Saturday, January 14, 2012

Working With Nature!

As upright as the cedar.
      William Shakespeare.

 I try to get the door open on the tractor to start it up I pull, and pull. I finally get it open and start it up, turn the heater on high and hope it melts the ice off the back window. I am lucky the wind and freezing rain had only blown it on the back window not the front window. The mirrors are thick with this ice. I let it run and try to scrape the back window, almost an impossible task. I give up and wander around looking at the beauty of the ice in the barnyard.

I finally pull myself away from this photographers banquet; and scrape or should I say break a little hole in the ice on the back window, at least now I can back-up and see a little, and I mean a little. I pick up two second cut alfalfa bales of hay I had placed in the barnyard yesterday. My cows will love this. I make my way slowly down the lane way.

 I pass the bushes, the pump house with icicles dripping from the roof, and the trees covered with this blanket of clear, cold, icy beauty. The fences are a true work of art. I make my way through the trees on the lane wondering if this was a good thing, I am half way through the low hanging ice covered branches; they slap the tractor and scrape across the roof. I wonder if I will be able to get back, going in the other direction. I worry about the mirrors but I have already gone half way, no stopping now. I creep slowly.

I am now on the other side; and see the cows standing under the cedar trees; it is remarkably dry under here. I marvel at this natural sheltered barn. They are on the bedding I had brought back yesterday, and for the most part they are all dry.  I break open this special treat of alfalfa they surround the tractor. I watch carefully backing up through my little window.

I get out of the tractor and go and check them out. They have weathered the storm well; the little calves are chatting, (no doubt about the weather) they then run while kicking up their heels heading to the new hay. They are now munching away hoping I go away soon. I will give them their wish after counting, and making sure every cow and calf is accounted for.  I hike down the lane to get some more ice shots. I wanted to check a cow track I see heading this way. Since the count was right I am sure it had just went for a stroll last night. I walk into the bush.

 I run out of the bush! This was after hearing a loud smashing and banging sound then seeing tree branches lying on the ground. I realize this was a very stupid move on my part. I walk on the edge of the bush, making sure to watch over my head and avoiding all the overhanging trees. More crashing, I see pine trees lying on the ground, the cedars are lower to the ground but not one, that I had seen was broken, they must be a much stronger tree, and able to handle the bending and swaying of the wind on the ice covered branches. A very valuable tree indeed. We are lucky to have so many acres of them.

Left is cedar, right is pine.
I marvel at this beautiful yet very destructive gift from Nature. I can hardly pull myself away to go back to the tractor then up to the house. I remember it is Mom’s Thursday. I drive back through the low hanging trees with no problem; it is something like a car wash but with green bristles and the smell is intoxicating. Cedar branches cover the hood of my tractor.

Needless to say I never made it to my Mom’s. I will go back in a couple of hours to check the cows again. The weather does not stop anything it just makes it sometimes more challenging and always interesting.



  1. That sure is a lot of ice! Glad your cows found a good shelter. Calves chatting...I like that! :)

  2. BBBRRRR... it's 27* here currently; it's actually dropped a degree since 6:30 - about 45 minutes ago. Be careful out there; it may be beautiful but it's also dangerous.

  3. Buttons I'm sorry you missed the day with your Mom..the ice is beautiful and oh so dangerous..Happy you made it back to the cows...
    Last count on news was our area received the most snow of 12 inches from this storm...
    ~~peace & love & joy & blessings~~

  4. You have presented such beauty in something that can be so dangerous. I'm glad the cows are OK and that you made it back home safely. Sorry you didn't get to see your Mom.

  5. I really dislike those ice storms for this very reason -- the poor trees!

    Glad the babies were okay. :)

  6. i do hate the toll ice takes on trees and powerlines! be safe!!!

  7. Ice is beautiful, but can be so destructive! Love that wire fence encased in ice. Why don't you come enter it in my 'Weekly Top Shot' meme? We're on Week #13 and I'd love to see you share with me and my readers! Here's this weeks' link:

  8. So much ice! It truly is pretty but slippery and dangerous. I'm sure the cows were grateful for the alfalfa...even if they didn't show it.

  9. Some serious ice there. Boy you just aren't going to get a snow to save your life. I'll tell mine to head your way. I think I'm going snowshoeing tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you. I love cedar trees.

  10. Brrrr! That ice is really thick. You are so brave and capable.

  11. They are stunning photos. You sure get some frosts!

  12. Ice sure makes for some lovely photos, when you don't have to drive in it!! My favourite is the fence in the first capture, with the birch catkins a close second!!
    As for going out in the pouring rain in yesterday's post - you are a braver man than I am, Charlie Brown!!!

  13. I like your attitude toward such and onslaught from Nature. You manage you chores yet still can see and be excited about the beauty. I'm glad your animal family is safe and, thanks to you, well fed. Blessings to you!

  14. It looks very cold! Beautiful photos!!!!

  15. Snow and Ice...I don't much like it when it's destructive, although it is beautiful. Be safe.

    Cindy Bee

  16. I love ice art! I could take pictures all day and never capture all the beauty...great job.

  17. It's -27C here today... wind about 12kph and ice crystals.... calling for a week of the same and worse...with several days of snow flurries....guess we're gonna get it now!! we've been lulled into a false sense of security by our springlike weather...just like you guys there in the east.......

  18. for all the trouble it brings, it certainly is beautiful. stay safe and warm, b!

  19. Buttons, I must say, I love the third picture in this post. It's wonderful, and has me straining to make out the details, always wanting to see just a little more. A real gem among your always stunning photographs - well done!

    And I completely agree - the weather doesn't stop anything. Thank you for another beautiful post.


  20. well...around here we say "anyway we can get moisture into the ground is okay!"

    GLAD you didnt get hurt though - ice is a nasty thing to trees when it comes to limbs breaking...

    and once when i was caught out in the rain while working I slept under a spruce stand until the rain let up and never even got wet!!


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