Thursday, January 12, 2012

January Spring? AND ( Be careful What you Wish For!)

We may achieve climate,
but weather is thrust upon us.

     William Sydney Porter

Well this is just not right. I find myself looking at green grass, buds on my Lilac Bushes, new growth on my Blue Spruce trees and my Jack Pine. The house is surrounded by puddles of mud.
Someone is on the barn roof again, much to the dismay of his stressed wife. No one should be on the roof of a barn in January in Canada. It should be snowing, and blowing. There should be a cold biting wind, and some ice on that roof. This is the way it used to be.

A girl should not be sitting watching her dare devil husband on a roof, all the while dreaming of slowing down, sitting in the house snuggled in, enjoying the heat of the woodstove and unable to work due to weather. She should not be standing here her knees shaking wishing she was snowshoeing and her husband was doing something on the ground, or in the barn, or heaven forbid just maybe taking a break and watching a movie in the house.

 I used to enjoy the slowdown time on the farm the winter used to provide. The auctions, the visiting, and just watching a movie on the weekends. The chores would get done early in the morning then that would be the end of it. Leisure time.

It is kind of nice though; I stand here with a light coat on, looking up into the sky watching this man juggling a drill while I bask in the warmth of the sun on my face. I think this would normally be called our January thaw. There has been far more warmer than cold days, making this the year of no freeze, so a thaw is not really necessary.

I can’t believe that in just a few more months it will be spring. Our days are already getting longer.  We are at nine hours of daylight. If those months are anything like today with all that sun I am going to be able to get through the rest of winter without a problem. No February blues for this girl.

I thought I was going to miss snowshoeing but find myself rather enjoying the warmth, and just hiking through the mud.

I do know if this weather keeps up we are both going to be very tired come spring time.  Dear me, I hope with this change in climate we will not be haying in April. I really need a break.

Well the one thing I do know from experience is that Mother Nature has a mind of her own; she also has a sometimes strange sense of humour so we have no way of telling what will happen next. Only time will tell.

There is some hope; My Hero tells me there is an auction on the weekend and our forecast is for three days of snow. Who knows?

I may have spoken to soon as they say.

 I am watching the weather report and they are calling for freezing rain, and snow tonight, Wednesday at midnight, so if I am not back Friday you know why. At least My Hero will not be on the barn roof Saturday if this is true, but we all know the weather people are not always right.
 Snuggle in everyone it may be a snow day. The cows are all taken care of just  in case and prepared for the worst (lots of extra bedding and hay) My Hero may have to stay home; sounds good to me.

Later. ( Read on!)

OK I am writing this to let you know you should really watch what you wish for. I have some incredible photos to share for Friday and Saturday. We are fine Mother Nature sure is funny.

See you tomorrow. Later


  1. im wainting for the other shoe to drop! its supposed to start snowing here today. and just in time for calving! Im so excited about both.

  2. We've also had a very warm January. It all changed yesterday though. A bit of rain, ice and a touch of snow. The real news though is the North Wind howls today and it is nasty cold! Hang on...I think (hope) you'll have your down time. :)

  3. It is just the opposite for us...we tend to hibernate in July and August...just too hot after 12:00 noon. Been beautiful here but suppose to get in the 50's today...we are a little higher elevation..about 3,000 feet. Heading down to my mom's today for a few...later..xoxo

  4. I know snow is needed to fill the ground with nutrients and mositure but I'm not missing it.

  5. I'm snuggling in today. It's snowing and supposed to bring more by the days end. There are corners to clean inside, but the comforter and my yarns need to be wrapped around me, just today. By late morning, the shovel will fit my hands.
    Stay warm, snuggle in, enjoy a hot cocoa and watch a movie. Maybe your Hero will join you, tho it sounds as if he is being the little red hen, preparing for the worse, before hunkering down in the warmth of the fire.

  6. it sounds like winter is arriving in many parts up north and thru the center of N America, so i'm thinking you'll be okay!

  7. Funny how we can't even enjoy the weird weather because it's so unexpected. I'm sure Alaska would be very, very glad to share.

    Hope you get some deep, wet snow to keep your Hero off the roof and to give you both some much deserved down time.

  8. We've had weird weather out west too Buttons... it got up to +15C the other day... folks were jogging in shorts...and the mailman...well...they wear shorts any day the sun shines even if it is -15C... they're all idiots I think.

    The past two days it got to minus numbers and we are supposed to finally get some 'flurries' in a day or two.... boy is it dry .... the plants and lawns will be in trouble by spring if we don't get some snow and cold.... I bet the sap started to move during our "summer" week....and, of course, it should not be like that.... what happened?

  9. it's here! we're finally getting some snow today! all those buds will have to just turn tail and tuck themselves back into the branch they came from! :o)

  10. I was really hoping for the winter break as well...something calming and slow paced about the winter that we are missing.
    I'm sure the nor Easter blowing in at supper time will change that even if only for a day or two.

  11. Yes, this is another strange winter for us, as well. It's only recently that it has been down to the freezing mark, and will be the first time snow MIGHT show up here. I have been wearing light jackets until recently. (Wool socks, as my feet are always cold, but hey...)

    Oh, freezing rain. Ick. I hope you get snow. I detest freezing rain, it is SO destructive...


  12. I hope your hero is soon down from that roof! Makes me shake right along with you. :) Oh have fun at the auction...I'm sure you'll have some nice pictures to share!

  13. Buttons , Seems our snow here in Michigan is on it's way!!!

    ~~peace & love & joy & blessings~~

  14. We are expecting a chilly weekend here in South Carolina.There is an Exhibition at the State Museum that I REALLY want to see Saturday and Sunday morning I am working and I have a friend that wants to come over and see us before she has to leave to stay out of state for a few months - cat sitting for her brother that is going to spend several months in Antarctica. FULL weekend!

  15. Gawd you make me nervous when you show pics of ladders and speak of the one known as your hero. Ha.

    Here we are in the middle of winter and I am told this will be a mild one, whatever that means.

    Meanwhile, let's all just keep snugglin'---whether it's cold or not.

  16. We have also had a warm winter but I don't mind. But it is snowing right now so I am hoping for a snow day probably won't happen....

  17. Your weather sounds like ours and it is supposed to be summer here. We had pouring rain and hail today!

  18. We got snow Thursday and it's blowing like crazy today. Very nasty outside right now. But it is mid January. I feel like if we only have this weather until March, I'll make it through! Last winter was rough, to say the least.

    Cindy Bee

  19. Oh when my man does something like that too, I have a tendency to get really really busy on something else, if I dont have to assist him at that moment...but then thats probably how they feel about us when we do something just as equally precarious!


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