Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Stroll!

For me the diamond dawns are set
     in rings of beauty,
And all my ways are dewy wet
     with pleasant duty.

      John Townsend Towbridge

When I see tracks in the new fallen snow this time of year I must follow them. A Mother cow may have went to hide her calf in the prickly ash bushes for protection from coyotes. I am not sure about Fishers.

I track this set of tracks through the gate, down the lane, around numerous trees and bushes. I am at all times scanning the landscape for signs of more tracks or any signs of birthing.

I walk past a group of Pine trees, there is an awful smashing, and rustling sound; after finding out Fishers climb trees I almost faint from fright. A Partridge flies right past me. Whew! This would be “The Partridge in a Pine Tree.” Get it?

I continue to track. I pass some Cedar trees; their smell always makes me smile. I hear chirping above my head, I notice all these shells of seeds lying on the ground. I look up and see both trees full of grey birds. I have no idea what kind they are but they are very camera shy and I do not get any shots of these fast birds.

I hear Ravens ahead; they seem to be arguing, they kept squawking louder, and louder. Thinking this must be some kind of domestic dispute I decide not to go and check it out. OK where was I?

Oh yes tracking. This cow seems to be as confused as the Canada Geese overhead. They are flying in every direction. Flocks and flocks of these honking birds, their numbers increasing every day. I wonder if they truly have a destination or are as confused as the rest of us in this very strange weather.

I follow the tracks right back to the herd. I guess she just needed to go for a stroll and check out the scenery, with no destination in mind.
I thank her. I needed that too.



  1. Nothing like a good walk to relax and renew the spirit.

  2. Cows make me happy......
    So do your posts!

  3. Thank you I enjoyed your walk as well.

  4. Thank You I enjoyed the walk and scenery...from the comfort of my PC..:)
    ~~peace & love & joy & blessings~~

  5. Glad you and that martin didn't meet up. As mad as you were (and rightly so) about the carnage of the other day I think the martin would have come out the worse for the encounter.

  6. No snow, amazing! Bet it will come down in buckets :)

  7. i stood outside this week watching geese fly east as well! "um, fellas?" i shouted, but they just ignored me. ;o)

  8. Oh but what a beautiful gal she is ! Love your gals! Love your photos!

    Prickly ash...sigh. Hard stuff to walk through, but I love to crush the berries - that citrus smell... :)


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