Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Treadstone's Gift!

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.
              Pierre Corneille

 I am standing at the big window, I am watching the biggest Case IH tractor we own creep down the very long laneway. My Hero had given Treadstone a crash course in driving the tractor. Treadstone has driven in the Big City of Toronto many, many times; he was out of his element here. I do hope he finds third gear soon. My Hero is waiting back in the bush.
I rush around getting things done around the house, I decided not to go shopping with Niece A, I would rather go back in the bush and see what is going on back there. Niece  A will take her Oma shopping, they will enjoy this time alone. I will have a dinner party tonight and invite family to see my special guests. It will be fun.  I hope My Hero does not tire Treadstone out.

I pack two lunches, and lots of water in a backpack; I put on rubber boots and my coveralls (just in case). I want to make sure My Hero stops for lunch; if he is alone he sometimes skips that part. I want Treadstone to be comfortable, he has no idea how much this gift means to me and of course My Hero.
While walking down the laneway I hear the faint sound of the buzz saw off in the distance. This means everything is still going OK. I turn towards the sound and head deeper into the bush.
It is December but the ground is only mud, with patches of green, and brown grass. I pass the puddles, and the big pond they are full with a thin layer of ice on top. It was cool last night. It is sunny and warming up nicely. A perfect day to work in the bush, cutting wood. A perfect day for me to hike, since I do not have to help with the wood.
Through the trees and brush I see the tractor. I see Treadstones head bobbing up and down as he bends to pick up the already cut wood and throw it in the tractor bucket. He is really moving, I think to myself he better slow down he will wear himself out fast at that pace. I see My Hero wielding the chain saw sawing the logs into more manageable pieces. The bucket  on the tractor is full. I say Hi and drop the backpack on the ground near the logs. My Hero asks if I will back the tractor up and dump the load of wood in the bucket. I say yes it is quite the decline and backing up is a little tricky between the trees; and the steep slope if you have never done it before. Treadstone was not to be learning this tricky manoeuvre today. I dump the load in the trailer which is almost full. They have been working very hard indeed.

My Hero is the only one that will be using the chainsaw today. We had decided earlier in the week we did not want to be responsible for this. Niece A tells us later that Treadstone uses a chainsaw at his cottage all the time. Who knew? We may be taking advantage of this later.
I say my goodbyes with a big smile on my face. This is a gift I truly loved. I head back deeper into the bush. There is no use wasting a great day. I will take lots of photos to share with you later. I am only afraid of one thing. I have six people coming for dinner; I do hope I can pull myself away from all this beauty to go and cook dinner. Sometimes I lose track of time back here.
The dinner party went well. Treadstone and My Hero were very tired. We all went to bed early after our company  left. I thought since Treadstone is a regular reader of my blog I would take him back in the bush for a walk after breakfast, before they had to leave. I would show him some of my favourite spots. We were walking, and chatting through the bush on this beautiful sunny day when a beautiful large doe sails over the fence and runs past us. A perfect ending to an incredible weekend.
All said and done they (with the help of M) cut, and split two dump trailer loads of wood; a very productive day.

 Thank you Treadstone, and Niece A, you have no idea how much we appreciated this gift and the time spent with the both of you.



  1. This was the best gift! Treadstone sounds like a real gem.

  2. What a special day for you -- and your family. Of course, I'm waiting impatiently for the rest of the photo story! :)

  3. It was indeed a great present for you - all that extra help. A person's time is sometimes the best gift of all. I'm glad you enjoyed your visitors.

  4. Yes indeed, what a wonderful gift! There is none better in my mind!

  5. What a wonderful day---and evening, too. I bet your dinner was terrific.

  6. i just love that he gave his time and hard work to you both! so wonderful!

  7. So different from my day. You and Your Hero are truly carving your life out of the land. Now you're training a guy to follow in your steps. I'm looking forward to seeing the woodsy photos you took.

  8. That's a big job even with help! What a sense of accomplishment though when it is finished. I know you, your meals, and support were greatly appreciated. just glad you didn't have to do too much "heavy lifting"....did you? Sandra

  9. Great load of wood there....Petal has a job ahead of him this summer. He's putting some air bags on his ute so he can get an even bigger load on it. He's also in the process of adding a 'crate' to the trailer (also for a bigger load). This I can't wait to see! I can hear the ute groaning already! Maa

  10. Well done getting your wood sorted! You had a busy time!

  11. The most valuable gift we can offer to anyone is our willingness to help, without thought of recompense. Such a gift, when received with so much genuine appreciation, becomes rewarding to both parties.

  12. I'm glad everything went so well! What a wonderful hwlp Treadstone was!

  13. Oh what a wonderful winter you will have; being warmed by the wood and the wonderful gift of Treadstones time. Best gift ever :)

    "I do hope he finds third gear soon" I must admit that sentence made me laugh out loud lol!


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