Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fire and Ice!

There can be no great smoke arise,
but there must be some fire.
             John Lyly

There comes a time when you have to get rid of all those downed branches that an ice storm has left littered through your forest. After our ice storm we had so many downed branches it was a hazard to leave them in the bush. My Hero had chipped some branches last year, when he borrowed brother D’s wood chipper but that is a long very physical process. This last ice storm left us with so much more brush this was not a viable option.

I remember showing you some of these downed branches, they had been snapped off by the weight of the ice and snow. That was really the only snow or ice we have had this winter. I can see a drought in our future. I really hope this is not true but it is starting to look that way. This makes getting rid of those branches in the bush extremely important. They would be a true fire hazard, which could endanger everything around us.

My Hero had piled up two big piles of these branches. Some of the trees that toppled were cut into fire wood. These particular piles have been sitting here waiting for the last three winters. The piles were getting very large and since it snowed he thought this would be the perfect opportunity. The threat of the fire spreading would be nil as the ground was wet and any escaping embers would be extinguished rather quickly.

I did not know this was the actual day until I looked out the window and seen flames and smoke. Well like any curious blogger I grabbed my camera and hiked back. Our cows were grazing on the fresh second cut hay not very far from the fire, oblivious to it. The smoke billowed to the sky making funny patterns that I loved to watch. It was a very cold day and I was regretting wearing my steel toe boots. I made it to the fire and stood and watched the red embers fall from the branches. The cedar tree branches that were very dry snapped and crackled and burned very quickly. I enjoyed the warmth and made my way around this pile of burning brush taking different photos. I watch as the white smoke billows into the air. Oh this was magical. I was almost wishing I had some marshmallows.

I stood there listening to the crackling of the fire, the roar of wind when a cedar branch burst into flames, and the sizzling of the ice melting from the branches and dropping onto the flame. What is it about fire that is so relaxing and beautiful?  It is something that can be so destructive, yet so very beautiful and beneficial at the same time. A force that keeps you hypnotized and captive till it is extinguished. Amazing.



  1. Love the pictures!
    Also I can't help but smile everytime I read your posts and your talk about your "hero" - I think that is so sweet and wonderful!

  2. I love watching candles, and that is about as much fire as I see, thank goodness!!

  3. I guess fire is like a lot of powerful things; as long as it is under control it's fascinating and useful.

  4. it is a power to be awed and feared. i need to do some clean-up around here and add to our burn piles...

  5. We'll be doing this soon too, but nothing compared to all the branches you must have from your forest. I love watching a fire...it's mesmerizing!

  6. I know you enjoyed the warmth! The glow, the color, the warmth, the fierceness...like you said, potential for good and for not good...just like us. Be warm. Your writing sure is.

  7. What lovely photos! You are so talented!

  8. I love to watch burning brush. I have been accused (jokingly) of being a potential pyromaniac. :))


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