Thursday, January 5, 2012


Deeper than chords that search the soul and die,
Mocking to ashes color's hot array.
Closer than a touch,--within our hearts they lie
the words we do not say.

     Martha Gilbert Dickinson Bianchi

If my truth be told I would love to be, if only for a couple of  months, curled up in an isolated cabin with a big roaring fire, wearing flannel pants and my favourite hoodie, drinking tea, and eating chocolate. My only companions being my pen and paper. I would love to explore these stories and thoughts in my head without distraction. These thoughts and stories that clamour around in my head every waking moment, and I must add, the ones that wake me up. They have always been there even as a child.

There is a line in the movie Stand by Me that stays with me “He gets like that when he is writing” that is me. That line has enthralled me since the very first time I heard it. I wanted to be that Dad; I am that Dad, well at least in spirit. I get so absorbed in my stories I am oblivious to my surroundings, I immerse myself in my thoughts so deeply I have no idea what is going on around me. I love this, some people around me; not so much.

Alas the real world is not like that, you cannot escape the world you have created over your lifetime; we all have obligations and situations that need our attention. I must live in this real world I have created all the while trying to balance it with the world that is demanding to be heard.  There is no magic solution. I will continue to write, this has been a part of me from as long as I can remember.

 As a child I would “spin a tale” without paper, if you know what I mean. Very creative ideas come when you are trying to get away with something.   My “creative imagination” has gotten me out of some very sticky situations as a child. I always seemed to have a very different way of looking at the same situation others were experiencing. A gift?  Maybe. My own sense of survival? Definitely.  I know you are smiling reading this. Oh the tales I could tell, and maybe I will.
I will none the less keep exploring this journey through my mind and try to keep it alive the best way I know, all the while living in this real world I have created. This real world of obligations, and situations that need my complete attention.

 You are a huge part of that dream and I thank you all for that. Now; to that tea; and “Oh no, we are out of chocolate.”

What is it about January that makes me so melancholy? I do believe it is all that paperwork awaiting my attention.  



  1. I hope you never stop writing. I also hope you have a book in the works.

  2. you have such a lovely way with words. i wish i could so smoothly express my thoughts.
    i look forward to your next post, its as addicting to me as coffee. till next time.

  3. You're out of chocolate?! That's enough to make one melancholy!
    You do a wonderful job of expressing yourself through your writing, Buttons! Keep on!

  4. this post reminded me of the scene in the movie, Sister Act, when Whoopi Goldberg is telling the young lady something like "if you wake up every morning thinking about nothing but singing, then you're a singer." sounds like you are a writer to the core. :)

  5. your comment about getting into sticky situations did indeed make me smile! wish i could add "as a child" in my case. ;o)

    p.s. i was eating some chocolate as i read this! i've have a bite more with you in mind...

  6. Oh I wish you could be in my little cabin! It is so lonely. Just you and your pen and paper and the woods. Sweet! It's funny how writing just has to come out of you once it's taken root in your mind.Sometimes you just can't hold back. Speaking from experience. Keep writing! Sandra

  7. My youngest son was quite the story-teller and could talk his way out of just about anything. :)

  8. Your dream of being in a cabin sounds like heaven to me.

  9. Just once I would love to work on a post without Ella dropping her ball on my computer, or punching the keys with her paw. Then there is my husband who vists while I'm trying to write. I sooo understand.

  10. Thank you for letting me be a part of your dream. I enjoy very much reading your blog and following yor dreams. There is an award for you at my blog -"

  11. Yes, back to the grind. Around here packing 4 lunches every day gets me down BUT the kids being in school does give more time for writing for me!
    Stevie @


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