Thursday, December 29, 2011


           She mark’d thee there,
Stretched on the rack of a too easy chair,
And heard thy everlasting yawn confess
The pains and penalties of idleness.
     Alexander Pope

 It is early and I lie in bed trying to sleep, knowing My Hero will be doing the chores, and I can sleep in. The thoughts spill out onto my pillow making it hard to get comfortable and go back to sleep. I must empty this head of mine if I am to get any more of this much needed sleep.

This week has went very quickly, it is almost like it had never been here and it was only a dream. My mind wanders to the mountain of projects that have to be completed. It is the end of the year and that means mounds of paperwork, it is sitting waiting to be organized and recorded. I with very good intentions last New Year vowed this would not happen again and I would keep up with it. I have apparently forgotten that vow, as it sits here staring me in the face every morning when I awake. Now it is catchup time, no excuses.

We now have fifteen calves they run around in this unusual fall like weather, there are many more to come. This weather is a blessing for them, by the time the weather changes they will be strong and be able to handle anything.

I think about the past year, it seems the older I get the faster the time seems to go. I have accomplished half of what I had intended, it always seemed that I would be relying on tomorrow coming and tackle it then. When tomorrow came I had something else to do. I had some painting projects I was to complete, I had sewing projects I wanted to start. I have not used my sewing machine in a year. This sounds bad but I myself have no regrets of my accomplishments, this was the year I truly was made to understand the important things of my life.

If I was to tell you the one thing I learned this year in my life it is life is precious and it may be fleeting. If there is someone you think you should drop everything and go see just do it.  I have done this after we had a scare in March with one of our girls. I go and visit, and hug the people that are important in my life; I take the time to enjoy the scenery on the way. I always know I have mounds of paperwork at home and many things that need to be done but my “Do it tomorrow” logic works for me. I will go spend the time with the people that make me happy. Honestly if tomorrow does not come you are not going to be worried about that paperwork. It will get done it always does. Life is short, enjoy it and share your joy.

Well my head is lighter now but I can sleep tomorrow, I am going to enjoy a cup of coffee with My Hero as we watch the sun come up.



  1. Hi Buttons,
    I think we are all feeling this same end of year let down and in our hearts want to renew our resolutions and hopefully stick to at least a few of them.
    Maybe, JUST MAYBE we put too much on ourselves and expect too much...I hope we can try and make less overwhelming resolutions....

  2. Of course this post made me think of my dad but in a different way from what you are saying. When my dad was sick so many people said "I am going to do this..I am going to do that"..and usually nobody did anything. Then most people waited too long to do anything...even to just come see him. I'm going to be selfish this next year and care about the people that cared about me...and I count you as one my friend.

  3. I hope the thoughts settle and you enjoy a peaceful and beautiful sunrise.

    Yes. Nothing it more important then being with people. We never know what tomorrow will bring.

  4. It seems like my life is also full of good intentions...the list never seems to end! My mounds of paperwork are waiting for me too...great minds work alike, right?! :) You are right...spending time with people we love is creating memories we will never much more important than finishing our "projects"!

  5. i am glad you have no regrets for this year. i hope 2012 will bring blessing to you and your family with fewer worries and more sunrises to watch together.

  6. How very, very wise.....and lucky, you are...........


    Hppy New Year!

  7. I think as we get older we also get wiser regarding these things.
    Hope you have a great New Year.

  8. I had these same thoughts when I turned 50 -- I've settled down a bit since then. :)

  9. I always enjoy stopping by and reading your thoughts. You trigger things that are going on in my mind but your words always bring it to the surface and helps me to see just a bit brighter.
    I do hope you have a lovely 2012
    Thanks for always sharing your thoughts and your heart.

  10. i too have much piling up, and find it hard to enjoy down time knowing that my "back burner" has about eight pots all sitting one on top of another! instead, i think i'll blog...

  11. I have those morning when my brain starts tackling the day before my body is ready too. The last couple days I have put in full 6 hour work days and come home too exhausted to do much around here and bot does my house and laundry pile look it. This weekend all I want to do is catch up on sleep and MAYBE if time allows catch up on the household cleaning chores. I miss those mornings of watching the sunrise with my DH over coffee... enjoy!

  12. You've shared important thoughts... I too, seem to be shifting gears towards more friends, more family, less stuff...

  13. I agree the older you get the faster time flies by.....


  14. My motto seems to be - why do today what can be put off until tomorrow. Love your thoughts today. Hope you enjoyed your sunrise with a good cup of joe to start your day.

  15. Thanks for sharing I agree it does seem to be going by faster. Enjoy those sunrises and coffee with your hero. Happy New Year! Hope you have a blessed 2012.

  16. but then theres people like me who have to try to enjoy every last stinkin' moment and drive the people around us crazy with our eccentric observations...but I do sleep better at night when im exhausted...


    have a cup of coffee on my behalf too! ;)


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