Monday, January 30, 2012

A Mystery and Very Strange Theories!

Tis strange, but true; for truth is always strange,--
   Stranger than fiction.
               Lord Byron

I was sitting in my lazy boy chair reading, and looking out the big window into the darkness. I had a very nice beef stew on the stove, the table was set and I was waiting for My Hero to get home from work. I suddenly heard what sounded like a door slamming or a pop. I looked out into the darkness and assumed it was My Hero home early. I jumped out of the chair to go turn on the outside light so he could find his way to the door. There was nothing, I opened the door, it was dark and snowing. I shrugged my shoulders and left the light on, shut the door and returned to my chair.

About twenty minutes later I see head lights in the driveway, well that must be My Hero I did not get up this time. My Hero bolts in the door asking “What did you do to the Jeep back window?” Who  Me? , What? I had not driven anywhere all day. After feeding the cows in the morning, I have been in the house resting this was my sick (?) day.
I grabbed my coat and ran into the snowy darkness I ran to my Jeep. Well it was no joke my window was not there I was looking at a gaping hole and black shattered glass lying in the snow, and the inside of the Jeep.

Needless to say then the paranoia and theories began.

Did a bird fly into it? I am thinking it must have been a big bird like a Turkey to do this much damage. I can't imagine a blackbird doing this.

Did I bang it when walking by it in the morning? I think I would have remembered that and seen the glass.

Did a bullet hit it? We live in the country could happen. Maybe those darn Turkey hunters.

After inspecting the inside of the Jeep and finding no Turkey the theories became even stranger. My head is spinning; I proceeded to bring My Hero into my imaginative world. He is getting used to that.

Was it a piece of space junk like a nut or bolt from the Russian Space Station? You never know.

Was it airplane waste (you know what I mean) frozen in a block of ice? I have heard of this.

Was it a meteor? That would be cool except for the no window in the snow thing.

Well back to reality it is snowing I have no window and they have been announcing freezing rain warnings for tonight all day on the radio. Standing there thinking we decided on plastic. My Hero found some plastic and we proceeded to wrap my door in it. My Hero has always wanted a garage; that would have been handy now.

We went back in the house and ate our now lukewarm stew in front of the weather report on the TV. “Freezing rain and very high winds.”  Well that plastic is not going to do it. New plan! We will try to put it in the barn. Ok our barn is full of machinery and farm related stuff. It has a very low ceiling and we are not even sure it would fit. Out we head to the barn.

After moving everything as far back as we could, we folded the side windows of the Jeep in and My Hero backed it into the bottom of the barn. Perfect this would work. No worries.

Well maybe one worry, I then started thinking of the resident racoons getting a scent of the melted chocolate on the seat I envisioned them eating my seat. I am assuming the plastic window would only slow them down for a minute or two. My Hero assured me this would never happen. He is smart like that.

Back in the house I phoned the insurance people. The very nice lady on the other end of the phone says “No problem this happens all the time.” REALLY!!!!!

Well I am not so sure about you, but I do know one thing I will be wearing a helmet to do the chores in the morning. I myself am still thinking space junk. I will be searching the ground in the daylight looking for that nut or bolt. Watch your heads!

 Will we ever REALLY know?



  1. That sure is a mind would be going in circles as well! I hope you keep us posted if you find out the cause!!

  2. Wow. That is crazy! I don't think I would have been able to sleep last night!

  3. I'm guessing temperature changes and a weak spot.

    We lost a window years ago to a motorcycle back fire. Passed it on the road, our windows open, the sound was just right to break the straight glass...the slanted was unaffected.

    Stay warm.

  4. You tell such a gripping tale, I was on tenterhooks all the way. What a mystery! I do hope you're able to solve it!

  5. The same thing happened to me but it was vandalism. I feel for you.

  6. oh no! That stinks. Thankfully no one was hurt. Very strange, though. Good luck with the repairs!

  7. Now what in the world could it have been?!!

    Too weird...


  8. the mystery is intriguing, but very sorry about the damage!

  9. HMMmmmm... chocolate on the seat you say? What about a bear looking for a chocolate rush?

  10. What a mystery! I'm with Becky, might be a bear. I saw one of my kids movies Yogi Bear and he loved sweet things and other human food and would build these contraptions to get to these treats... LOL

    Let us know when you solve the mystery!

  11. I can't decide if I would like this mystery or if it would really bug me! Any of your theories sound plausible! Thanks for your visit today-nice to meet you!

  12. I like the idea of space junk or a meteor. Is there a meteor shower this time of year? Look for a cool metallic rock. Could at least pay for the deductible.

    I really like your helmet. Probably better than a tin foil hat.

  13. Oh that is a mystery - I'm so sorry about your window though.

  14. Hello Buttons,
    Temperature change will do that! You don't have any snakes there do you? I would be freaking out if it was my car. I think a big piece of corrugated iron would have to be installed till the glass was back in. Actually ...I'd be straight into town to get a new one installed! Susan

  15. Hi Susan no snakes here they would have to be wearing fur coats and winter boots.
    All is well got it fixed today.:)B

  16. When we finished building our cabin, my in-laws came for the first weekend. While we were sitting eating supper one of my nice big brand new windows cracked from top to bottom. Right in front of us. Not a good start to the new home eh? Anyway, the window company sent someone right away. They said if there is even a tiny chip on the outside edge it could cause the window to shatter. Sorry about your window. Darn jeeps (I only drive jeeps).

  17. What a weird, mysterious and frightening experience. A relief that the insurance company is coming to your aid!

  18. Very strange indeed.

    Cindy Bee

  19. i'm going with space junk. definitely space junk.

  20. ugh! what a pain in the behind to clean up though!!!

    I know I would freak being in the woods when it was below Zero and trees would crack from the ice buildup inside - it would sound like an explosion and more then once i would check my snowpants lol

  21. Weird!How strange you found no evidence to explain what happened! I sure hope this will not be expensive to fix!


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