Friday, January 13, 2012

Photography in a Bag!

Wit is the only breath
That keeps eyelids warm,
Facing the driven ice
Of an old storm
That blows as ever it has blown
Against imperishable stone.

   Mark Van Doren

Well it is 7:30 Thursday morning; it is freezing rain and a dreary grey out. It is very wet outside and the rain/ freezing rain is not letting up. This is when the crazy blogger photographer (I use that term loosely) gets all excited and goes into action.

I pull on my coveralls, my toque, and my work boots. I pull on ice cleats my daughter did not seem to need in the city, so has left behind (lucky me). I grab my camera and my fancy new camera all weather bag. Ok it is just a sandwich bag, but it will have to do, I love my camera too much to possibly ruin it. I could not resist this if only to see what the photos would turn out to be. I am writing this now before I even look so it will be as much a surprise to me as you.

I was wandering around in the rain; I must say now pouring rain, trying to get these shots before I got soaked through. I would have loved to go to the bush. I can see it from here and it looks beautiful and very far away. I could not make it without drowning I am sure. I can see my tractor covered with about ¼ in. of ice. That will take a while to melt I am sure, so I settled with shots around the house.

As the black walnut trees creaked above my head I look to see if anything will be soon falling on my head. Everything is so beautiful shiny and new. Oh I love this. I was taking shots all the time wondering what kind of effect my bag was going to have on these shots. It was now covered with rain drops, and I kept shaking them off. This should be interesting to say the least.

I wander to the front of the house, I was so happy I did. Six deer were running across the field trying to find a place to hide out. They stop and stare at me, I take a shot, I take the bag off for a moment but that was it, too much rain, I do hope they turn out. They head off to the East and that shelter.

Well I really would like to stay out here longer but I am soaked to the bone. I never thought of rain gear. That would have been the smart thing to do but I was just too excited to get out there. I must say My Hero went to work on those nasty roads. I find it hard to guess which one of us is crazier. Well I had fun, I bet he did not. I hurry to my computer to see how these shots turned out.

I have scattered these shots through this post. Some I have edited to see if I could get rid of the blur, some I did not, as I liked the effect. You be the judge. I just know I had fun and hope you enjoy these.
I am now off to the bush and see what I can see, it is snowing and I probably won’t need the bag.



  1. I think these are great! I love how excited you are. Be careful and stay warm today!

  2. if i did that not a one would have turned out! your like a kid, love that. be careful and i cant wait to see what you post fromt the bush.

  3. I love taking pictures of hoar frost or ice but I hate what it does for the roads. The pictures are beautiful. I remember one Christmas morning a few years ago, I was having family over for brunch but we had a hoar(not sure I'm spelling that right) frost. It was so beautiful in our back yard I took my camera and went outside to take some pics. They turned out beautiful. We have a bunch of schools closed today due to the weather. Last Friday it was 52 degrees.

    Cindy Bee

  4. I love ice shots! But I'm sorry you had to get soaked taking pictures!! Stay warm and dry (if you can) and take care of yourself! :)

  5. Very nice pictures. Glad you are enjoying the weather and finding beauty even on such a day as this.

    "Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet." - Roger Miller

  6. Beautiful photos Buttons...Auntie M

  7. they made me feel like i was soaked to the bone and shivering! :)

  8. wow...those pictures make me cold!!!! bbbrrrr...

  9. If I wasn't all ready chilled to the bone this post would have gotten me there. BRRRrrrr.... that Arctic Blast has hit us too. I came out from work and wished I'd worn a hat and a heavier coat. WOW! Has it gotten chilly.

  10. Stunning ice formations in your photos, Buttons! Have saved you some cake!

  11. Winter has arrived! Bring it on Buttons crys ; I HAVE ICE CLEATS!!!
    (im jealous, because theres nothing like skating across the yard to feed the horses!, without meaning to!)

    I love the moodiness of your shots - I can feel the wet chill, see our breath, hear the muffled sounds of the outdoors through the tap tap of the rain!

    BRRRRR Now lets go inside for a big cup of black coffee! :D

  12. I TOTALLY understand. I would be there with you...snow cleats and sandwich bagged camera. What a kick to be in the middle of weather and its effects.

    Love the photos of all that freezing rain. And the deer. And the evergreen bough.

    Just hope you don't end up in the cold dark with no electricity from ice on power lines. Also hope you're taking some time to dry out by that wood stove with a cup of something warm.

  13. Do be careful out there with all of that ice! Nice pics!

  14. Made me think of warm cozy flannel sheets wrapped up, a cool breeze that smells of rain drifting through the window, and listening to the rain. You are braver than I going out there.

  15. So your snow has arrived :)
    And down here it's

  16. The bag has added a neat effect to these photos. You've managed to make me feel icy cold. :))


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