go get comfy with those water bottles. :)

  3. You sure do live in a pretty part of the world. You are right to go out and enjoy it, just make sure all your comfort things like hot water bottles are ready on your return.

  4. I was just going to write the same thing as Ellie what a lovely part of the world

  5. I love your outlook on life and your determination to get outdoors, no matter the weather. I am not like that, but I think I should try a little harder after reading this. I guess we in the Southern Hemisphere tend to be spoilt. We are accustomed to mostly having good days, so when we get a really bad one (for us, anyway!) we tend to cosset ourselves and stay indoors, unless of course we have to go out to work or to attend an appointment. The last picture you posted is absolutely gorgeous. I love moss on rocks and piles of dried leaf litter, bare bark and woody copses. How lucky you are to be able to step outside your door and have access to so much instant beauty!

  6. Beautiful photos...very similiar landscape to my part of the planet.

    I found your snow, here, in Arkansas, where we rarely get snow this early!

  7. we have only had one snow so far. the temps did finally drop yesterday. love all the photos!

  8. It's interesting to hear about your snow or the lack thereof. Last year we had record amounts of snow in November and this year it has already melted away...which makes our chickens happy as they can still run around outside.

    Enjoy these cool sunny days...I'm sure they won't last.:) I bet those moss covered rocks know, they have been around longer than any of us. As always, beautiful pictures.

  9. I do agree with you about the Snowbirds...why they would want to miss out on such wintry beauty is beyond me.

    Oh, and by the way---I love Edna St Vincent Millay...

  10. i love that you enjoy every season in your lovely land!

  11. Coolbirds, now that is funny! I am a little way north of you and we have snow. It actually started Sunday and never left.Your rain Tuesday was snow for us. Still it has been such a lovely fall.

  12. Our luck ran out last weekend, as you know. But that's okay -- I think everything outside needed a little rest from growing! :)

  13. Environment Canada has predicted that winter 2011/12 will have a warm beginning but a cold ending. The good news is they are not always correct. :)

  14. Here you are waiting for snow and I'm sitting here waiting for the warmth of our summer. It's very chilly here at the moment and a fire at night is not unusual lately. Isn't the weather pattern crazy?
    Oh..I think I wouldn't mind a little snow myself for Christmas but maybe I'll have to come visit you for that in the future. I'll be sure to bring my hot water bottle with me too. Maa

  15. Gorgeous pictures to go with your thoughts :-)

  16. I really love all that moss! Wish I could bop over and you would share with me. I have a path on the side of the house made of stones and I want moss to grown around it. Slow going! I just realized we don't call it "the bush" down here. We have "a bush" and we have "bushes" but not the bush. I think we call it the woods. :) Sandra

  17. you forgot the advil... ;)

    One of the reasons we moved here was because of the drier climate...but like you we didnt want to give up the snow...

    and I say put on your woolies and go enjoy the bush - you both "need" each other !

  18. What beautiful weather you're having! I'm a tad jealous:) And no...I could not stay inside:)

  19. I want to go south this year too.... for some extra months of golfing.
    Our summers are just too short.
    But our weather is definitely changing ... yesterday was a sweltering +28C, but, then, the wind blew about 60kph... the rain fell overnight and, today? is a lousy +10C ..... oh, well, that's Calgary for you any time of year.

    We had a very mild winter last one ...hardly any snow to speak of .... I wonder what we are in for this year?


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