Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thanks Jent!

Take these two messengers
    With you o’er land or seas
To close and open doors:
     “Thank you” and “If you please.”

             Edwin Gordon Lawrence

I was doing paperwork this Tuesday morning longing to get it done (more on that this week), I went out to the mailbox. I was suddenly very excited I could hardly get back to that darn paperwork.

You see  I had entered a draw on Jent’s blog and won.
 Jent is a farmer who works very, very hard. She is your typical busy farm girl in this generation of modern farm women, she is  trying to take care of  her kids, her husband, and her animals all the time running machinery, harvesting and everything else Yet she still has to get dinner on the table and take her kids where then need to go. She is an excellent juggler. A very strong and I must add very funny lady. She is a good cook and I am sure she has lots of recipe books to help her. Check her blog out you will laugh and find out what real farming is all about.

 I waited for what seemed a long time for this cookbook to come. Jent had mailed it out the day after I won. That would have been December 7, 2011. This was way before the Christmas rush season, so I thought it would make it. Well now I am convinced I know why it took so long.

Well Jent it seems like the package was opened by the border people (for those of you that don’t know I am in Canada Jent in the USA) I think that one of the nice border people seen it was a beautiful cookbook and took it home for Christmas and cooked delicious meals for their family. They were kind enough to rewrap it and send it on its way after they were back to work. Why are you laughing?   It could be true.

Any how, Thank you my friend I am now done those farm books and starting the Crowd Pleasing  Chili recipe in the book.

 So Jent this is a fantastic book, I have just one concern. Since I have the Chili simmering, and am in the process of making The Farmgirl Chocolate Chippers, I am a little worried  My Hero will  get used to this extra special treatment. In my excitement I wanted to try everything. He is going to love this.

 To that very nice border person, I truly understand, and you are very welcome.



  1. Congrats on winning AND finally getting your book! Looks good.

  2. Congratulations! i love those cookbooks..

  3. At least your parcel turned up that you won...good on you :)

  4. Yay! I am overdue on a big pot of chili so I'm "seeing" that in my immediate future. Enjoy! And how very fun to win!

  5. Congratulations! I love surprises in the mail.

  6. You made me laugh this morning! :) Enjoy all the wonderful cooking...our mouths will be watering!

  7. ha ha! i can totally see that happening too (both the border inspector and your hubby getting used to being spoiled!)

  8. How nice, it is always so nice getting things in the mail.

  9. new cookbooks are addicting! (so is photography.) but i also have paperwork to get before heading back to school! ugh, i'm so weak! ha!

  10. Church supper recipes can be some of the very, very best. Lucky you! Lucky Hero.

  11. Oh Yea I am so glad that you got it - I'll be honest I was getting a little worried - I have never mailed anything out of the country and was beginning to wonder if I did it right!
    ENJOY you so deserve it! <3

  12. That sounds like a wonderful win, it's a pity it took a while to come but at least you got it.
    I bet your chilli was delicious!

  13. That looks like a wonderful cookbook -- and the two recipes you mentioned sound awesome.

  14. How very lovely to win a "gooseberry patch" cookbook...I love them and have a few..would love them ALL..but that is a want not a need..:
    ~~peace & love & joy & blessings~~

  15. Congrats! I just love the title and cover : )

  16. Hey, I'm in there! I'm the banana bread muffins on page 200. Congratulations on winning.

  17. Will you be posting some recipes?

  18. OH do share!!! my stomachs grumbling while reading this - IM HUNGRY!!


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