Monday, January 2, 2012


I have made a great discovery,
What I love belongs to me.
Not the chairs and tables in my house,
but the masterpieces of the world.
It is only a question of loving them enough.

        Elizabeth Asquith Bibesco

It is the afternoon of New Year’s Eve. I am bringing a thermos of tea to My hardworking Hero. I give him the tea, steal a hug and head deeper into the bush.  I wander aimlessly in the bush as always, but no matter where I think I am heading this is where I usually end up. Sitting on my now snow-covered rock gazing over the partially frozen pond.

The trees are covered with a thin coating of ice from the freezing rain last night; there is a dusting of snow under that. I pull out my pen and paper; this is where I feel the most comfortable.
I notice rabbit tracks to the right of my rock and coyote tracks on top of them, I find myself wondering who won.
I notice the leaning tree is completely covered with fungus near the top. The woodpeckers have practised there pecking numerous times on this old tree. Why have I never noticed the fungus?

The dried leaves blanketing the ground are curled up and poking through the layer of light snow and ice that had tried to hide them from my view. The weather has not succeeded, their beauty demands to be seen, and so it was. I pull off my toque, it is very warm back here. The sounds of Chick a Dee’s above my head. They are too fast to even get a glimpse; I use my imagination to create their beauty, their familiar sound my guide.
My bottom is getting cold the heat of my body melting the snow beneath, time to stand and take in this view. The sky is dreary and grey; there is no sun in the forecast tomorrow either so on New Year’s Day the sun I love will not shine.

I pull my toque back on and trudge through the bush of prickly ash bushes, the beautiful Maples and the Pines. The crunching of those downed leaves making me smile. I follow the sound of the chainsaw back to My Hero. 2012 is going to be wonderful. 



  1. Buttons - I SO AGREE! I feel 2012 is going to be a year of UPS for many of us. Yesterday we didn't do a lot but had a quiet day together. Today I have to work 7:30 to 1 and then I'm hoping we will be able to walk along the river. We are having some strangely overcast days down here as well. Last night we thought for sure we would get some thunderstorms by the way the sky was looking but nothing happened... just more fireworks!

  2. Autumn has stuck around much longer this year, eh?

    Your world is so beautiful........

    And I love that you play squishy boots in the mud!

    A Happy New Year to you, luv!


  3. And I love hearing you smile through here! Your side of our country is so pretty. One day I want to trudge around out there:))
    Happy New year to you dear friend!!!

  4. Winter has finally landed here too. Much colder though that I am guessing it is there.

    I enjoyed the view from your rock. So serene.

    Happy New Year to you and your Hero!

  5. I would enjoy sitting by that pond. And our daughter would just love being able to explore in the bush! I hope your 2012 is,a wonderful year!

  6. Beautiful...I envy your peacefulness.

  7. I love that photo of the maple leaf!

  8. thanks for letting us join you in your favorite spot. :)

  9. loving the photos! and your favorite spot. happy 2012 to you.

  10. I love your favourite spot (I hope you don't mind). The way you describe it makes me think I might even be there sometimes. Lovely post.

  11. lovely, peaceful place to reflect! i'd need to bring my own tea as my fingers get cold so quickly, i'd need something warmer then a pen to hold. ;o)

  12. We don't have but a pinch of snow yet either but it is a nice change from last year. Enjoy the masterpieces of your world.

  13. stopping in to wish you a great New Year's to a healthy one for us all....because I believe if we have our health..... we can make all the other good 'stuff' happen.....

  14. Winter has found it's way to Southwestern Lower Michigan as we experience our first snow fall of 2012.. Our oldest daughter and I were discussing on the drive back to MI yesterday how 2012 is going to be kinder to us all!! If everyone feels it can be done it must be so...right?


  15. What a beautiful place you live in. Almost magical. You have such a talent for writing! Your stories come alive when you tell them!

  16. Yep, 1012 is going to be a super year! I can feel in deep inside my bones.
    I wish you all the best in 2012, Buttons. I hope to get to know you even better throughout the coming year.

  17. There are snowdrops pushing through the soil already. It will soon be spring! I'm feeling positive too.

  18. I too have a good feeling about 2012. I know you aren't much on blogging awards, but I want you to know you are one of the blogs I so look forward to reading. If you swing by my porch and sit for a cup of coffee (or tea if you please) you can see why I respect you so much. I felt like I was with you on this post. In fact my butt got cold:)

  19. 'I have made a great discovery,
    What I love belongs to me.' This is a lovely thought... Happy New Year to you!

  20. Great photos in the snow! Thanks for sharing them!

  21. You sure have a way with words...

  22. Hi Buttons,
    I have an award for you over at my blog -


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