Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Journey! New! 21

There is tolerable travelling on the beaten road,
   run how it may;
only on the new road not yet levelled and paved,
   and on the old road all broken into ruts and quagmires,
is the traveling bad or impracticable.
                         Thomas Carlye

Sometimes when you put all your energy into only one dream, and you achieve that dream, you may soon realize that was not your only problem to overcome. So it begins.

We were enjoying the heat and light the new house had to offer us. It was so nice to awake every morning knowing there would be no snow on the bed, and you did not have to scramble to find wood and put it in the wood stove.

M was snuggled in her own room, in her own bed. She made us knock on an imaginary door that guarded her room. I am sure having something of your own finally at almost four, was amazing to her and she needed to control it. Someone had given us a tricycle and she would ride it back and forth in this so much larger house. She would skid across the plywood floor enjoying her new found freedom. She was happy so this made me extremely happy. We would sit at the table eating our breakfast in the morning she had a big smile on her face, basking in the sun, and enjoying the view.  We both loved that. The house was everything I had dreamed it would be. You could sit here and forget about all the work outside.

It was the end of May and we were dealing with new calves, and new piglets. The chicken coop was full of turkeys, and chickens we had bought as chicks in April. They required a lot of work and water. The money from their sale would maybe go towards plumbing for the house.
The cows were anxious to get to the green pastures and kept breaking down the fences, I could leave M alone in the house with the big window and no woodstove knowing she was safe while I chased these cows. This job seemed to be getting more difficult as I am sure the baby did not like running, and bouncing all the time.

My Hero was back working 12 to 14 hour days out of town, this meant a lot of time on the road and late nights, we hardly ever seen him. This left a lot of work for M, and I to do during the week. Luckily since we moved to the new house, people would come and visit, family stayed and helped with farm jobs on the weekends. We finally had a room someone could and would want to stay. This was wonderful and I will never forget the help we always had.

There was a brand new manure spreader sitting in the yard, this was going to make it so much easier for My Hero. There were no payments till fall and we divided the sale price of $4200 into four payments, meaning two payments a year. This would mean we would be betting on a good price for our stockers twice a year, barring any complications it should work. It would have been impossible for us to make monthly payments with money being so tight. There was never enough to go around. A necessary gamble.

Haying season would begin in a couple of weeks now, this would add extra hours to our already long workdays. The calving season was going well and we thought it was soon to be over. We started having problems with mothers delivering or should I say trying to deliver calves rear first, not the normal front feet first. Breech birth is what the vet called it. I had never seen this before. We would have to call the vet in the middle of the night after trying to deal with this ourselves and getting nowhere. He would come and have to do a caesarean section to remove the calf. Unfortunately this happened on three occasions one after another. The result was two dead calves three mothers that had to stay in the barn as they had stitches, and a huge vet bill we could not afford. So much stress, the new house did not take this stress away.     It was always nice to come into this pink candyfloss house after long hours in the barn. I would lie in bed thinking of M in her bed sleeping and remember the old house and how much harder this life had been. We were truly blessed.

The third week of June haying was beginning and brother D happened to be working on something outside on the new house. I was not feeling very well so I asked him to drive M and I to my Mom’s house. When we got there Mom talked me in to going to the hospital. Since My Hero was working out of town I had Mr. W drive me in. I was alone and I must admit a little frightened. They admitted me right away. I was in all night and My Hero came to see if I was OK. He left as he had to work in the morning and still had not done the animals. At 7:30 in the morning our new blue eyed baby girl K was born. She was almost two months early but weighed a healthy 4lb. 13 oz. My Hero never made it. Complications happened so we were in the hospital for ten days, reminding me of M’s birth. The Doctor explained that I needed the rest and thought it was too stressful on the farm. My Hero was trying to do hay, work those long hours and now do my chores at night. I had only seen him twice at the hospital. This was so hard on both of us. I finally brought this blue eyed baby into our new candy floss home, M and K were the best of friends instantly. Now we had someone new to come to the barn in the old fancy carriage with us. Franny the goat did not seem to mind this new arrival as she had with M. Life was good.

We finally received our hydro bill in the mail it usually came every three months. In the old house it was $30 for the three months. This bill, because we were foolish and used electric heat not thinking anything about the consequences and just enjoying it, came to $1300. This was our big dose of reality. We would buy another woodstove before the fall and we would be burning wood again. A new house and old problems but I was truly happy to be here.



  1. Hope you are feeling much improved.
    Catching up on your blog.
    You worked so very hard to get your house...and yes most of us have had very hard times in our lives but with patience we get there.....
    Take care my dearest friend M xxxx. P.S. no baby yet :)

  2. Well I think my next "book" will be this one. I need to go to Part 2 because I didn't get in on the beginning of all of these Journey posts. I did read part 1 and this post, but I didn't read ALL of the ones in between. Am I understanding this correctly, that this is your journey starting 30 years ago?

    Cindy Bee

  3. You have such a good attitude...always looking for the bright side. I'm amazed at all of the details you remember from so long ago!

  4. Hope you are feeling better, thanks for sharing another story from your past. $1300...yikes.

  5. The best part of the whole story. You made it! You all survived to talk/write about it.
    Your post brought back memories, thank you for that! Sometimes we have to look back before we can continue to go forward.

  6. i love this journey you continue to share with us. 2 steps forward, 1 step back. life is such a struggle... but it is easier to read it since it is in the past...

  7. oh the joys of living in the country. Glad you're feeling well enough to post on your blog.


  8. Beautiful memory... the memory of appreciation and love... and reality all cloaked in family.

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. Dang electric bills. Love the story. What a stresser for the little one to be 4 lbs. Glad she pulled through. Strong like her mother.

  10. And then you had TWO girls :) to keep you company :)

    When were together, nothing seems too daunting or overwhelming to accomplish, as long as you have each other...

    but heat is nice ;)

  11. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I just love reading your stories!

  12. i just got all caught up with your blog. (sorry, i'm such a stranger these days.) what a wonderful story-teller you are. i guess when you live such drama, telling it comes pretty easy.

    but what's this a about a dunce cap? i thought those disappeared after 1900 or so. you're not 110 years old, are you? ;o)

  13. I love hearing about your life which, in many ways, is so far removed from my own. You have great courage and fortitude and I am sure that looking back now on the trials you overcame, must fill you with a great sense of achievement and pride at having stuck with what needed to be done to ensure things worked out in the end. You truly are a terrific storyteller!

  14. Oh my goodness! What a UGE hydro bill! That was an expensive lesson for sure!

    I'm just catching up with your posts, Buttons. I am very far behind in my emails and feel swamped!

  15. Aww..a new baby sister for M. It must have been very difficult for you and your husband to be separated at this special time but I'm so glad everything worked out ok. OUCH that was some hydro bill! Speaking of was good to see the word HYDRO just don't hear that here in Kansas. So you got another wood least I'm sure it was a much better one than the old stove and the house would stay warmer for much longer than in the old farmhouse. I do love that wood heat ;)


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