Monday, January 16, 2012


Where zeal or moderation be the point we aim at,
let us keep fire out of one,
and frost out of the other.

        Joseph Addison

I am at an auction; I am standing in the middle of a crowd of people. This usually very spacious building feels suddenly very small. It is crammed with many people, and also the complete contents of a house. I find myself getting a little claustrophobic. I concentrate on the voice of the auctioneer, and I focus on the hands placing the sewing patterns on the table. I ignore the crowd and the fact that I am not near a door. I love auctions but sometimes in a small venue I have to control my little phobia. I watch as boxes, and boxes of crafting, quilting, knitting, and needlepoint items go up for sale. Finished and unfinished projects. The brand new never opened packages.

My thoughts jump to my room full of unfinished projects, the projects I was so excited to get started. I had picked out just the right materials and had the vision of this perfect beauty. The expectations were very high at the time, they always are. I wonder if this poor woman had all those same expectations then just set those projects aside to deal with her life. She eventually forgot about them one by one, and placed them in a room to work on later. Just like me. Life is full of detours.
Will I someday find myself standing at my own auction surrounded by my friends, and perfect strangers watching as they buy MY expectations, and turn them into theirs? And just maybe they will be setting them aside, just for a while to deal with life, vowing to get back to them too. Is there ever enough time?

For S.L.


  1. That's a lot to digest. It makes me think of how life is so short! Just last evening, my daughter and I sat on the sofa together, crocheting, and now I'm thinking of how someday someone may be going through my bag of yarn, looking at my unfinished projects...

  2. STOP! I can't bear it. I have a TON of craft stuff that I will be going through soon. Ideas, dreams, expectations...there is never enough time.

    Cindy Bee

    PS - What'd ya buy?

  3. ...and that is one reason why I am thinning my things.

    Fantastic photos.

  4. Life is chock full of detours, for sure.

  5. Whether crafters or not, I think we all have unfinished projects. This was a very thoughtful view into a woman's world.

  6. this reminded me of my late MIL. when she 'retired' and moved up to Dallas from Houston, she had so much STUFF. one of the items was an old suitcase crammed with patterns and material from the 50s and 60s - that she was still going to sew someday. no, she never did.

  7. squeeee, i'm so excited as i'm going to an auction later this month! i have no money and i'll have to drive straight from class for about 45 miles, but for now, i'm just focused on the weather cooperating. :o)

  8. Oh, my. that gives me a very different idea of my UFO (un finished objects) shelf. Perhaps I had better start looking at a few of them...


  9. Maybe we should look at what she DID accomplish. Probably things like staying up all night with a sick child, running to town to buy a part for the broken tractor, feeding family and creatures, sewing costumes for the school play, dozens of birthday cakes, etc.etc.

    Still sad she didn't have enough time to complete those expectations.

  10. I know what you mean, Buttons... I've had those same thoughts... wondered about a silk crazy quilt that came across the plains in a covered wagon only to eventually find its way to a vintage linens shop and my house where it still sits unfinished...

  11. As Becky hides under the eaves of I too as you know suffer the "Stash" Syndrome. I'm glad you were able to have a bit of Auction fun.

  12. Auctions really are quite personal aren't they? I like you perspective (once again).

  13. You made me feel good about not being able to start a project without finishing the one I'm on. Thank you.

  14. I bought some 4-5" ceramic tiles several years ago and was going to paint initials, or something, on them and turn them into unique coasters. Well, 2 years later I returned the tiles to Lowe's yesterday. They were happy to get them back and I was happy to see them go. Our dreams should always exceed our grasps...and our projects too, but for me, just a little. Too much and I get crazy! :)

  15. I have such good intentions but also have lots of UFO's, you would have thought you wrote the story about me. Well close! Thank you for the picture. The chair has a place of honour in the spareroom.
    Keep up the good work, your stories are not just interesting, but make you think of your own life.

  16. like the song says "anticipation" lol I have projects too - I love your word "detour"-
    thats exactly what it is!!!


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