Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sickness, Punishment, and Rewards!

How sickness enlarges the dimensions of a man’s self to himself.
                    Charles Lamb

Remember when you were a sick kid at home? Not the I did something bad at school, the teacher hates me, or I have a test stomach ache sick, but the pounding head, aching bones, really want to stay in bed sick.

This staying home sick thing was a very rare occurrence in my house growing up. My Mom would rarely fall for the I am sick card. She was very clever indeed, she knew every trick in the book, meaning you would be at school whether you thought you were sick or not. I have proof of this I received the perfect attendance award three years in a row. My reward was always a shiny silver dollar. I really liked school so no one needed to force me there. I even liked standing in the corner with the dunce cap on this was the reward for not listening, not sitting, or talking in class. I liked the attention I guess. Does anyone else remember standing in front of the class with your Dubble Bubble Gum stuck on your nose? This was the reward for being the best. I always won the blowing the biggest bubble contest. My teachers, I guess, had no sense of humour for my shenanigans. I am pretty sure my class enjoyed it.

Back to being sick. I sometimes get a little distracted while writing, just as I had in school trying to listen to my teachers. I never liked being sick in bed. I just wanted to be outside, not stuck in the house. I loved to be surrounded by busyness; I thought it was some form of punishment to be stuck at home in bed no matter how sick I was. If you were sick at my house rest assured there was no TV or getting out of bed. Mom would check in on you but that is where you stayed.

I am writing this today as I find myself sick, it seems some foreign bug has invaded my body and causing all sorts of aches and pains, fever, and lucky for My Hero a little laryngitis (if you really knew me you can imagine him smiling). I have no idea what it is but I cannot wait for it to disappear.
I will be dragging myself out to do the chores as my girls count on me. I will feed the girls, hike through the bush checking to make sure things are alright, then dragging myself back to the tractor, and then to my waiting bed. It does not seem like punishment these days.

I will rest in bed waiting for my reward of a silver dollar for perfect attendance in farming.

I will be taking a few days off blogging to punish myself by sleeping, drinking tea and honey, and looking out the window longing to get out in the snow/rain. See you soon.

I will return Friday Jan. 27 with another chapter of Our Journey #21. Thank you  B



  1. Bless your heart. I hope you feel better much sooner than later. *HUGS*

  2. get better soon, i need my dose of buttons in the morning
    i love that photo!

  3. Heal quickly! Farming waits for no one.

  4. I hope you feel better soon! I know, farmers aren't allowed to be sick...but take it as easy as you can!!

  5. Take it easy B and get some well earned rest. We'll all be here when you get back.


  6. oh, i do hope you feel better soon! fever, aches, etc. is nothing to mess with! but that image of your happy cow keeps you going, i know!

  7. Bless You, a winter rest is in order:)
    You will Feel Better soon...
    ~~peace& love & joy & blessings~~

  8. I do hope you get better soon, and hopefully your Hero doesn't laugh when you talk with laryngitis, like my Husband does.

  9. Oh I hope you feel a lot better real soon. It's never fun being ill. Take care of yourself.

  10. AH get some rest. I hope that you are back to feeling better real soon. Farming and illness don't seem to work very well. You are so right about the women who raised us - for me she had 9 children of her own as well as the children she took in whether Foster or cousins that needed her as much as I did - My Grandma was amazing. If I lived close I'd make you some of my home made chicken noodle soup - GREAT for any illness.

  11. Being a farmer is a lot like being a mom...no sick days allowed. Being a farmer AND a mom really makes it rough when your body rebels. Get better and I hope your Hero can lighten the load a little until you do.

  12. well my hubs loves when i can't talk....it doesn't happen too often!!

    big hugs b, i hope you are feeling better soon!!

  13. Feel better, Buttons!


  14. Sorry to hear you are not well! Your body is forcing you to slow down! Rest easy!

  15. I know what you mean about not getting a sick day from the animal chores. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  16. If you're not feeling better in the morning my husband will take over your chores then. Give us a call.

  17. Feel better is that a real cow? Dumb question right..... :)

  18. I look forward to the next chapter! Meanwhile, get tons of rest.

  19. that photo - THAT IS A CALENDAR picture and a half !!!!! postcards!

    Get better soon - a spoonful of honey is a good antibacterial thingy you know ;)


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