Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coyotes and Breakfast!

We talk of our mastery of nature, which sounds grand;
but the fact is we respectfully adapt ourselves,
first to her ways.
Clarence Shepard Day

So how was your Monday morning? Mine was eventful to say the least.

 After having a coffee and foregoing breakfast as I thought the chores would be quick due to the fact we only have two more cows to calve, and they are older and wiser I donned my coveralls over my red cow flannels. This should not take long. All I had to do was feed, count, check water hole and make sure everyone was fine.

I hauled my tired body out to the tractor, pulled myself up the steel steps and plunked down onto the tractor seat. I started it up and drove next door to get a couple nice green alfalfa bales of hay. I drove them back and broke them apart. The girls gathered round excited, the fragrance was enticing. I moved the other part bale to a spot a little further away and the little calves left Mom's side to eat on their own. I take the time to sit and count first the calves, the number was right, then the cows, wrong count I counted again. One short, maybe she was at the water hole I headed with the tractor in that direction. I see cow tracks in the lane covered with a fresh dusting of snow. I follow in the tractor. I pass the gate then I see cow tracks with Coyote tracks on top. I glance to the left and see movement there is the Coyote, no sign of the cow. I continue to track with the tractor to the thicker part of the bush. I was just going to park and hike into the bush when I see the cow, she looks fine, and then I see another Coyote.

Coyotes do not mind the sound of the tractor they are not threatened by it. I stay in the tractor and try to get a photo to show My Hero. I drive just a little closer to the cow and honk the horn, the Coyotes run off. I jump out of the tractor to check the Mother. She seems fine but I am not sure if she had a calf or not. I walk/persuade her very carefully back through prickly ash bushes, through the bush, and then through the hole in the downed rail fence. I let her go the rest of the way herself hoping she sees the cows and will go to them and not backtrack. I head back into the bush to track her trail and see if she had a calf in the night.

I followed the trial but this time in reverse, I could see two sets of Coyote tracks that had been tracking her scent. I found where she had been lying down and the Coyote tracks were in circles they were probably trying to disorient her by turning her in circles. I could see where she was slipping on the ice under the little snow. She must have been very frightened. There was no sign that a calf was born, lucky for me, the Mother, and the calf of course. I could see the tracks were fairly fresh and she was probably only back in the bush a couple of hours, she probably went back just before the sun started to rise. She was trying to find a suitable birthing place, so much for older and wiser. I head back to the tractor.

I drive back to the girls and make sure she was there I find her laying on some of the new hay and looking contented. I leave her to be and head to the house.

I am now sitting looking out the kitchen window through the powerful binoculars from Treadstone and Niece A; these will save a lot of walking. It is 10:30 AM and I wait patiently for her to have her calf. I will be able to see everything for the moment. I will make myself some breakfast then head back to make sure she does not get any more crazy ideas.

Any news and I will update you tomorrow. Hopefully it will all be good. No plans today it appears I am going to be busy.

Yes I do know it is Valentine's Day I don't have time for it, but I would love some chocolate. Hope you have a good one.



  1. You have so many things to "worry" about with your cows in the bush! I would be a mess. Hope those dang coyotes get themselves disoriented and get lost!!

  2. This just made my heart pound. You are a brave woman, Buttons. I hope all is well throughout the day.

  3. oh, how exciting...perfect for Valentine's day. love it that binocs help to keep you warm!

  4. Hope all goes well with your cow and her calf....
    Happy Valentine's Day.
    Love M xoxox

  5. Way to stay on top of everything! good job, work now, candy later!

  6. Oh my goodness...I was on the edge of my seat. I sure hope those coyotes leave the cows alone. And wasn't it you that had a problem with a fisher awhile back? Pardon me if it wasn't. What a tough job you have.
    To be so close to a coyote, I can't imagine. We have them here, and hear them at night, but have never seen one.

    Cindy Bee

  7. good luck with this new calf and the next! :)

  8. Well...I'm saying a Happy Valentine's Day to you anyway..... and sending a hug...


    ps...we don't do much on this day either... it's Valentine's Day around here every day of the year....

  9. I'm sooo glad you reached Mama Cow before the coyotes harmed her or her calf!

  10. Love is for Everyday! Your real love and passion shows in this post! I Love how you Love creatures both great and small:)

  11. I hope all goes well with the cow and calf and that you have a peaceful day.

  12. Crikey! I thought coyotes were quite capable of turning on a human. Brave lady!

  13. Those coyotes are pretty brazen and hungry. I'm glad you are there to warn them off and keep an eye on your herd. Best wishes for strong, healthy and safe calves.

    Sending you a big box of virtual chocolate. Hope your Hero has something real sweet for you.

  14. that's pretty frightening. can't you confined the cow to the barn until she gives birth?

  15. In 2004, my parents lost several calves to a pack of coyotes. I'm glad you were on the lookout.

  16. That sounds incredibly stressful! Oh the cow must have been so scared!


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