Thursday, December 15, 2011

Worth a Buck Revisited!

Knowledge is proud that he has learn’d so much;
Wisdom is humble that he knows no more.
                    William Cowper

 Wow I have amazing readers. I love your honest opinions. Your comments and emails truly made me think. I want to thank you for that.

I am pretty sure anyone who has been following my blog from the beginning knows me, and probably realizes I will not be putting a donation or tip jar on my blog. I may put ads on it someday, I have no problem making money on my work to cover expenses, and I think people that do it are truly realistic in their finances and know the reasons they need to make money. I also understand the bloggers that never feel the need to do this. I respect both.

 Those that regularly read my blog know I am writing from my heart every time, and what I am truly feeling at that time. That is why the blog is called Buttons Thoughts. Just like some of you I get a little anxious, and nervous about the everyday things in life that seem to pile up. Sometimes, or should I say most times this comes out in my writing. This being said I am in a good place today and see things clearer.

I am truly blessed, I live in a great home and I am lucky enough to live in surroundings that many people would love to be a part of. I always have food on my table, and I am healthy, and more importantly my family for the most part is healthy. I truly have a great life. You all know there are ups, and downs in every part of ones lives and I am no different. I am sorry I forgot that for a moment and went to a place I had no business going. Whine, whine, whine. I have no right to whine. I am so lucky unlike so many people I know, and unfortunately some of you. Everyone is struggling and I forgot that, I am ashamed of myself.

Just as I suspected you, my very smart readers made me look at just how truly blessed I am. I truly wanted to know how people felt about this issue. I was not; as my sister pointed out to me this morning “begging”. I have no reason too. If I could not blog it would be a shame but it would not be a tragedy; no food on your table, no roof over your head, terrible health now that is a tragedy. I have all the important things in life. I am lucky.

That being said I want to thank Sandra for bringing up this thought provoking question. I love the discussion it has started. Whenever you get people thinking and they get emotional about a question it is great. I think everyone had an opinion even if they did not let us know. I love when that happens.

Thank you for all the helpful suggestions. I have now incorporated some of these in my blog. I am now using Google reader, I have made all my photos smaller, and I think I have found a much cheaper internet carrier (stay tuned on that one). I have the smartest most caring readers, in this blogger world; I am truly blessed in so many ways. Maybe some time in the New Year you may be able to see my chapter book, or note cards; that would be something. You my readers are awesome.

Everything is going to work out and I give you a promise my dear readers; I am only going to post happy posts till at least next year. I am not going to go away anytime soon. I hope to make you think, and hopefully smile.  Buttons Thoughts will be happy, not a moody teenager. Thank you all for the kick in the pants I needed.



  1. You were NOT whining! You have legimate issues and I respect you for reaching out to your readers so that they may provide some ideas that will help you to continue your blog. I'm glad to know you're finding alternative ways to keep going as I would miss you if you weren't here.

  2. 'Tis true we are all blessed and should focus on that above all. That said, we all are human and we all suffer low points. When ya need to vent, do it! You have a great blog. Don't change nuthin'.

  3. I did not find your post at all "whiny" and neither did I think you were holding a pity party for yourself, or "begging"! That did not come across at all and I did not interpret your querying the way forward in that way either. I felt you were asking an honest question and that you were hoping for honest answers

    You do not need to justify your situation to anyone, least of all us. We certainly do not expect you to only be a sunny soul. If you are feeling a bit blue, that's fine by us, too. We all get blue. So, please continue to write exactly as your heart directs, since that is what makes your writing so real!

    You have wisely used this opportunity to look closely at what really does matter and the fact that you can name so many rich blessings is wonderful. As you say, many have really dire circumstances, yet don't complain about their lot. It is always good to be reminded to be grateful for our own lives. I try to remember that old wisdom that you can never really understand another person's life until you've actually walked in their shoes and so it behoves us not to judge. I certainly did not judge you. I know you have a problem at the moment and that you have been researching feasible options to resolve it.

    I think the suggestion to make notecards to sell is an excellent one and, should you decide to go that route, I am sure many of us would gladly buy them in preference to shop bought, impersonal cards.

    I, too, have become aware that having a photo-heavy blog can be a burden on others wanting to visit it and so, thanks to your having brought this to my attention, I will be uploading shorter posts in 2012. I do reduce my photo sizes to the smallest denominator already, but as I often post in excess of 35 at a time, I can understand that it adds up. I will hence forward try to keep to a maximum of 15 per post, which will be a miraculous achievement for me!

    I am taking a 3 week blogging break within the next couple of days (I have one final post I want to do still) and look forward to returning to visit you and enjoy your blog in 2012. I wish you and your family a truly Blessed Christmas and may all good things come your way in 2012.

    Big hug!

  4. I just caught up! That was some discussion, and it seemed to put things in perspective. If people did not care, they would not have left such amazing comments. You have many loyal fans who appreciate your photos and writing style. Do your thing.

  5. I think you have brought up legitimate points that all bloggers think. I know a week or so ago I was thinking about quitting blogging.

    Another good post,


  6. Your honesty is appreciated by me, Buttons! You don't need to feel embarrassed at all.

    FYI: I think December is a difficult month for many of us. There's less light, which can be depressing, and if money is scarce that can make everything seem even more depressing. Just know that you are not alone. :)

  7. Well then here is a happy quote for you.:)

    "There are two ways of being happy: We must either diminish our wants or augment our means - either may do - the result is the same and it is for each man to decide for himself and to do that which happens to be easier." - Benjamin Franklin

  8. you, my dear, have nothing to apologize for! worries take over our days - whether they be health, financial, weather, whatever! i'm just glad you're here! :)

  9. Oh Buttons, how many times have I had a 'whine' about something? I did find not uploading so many photos to my blog made it easier for others to load and read. I always 'haggle' for everything. My internet provider, insurance, interest rates etc. It's become second nature to me now and I have reaped the benefits in the long run. Just be 'you', that's why we love you and keep returning. Hugs Maa.

  10. I know I'm jumping in here rather late, but...I've never thought you to be a "whiner"! I enjoy your honest thoughts...both positive, and negative. That's just reality sometimes! So glad to hear that you're hanging in there, and finding ways to be "frugal" with your blog!
    We only had dial up internet until about a month ago, and I couldn't see hardly any pictures on anyone's blogs, and so I also try to reduce the size of my pics, and only add a few at a time for that reason. Not out of necessity anymore, but just because!
    Looking forward to reading much more from you! :)

  11. YEAH! I'm so glad you are going to stay! We all go though negative bits but the positive always wins out in the long run.

  12. Hmm.
    I am reading backwards and catching up so methinks I missed something I will have to try and find.

    Howe' many of us, blogs are an extension of our, Sister, you should blog whatever you feel. Always trying to be positive is sometimes a harder chore.

    You write beautifully.......
    And that's why I love you.........

    (ps. Come to Facebook......the Sisterhood of the Goat needs you.......) :)

  13. Oh...hahhahah if that was whining....don't stop by my house anytime soon. You'd have to cover your ears and slink away, so as not to embarrass me when I got it together .. much later in my day.........

    I was thinking coasters.... with great photos on them might be a good seller if you decide to go that route. I bet a lot of folks would be interested in a set of coasters....

  14. I'd buy coasters with Herefords on them!

    You whiney? I think not... in fact, you and I are going to have to go to a college class called "whining to win" to learn how to put all the other whiners out there to shame...but then we probably would be sitting in the back of the class, trying to compliment each other~ "no, buttons, I think you were much more whinier then I was in that class project, it was that good!" "oh no, feral woman, I think you really nailed that whiny presentation down pat!!"



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